200+ millions of adult..are PASSIVE Targeted Individuals… plus X-Postings & Endtime-Philosophy….

Conspiracy Revelation: 18.11.2023: That is why their Silence increases… they operate under invasive remote Zombification.

200+ millions of adult..are PASSIVE Targeted Individuals… plus X-Postings & Endtime-Philosophy….

Six million are ACTIVE Targeted Individuals.

200+ millions of adult americans are PASSIVE Targeted Individuals i.e their BRAINS are already CONNECTED to NSA HIVE AI Global Matrix Grid.

The EVIL CIA NSA fuckers are IMPLICITLY telling american public that their BRAINS are LINKED to AI but the public are BUSY arguing about everything under the Sun EXCEPT their FREE WILL and FREEDOMS.🤦‍♂️”


Subliminal Industries
Billions.. worldwide.

Anna Lisa McClelland
This will be the end of the human race. No dumbing down like what they’ve done. Nothing like giving everyone traumatic brain injuries and pretending that builds a supercomputer. It really just kills souls and real intelligence. Satan is destroying the human race as are aliens.

Nia Gaevila
@NiaGaevila… and if the population was not ignorant of this, what would that do to change it? I’m so sick of the way this is presented. That all of us are too stupid to comprehend what’s happening to us. All the brains are connected & because we’re unaware that helps the criminals win.

I have to externalize….because all Gov-controlled social networks are A.I. censored…
I have 10 webpages so I have no problem to spread my information on my own territory…

· Mit Öffentlich geteilt
Jésus dit : ‘’Celui qui croit en moi, des fleuves d`eau vive couleront de son sein, comme dit l`Écriture.’’
Il dit cela de l`Esprit que devaient recevoir ceux qui croiraient en lui; (Jean 7)
La santé repose aussi sur une glande située en bas du sternum juste au-dessus du plexus solaire.
Si vous arriviez à la mettre en contact avec les énergies solaires et si vous saviez à quel moment ces énergies sont les plus nobles, vous pourriez obtenir de grands résultats. En connaissant cette loi, chaque homme pourrait établir un contact entre cette glande et les énergies solaires et ainsi il pourrait vivre aussi longtemps qu’il le voudrait. S’il veut développer son intellect, l’homme doit relier cette glande d’une part avec les énergies lumineuses de la lune, et d’autre part avec les énergies du cerveau qui sont d’un autre ordre. L’intellect de l’homme sert uniquement dans ce monde. Ce que l’intellect saisit est vrai principalement pour le monde dans lequel nous vivons, mais ce qu’il peut dire de l’autre monde, invisible, ne correspond pas à la réalité. C’est par le cœur que nous connaîtrons l’autre monde; pour le monde intérieur, ce que le cœur pense est vrai. Pour avoir accès au monde spirituel, il
faut compter sur la puissance de pénétration de notre cœur.
Beinsa Douno.

Ingmar Veeck
· Mit Öffentlich geteilt
The key is divine Kingship exists, but you need to become rebirthed by the holy fire….and this holy fire is the Kundalini Shakti Sophia of the Pharao.
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Toby- The United Nations is Spectre,
…And Caesar Augustus claimed he was God, his adopted son Emperor Tiberius was the son of God, then came Christ informing the people of the deception and the Roman Empire had 300 years of dissidents that needed to be controlled, then came the Council of Nicaea
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Julija 🌹🌹🌹
Antwort an @doubleDutchquak und @maria_vansant
True, Vatican is their tool, they invented it to claim Divine Kingship. The most pervert popes and kings were Gods representatives on Earth. C’mon. They invented God according to their image, and terrorized with him people 2 millennia.

“Transference Healing
Purification by water for the first rebirth heals karmic wounding that keeps you tied to lower realities; realities that are removed from higher celestial experiences within the world of form. Like the tradition of baptism in Christianity, this ritual is replicated by many religious traditions today. Purification by fire, for the second rebirth, is a sacred Gnostic ritual that is bestowed on initiates for the embodiment of the Christ Body and Consciousness, or Divine Self on Earth. St. John the Baptist holds the teachings for each lineage of purification.”

“Deva means God and Chan means region, dwelling; Devachan also means God’s territory. Insofar as man is a spiritual being, he participates in the spiritual world. (Rudolf Steiner)(Lit.: GA 94, p. 134) [55954]”

Ingmar Veeck
· Mit Öffentlich geteilt
* The Deed of Christ and the Opposing Spiritual Powers. Lucifer, Ahriman, Asuras*
In the course of the Earth-period man will cast away all the evil brought to him by the Luciferic Spirits together with the blessing of freedom.
The evil brought by the Ahrimanic Spirits can be shed in the course of karma.
But the evil brought by the Asuric powers cannot be expunged in this way.
Whereas the evil Spirits instituted pain and suffering, illness and death in order that despite the possibility of evil, man’s evolution may still advance, whereas the good Spirits made possible the working of karma to the end that the Ahrimanic powers might be resisted and the evil made good, it will not be so easy to counter the Asuric powers as earth-existence takes its course.
For these Asuric Spirits will prompt what has been seized hold of by them, namely the very core of man’s being, the consciousness soul together with the ‘I’, to unite with earthly materiality.
Fragment after fragment will be torn out of the ‘I’, and in the same measure in which the Asuric Spirits establish themselves in the consciousness soul, man must leave parts of his existence behind on the earth.
What thus becomes the prey of the Asuric powers will be irretrievably lost.
Not that the whole man need become their victim — but parts of his spirit will be torn away by the Asuric powers.
These Asuric powers are heralded to-day by the prevailing tendency to live wholly in the material world and to be oblivious of the realty of spiritual beings and spiritual worlds.
More and more he will not only teach that the highest moral ideals of humanity are merely sublimations of animal impulses, that human thinking is but a transformation of a faculty also possessed by the animals, that man is akin to the animal in respect of his form and moreover in his whole being descends from the animal.
He will take this view in all earnestness and order his life in accordance with it.
Therefore Christ is the Power who has enabled man to turn earth-existence ultimately to good account, in other words to give karma its true configuration — for karma must be worked out on the earth.
That man finds in himself the force to profit by his karma in physical existence, that advancing evolution is possible for him — all this he owes to the working of the Christ Event, to the presence of Christ in the earthly realm.
Through physical life itself the world will be spiritualized in ever-increasing measure. Men will grow in goodness, strength and wisdom and will gaze with ever deepening vision into the foundations and origins of existence.
– Rudolf Steiner-

Ingmar Veeck
· Mit Öffentlich geteilt
Sounds bad for those without Sophia Activation.
Rudolf Steiner
Lecture IX
I have said many, many times that Christ has come to the Earth as a Real Being and that even those who in their surface-consciousness to-day resist the Christ Impulse… they too will gradually find their way to it, although perhaps one or two incarnations later than the peoples of the West Man’s blessedness after death depends upon the realisation that the Christ Impulse is present in the ether-body; whereas he is doomed to tribulation if he can perceive in the ether-body only that which must inevitably perish with the Earth.
A man belonging to Western civilisation, born as he is with the clear Ego-consciousness to which the Oriental peoples have not yet attained, is doomed to a state of unblessedness if, after death, he must look back upon an ether-body lacking the‘substance’ of the Christ Impulse and containing only those forces by which Earth-evolution is finally led to its end.
When a man cannot perceive the young, fertile forces of the Christ Impulse in his ether-body, it is rather like having to live after death under the constant impression of an earthquake or a volcanic eruption.
– Rudolf Steiner-

Elektra Angel
You know people this is not tinnitus as you know it. More like forced artificial tinnitus from neurological weapon systems. This tinnitus works on a very specific schedule like clockwork. Predictable. Get my gist.

Starseeds Kingdom
I have discovered that the Sourceless are not willing to talk about the Demiurge (reptilian Overlords) in person.
It seems they are so petrified of them.

Elektra Angel
The problem is, the majority of people are in disbelief that neurological weapon systems are actively being deployed on populations and on individuals. Until that is resolved – harming of all life on earth continues.

Elektra Angel
I think humanity might just be a lost cause at this point.Not many are fighting for their life, their existence-for god sake, the natural god created human DNA has just been altered via mRNA and no one bats an eye -which has the potential to wipe out the natural human being.Lame.

Elektra Angel
People should ask why thousands of people now have ringing in their ear- primarily the left. It is no coincidence.

Elektra Angel
People don’t even care if they are being radiated. Cool.

Du hast repostet
17. Nov.
Bad things have been happening to the perps around lately…very bad.

Du hast repostet
Fourth Way Tweets
17. Nov.
“Mankind is by nature a companion of eternity,
and is linked to it, and will be linked to it, forever.” ~Plato, Laws

Du hast repostet
Starseeds Kingdom
17. Nov.
If you are a Starseed, you are a rare gem.
You are unique in this matrix.
However, you have to work twice as hard in this Sourceless turf to have a decent life.
No freebies for you.

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