The Archons and White Genocide…and Aeon Sophia Correction

“The Archons and White Genocide…” …and Aeon Sophia Correction.

“White Genocide is in Europe and has been going on for a long time. I have come to the conclusion that the issue of white genocide is a major planetary issue and I want to make it clear what I mean by that and I mean that it’s not just a matter of concern for white people, the white races of Europe and Russia and other places in the world like Iranians, Brazilians and Chinese.
If this is really a clear and present danger for something that you’re not imagining, it’s something that is actually happening then it’s a matter of concern for the people of the entire planet.

I’m not being selective or partial in any way by taking on this subject and not many people are even aware that it’s not a problem but is actually taking place as I write this.”

“There is a supernatural angle operating here and if this is the case then it’s a concern for everyone, it’s a concern for humanity as a whole. If any race were to be systematically targeted for destruction, it would be a concern for the whole human family.”

“Aeon Sophia – Sophianic myth of the Gnostics, there is no other myth on this planet that explains the origin of the human species, the origin of the earth itself, the presence of extraterrestrial parasites and many other things. (Myth—a powerful narrative that contains truth, there are myths that are deliberate lies).

The fallen Goddess scenario explains all these things. At the same time it is a participating myth…“diorthosis” … translated as “correction’; and according to the Gnostics, correction is an event that WILL HAPPEN; can happen on this planet. They were also speaking of correction as happening in the future.

They were wiped out around 400 AD, but in their tradition of until 400 AD going back many millennia they cultivated and developed the myth of the Aeon Sophia who is a Goddess from the Pleromic core, the galactic center, who was transformed into the Earth. She is the Earth, the Earth is the body of the Aeon Sophia; a living being and they said that there are anomalies and errors that occurred in the course of the evolution of humanity and of the earth which are all described at length in this myth.

They said that a certain moment that the Aeon Sophia herself would correct those problems. No other myth makes any other such claim whatsoever and I understood from certain passages that this Aeon Sophia could only happen successfully, fully across the planet affecting all of humanity if she had a certain number of human collaborators. (We are purposely being misled by the new age movement, the channeled entities, gurus, ascended masters and saints to keep us distracted and away from this process that we are invited to partake in).

“I don’t teach what I already know, I teach what I am learning and I am learning right now what is Sophia’s correction; and we are living in the moment of her correction; as is the whole planet as of March 2014.”

““If you have an empathy with the Earth, you can have a direct connection with her. This is possible with the application of the Gnostic Teachings.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 100%. Since 2017 I am completely and totally fused with her.


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