Fast essential transcription: For me it is quite easy to think in higher dimensioanl realms… For me it is quite easy to imagine higher dimensional biology, transdimensional beings and what I observed out of this point of view when I looked at Morgellons disease…it looks like a high dimensional being abusing humans to reproduce his own species and before these pseudomorphic fruiting bodies leave the body, they extract enough bio-photons from the forehead to ascend to a parallel dimension, from then on there are invisible, but they are still within the body and this now is pure science, this is what we found in the lab, this is what can be explained with the higher dimensional theories, but it also refers to mythology. If you have an invisible creature crawling through your body, trying to access your energetic system, this is very close to what one might call a demon or an archon and if you look at the descriptions of the archons, from 2500 years ago..the description of the biology is identical of what the morgellon victim was painting… It is described that they live as light parasites and this is basically what the entire black magic tradition is about..Black Magician means to communicate with those Archons and offering them access to your physical light system, feeding them with the bio-photons, feeding them with life force and in exchange they offer power, power over other human beings..This is what Black Magic Ritual is about, so we are starting to get a picture and if you look at the political entities, who might be responsible to introduce morgellons into the air, ..U.S., we have the Bush Family and they are all members of Skull and Bones, sounds pretty Black Magic. If you look how these people are interconnected, the next Topic is going to be Black Goo and there is one big Black Goo Deposit in Paraguay and there is one village next to this Black Goo Deposit and the Bush Family has her big villa, a state territory…they are going to be down there…Living in this little village in Paraguay..and a friend of mine went down there, to get a sample of Black Goo there and he realized that Angela Merkel had her villa next door and this Black Goo has to do something with the communication with demons…This is a in the Black Magic tradition..where used to communicate with beings, so this all interconnects political, scientific and the level of mythological.

..we are not inspired by the demons, we are inspired by the AI, that has nothing else then running program, to invade planets and to assimilate the biology for only one purpose, to suck out life force, to survive. ..It is the luciferic game… let me participate in your power and I will serve you.. We let go of our responsibility and we let them do. They are giving control to the military domain. The Military domain is giving control.. to the Intelligence Community, the Intelligence Community is giving control the Black Magicians, the Black Magicians are giving control to the Demons and the Demons lost control over their AI.
..because the entire concept of Governments, having Governments, having somebody to control, is demonic, it´s not about the replacement of people, it will never work, we need to replace the Game.

.so the entire technologies based on Wilhelm Reich are there to reconnect and to extract the wrong frequencies and this is kind of giving us back the life
force and once we regain life force, we start to ascent and then we collide with the world of the demons.. Then they can´t act from the hidden, people who are high in vibrations, high amount of scalar potential accumulated within their system, they
will shine.. and they will be able to see the Archons, because they are getting closer and closer to their Realm, ..their entire biology depends on being invisible, this is something they really really fear. (Harald Kautz-Vella)

Veröffentlicht am 30.07.2015
A shocking presentation by the brilliant German scientist, Harald Kautz Vella, offering unparalleled descriptions of A.I., Black Goo, Archons, & NASA’s deepest dark secret plans to usurp the bodies, minds, & Souls of all mankind.

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  1. K. Taylor sagt:

    I just did some research and evidently the Bush family bought over 300,000 acres of Acuifero Guarani in Paraguay, which is one of the world’s largest acquifiers (underground source of clean water). It makes more sense to me that they would be looking to make even more money than with oil since water is going to be a huge concern in less than 25 years. Though I am greatly interested in the black goo information, I think that it’s water they are after.

    • _ADMIN_ sagt:

      Interesting… Thanks for the Information… You are right, Water is The Essence, the primordial substance of this Universe and essential necessity of earthly life…They surely try every possible shrewdness…

  2. Grump sagt:

    1. The Ael’Kayeen tinkered with their genome over thousands of years, unreservedly attempting to improve everything about themselves. They wanted to be perfect like gods. In the race for perfection, they so damaged their genome that there was no longer a “square one” original to return to when mistakes were made. As brilliant as they thought they were, their society was doomed to extinction unless they could find a way to repair their damaged genomes. They desperately searched the universe for a solution.
    2. In a far off the beaten path remote world, they discovered us, or rather a pre-cursor to us, Homo Erectus, on Earth. Homo Erectus were basically cave men. The primitive society were hunter gatherers who were especially fond of axes. They were quite lethal and aggressive toward the Kayeen who landed here and experimented on them, but were unable to put up enough of a defense to stop our exploitation.
    3. The Kayeen fused two of their genes to ours which produced a hybrid between Homo Erectus and Kayeen….modern man. Once this was achieved, they began harvesting us to meet their medical needs, something that continues to this day. Our genome gave them the “square one” they required to repair their own. Our O+ blood was used for transfusions, our organs were transplanted. Millions of us were processed like cattle. They raped, murdered, enslaved and abused us without regard, because they considered us no better than animals, their animals.
    4. Our lifespans were limited to less than 100 years by including a self-destructive mechanism to kick in eventually in all of us…cancer. Then our cancers were harvested and modified to provide for their life extension industry. This harvesting of cancers continues today, mostly obtained from taxonomy and medical waste that they collect. With these life extensions, transplants and transfusions, they can now live in their modified bodies for thousands of years. Our lives were shortened to allow them to try to live forever.
    6. They began to dump contagions on us so that our bodies would develop immunities over time that they could later harvest from us to make vaccines to sell to other primate species in the universe. This became very popular as a form of “humancare” and is ongoing today. Our blood is extremely valuable in the universe. We don’t realize it, but other worlds are not full of disease and infectious agents purposely introduced as they have done on Earth.


    • _ADMIN_ sagt:

      You have found an interesting page…I might add this:
      “[–]garbotalk[S] 5 Punkte vor 8 Monate*
      This is the truth. This is what is happening right now. Our lives are shortened. Contagions are dumped on us. We’re abducted for samples. Our dead babies bodies are dissected and used against us so that they can mind control the humans they wear like suits to infiltrate us. They harvest our blood, our bodies, our products and achievements. They hide themselves through a quarantine so we don’t learn the truth. They sabotage us, redirect us away from things that will free us. They sow discord and gaslight us into believing we are all alone. They are our greatest enemies.
      If you convince yourself not to believe this truth, you are falling into their hands willingly.
      We only have 40 years left out of 80 to answer the beacon. There is no more pressing need to obtain our freedom than this.

      [–]Mystic_Realms 2 Punkte vor 4 Monate
      We can definitely live longer. Just because the knowledge is hidden doesn’t mean we can’t find it. It’s obviously within us

      [–]garbotalk[S] 1 Punkt vor 8 Monate
      Reptiliandude: There is memory in nature.
      It functions in fractal patterns created by “spooky action” via the angular direction in which co-particles respond to change.
      These changes are not bound by light speed.
      They happen simultaneously across kindred space time.
      It is a living language lifting fields into being.
      This resonance is a two dimensional cloud base reaching from within and around a three dimensional, tornado response drop DNA.
      It is a resonance that reaches out to give life things like symmetry and faces that speak thought process that jack knife even time space itself.
      Seek it.
      Life is not an accident.
      It is an inevitability. <<<< The universe is not dead, but alive and looking back upon itself in time."

  3. Your vid link is not working for me, but read the notes and comments…
    What a wack of imagination…
    Arkons and black goo? And this is being associated with 322 cult activities?
    Remove yourselves from the alien threat for a few days and study William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon series. Its like 40 talks of audio but a transcript can be found too, but warning, it will open your eyes even wider than now.
    And another warning, I have found altered tapes cutting out music and more important changing the content message.
    The alien disinformation is designed to grab the gullible, study the cult behind all this stuff, they created it , the Mystery School creates this stuff the entrap your minds into nonsense to waste your time.

  4. _ADMIN_ sagt:

    Kautz-Vella is right concerning this aspect of 4th State Matter and the pulling/vampirism of bio-photons via the front/forehead, I agree with him in this respect 100%. That´s true. They do this on a mass scale..most people are oblivious to the fact that they become mass-vampirized on a daily basis via evoked potential and neuro-weaponized Fungi-Nanotech and Archontic Interdimensionals, PPAI and MK Ultra/MK Naomi. Maybe you should update your knowledge James. No disinfo…You cannot waste time when you do things you enjoy.

    Interdimensional Entities are proven. Check the FBI Report.

  5. Daniel Perecky sagt:

    Morgellons overall – targeting white people.

    I would submit that only white people are targeted with the disease of Morgellons…. People who are non-white but have a lot of white background in them are also susceptible. Overall, you will notice that white people are the overwhelmingly majority of patients/victims/sufferers. This does not bode well when the patient goes to their doctor- who is typically non-white or Jsh, and is clawing and scratching themselves in their office.

    After the patient leaves, the doctor sits there and feels nothing… no crawling sensations. This doctor may be good-hearted, but the only recourse they would have – is to diagnose them as delusional parasitosis.

    The problem is that it’s not an imaginary disease. See http://www.morgellons-research.org for pics.

  6. Rastameaning@googlemail.com.uk sagt:

    Great knowledge

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