Status-Stream in the Morning – 26.3.2024

Status-Stream in the Morning – 26.3.2024:
“The Guru is both external and internal. From the exterior he/she gives a push to the mind to turn inward; from the interior he pulls the mind towards the Self and helps in the quieting of the mind. That is guru grace. There is no difference
between God, Guru and the Self. (Ramana Maharshi) //Be as you are. [4453]”
Telegram is the MOST CENSORED APP of ALL.
“World 🌎 · vor 11 Std.
#germany #german #germany🇩🇪 #dutchland #dutchtiktok #world🌎
original sound – World 🌎”

@world0268 #germany #german #germany🇩🇪 #dutchland #dutchtiktok #world🌎 ♬ original sound – World 🌎
(NWO PROPAGANDA.. BTW.. with some half-truths…must be decrypted….)

@freedomgott2024: 26.3.2024:
I am German but still Ausländer because I am not a stereotype.

@anything:Same in Sweden, they are reporting neighbors, friends, even family members.

@freedomgott2024:cowardly…I am not this way.

@Mika:Even higher expenses in my country Denmark that is situated on top of germany to the left.

@Mo:In Holland they have ring bel.

@Turk Ertugrul:Every society has its own culture, in ours soc when the neighbor’s children are not making noise, we go to their house to find out if there is any problem because the children are not making noise.

@Atom:Germany better than many countries, every side.

@Palminoguerra:I used to live in Germany , Germans are very hard to get along with.

@freedomgott2024:Then I am Ausländer because I am the most friendly.

@Edwin Engler:It’s not all true, I live here and it’s not bad.

@freedomgott2024:NWO Disinfo Propaganda..ihr Scheiss Hooton Plan…

@Nina:1. Germans are good in small talks, they just don’t like strangers 😂.

@freedomgott2024:nonsense…I am totally global.

@Konrad Skalski: Who cares about Germans, they are becoming slowly a minority in their own country 😂.

@freedomgott2024: because God incarnated here..

@user49944403332507:There are Black people in Germany.

@freedomgott2024: Hooton plan…protocols of zion…they want to remove the divine gene.

@Jaffnaman: Nach 32 Jahren in Deutschland kann ich sagen, 95% leider wahr. Ich bin aber sehr dankbar für Deutsche und Deutschland, für meine Bildung, finanziellen Status und Freiheit.

@David Ilie:Gestapo is still alive.

@freedomgott2024:That is unfortunately true…they tortured me but the base of this cult is zionistic nwo american jewish italian fascism. (when I say American, the Brits, Canadians and Aussis are included)

//linkes Ohr klingelt Bullen

@jam një💎që ende skam ndriçuar:Germany is game over. is lost. I lived there almost 10 years, but the best thing you can do, leave.

@Edisgai:Million of refugees in Germany nobody reported them 😅.

@freedomgott2024:protocols of zion according to hooton plan.

@Bjorn Bjork: Huuuu, would you please compare Germany with the Netherlands? Then you know how good Germany is😏.

@markholloway969:27 years in Germany , allot of what IS said here IS male cow popo. get your facts right , then go for it again ☺️.

@user9828317015464:All the Western Europaen Countrys are the Same like germany.

@Wolfgang:What you experience in any place is a projection of yourself. You experience what you expect. I find Germany to be a great place and know many Americans who love it here and want to stay.

@freedomgott2024:sure..except the gestapo and their luci trust torture rituals..masonic infested.

@Giorgos.Petropoulos.:Germany the last 2 years is broken.

@Mon_schi:I see so many similarities to Japan 😅.

@freedomgott2024:Yakusa-Nazi-Bolshevic-Mafia Cults…

@Ineke Muller:Still Nazis.

@Franky:Well, never heard such a nonsense. Maybe we would change when the Americans would leave our country! Waf!

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