Assange & John Perry Barlow Interview 2013

“Assange, Co-founder of Wikileaks, and John Perry Barlow, American poet and online privacy campaigner, to the dawning Prism whistleblower..Snowden case. (Courtesy: SKYNEWS)”

“I think our security is vastly more compromised by the existence of secret laws and secret practices
that are not being conducted with the consent of a democratic public the whole point. I mean America
remains a set of ideas and principles and if we can’t stick to those principles and and and be the standard
bearer for those ideas, then the whole notion of what we’re defending here and what we’re defending ourselves against is completely null and void. Our national security is a matter of principle, it’s not a matter of of being invaded by some enemy or another. We don’t really have a credible enemy in the sense that we once did and terrorism, such as it exists at all, is not sufficient justification for taking away the protections of our constitution nor is it sufficient
justification for putting the entire world under a microscope. I mean we’re taking it upon ourselves
to monitor the communications of the human race and we don’t have the right to do that and I don’t think anybody should
have the right to do that. (John Perry Barlow)(2013)”

“They are acquiring capabilities that in the wrong hands become very powerful and have hugely fascistic characteristics
and they’re also giving to ordinary individuals the ability to to get right square in the middle of anybody’s life. I mean these abilities are not abilities that they should be giving themselves or conveying.
(John Perry Barlow)(2013)”

“What Obama has done..he has done that by making use of secret courts, corrupting those courts, introducing secret law,
secret policy and secret review, in other words in order to get it down on paper.. the Obama administration has
corrupted the whole system, corrupted the whole judicial system, so this is not just a matter of there is
now erected a vast transnational surveillance system, that’s bad, but in order to
erect that system and keep it secret uh the oversight mechanisms and the judiciary have also been corrupted, so we’ll see here in this snowden case, yes, the revelations.. (Assange)”


“Barbara Quigley: vor 5 Jahren: So sad that John Perry Barlow has died. He has a heart of gold.
Silent Jay: vor 5 Jahren: Wow!”

” @EFF
in 2013 interview on—Snowden’s #whistleblowing and the disclosed transnational surveillance network.
The significance of this clip grows by the day.”

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