Sabrina D. Wallace – cmts network architecture (Illicit criminal health monitoring and remote torturing and dna-rna and biotech skin intrusion and skin mutation)
“Warm up 2 ~ cmts network architecture
October 6, 2023
Sabrina D. Wallace
“Because you are a node on the Network for the Bio-Digital Convergence.”
“They induce the current.”

“Phase 1 The RF-Signal is transmitted from the Antenna Element received by the Endbody Segment with an instantaneous power…
In Phase 2 The electrical current is induced…with respect to the entire Human Body.”

“802.15.6. of the Body Area Network, 802.15.4. is a specialized type of Biosensors, 802.15.5 to help the specialized Nano-Sensors speak the right language to their Mesh-Relays, so they can be securely routed nano peer-to-peer… That we have Nano Antennas in the Area to help Bio-Sensors talk to your skin… Welcome to your Kill-Box. It looks like they are aweful clueless.”

“There is no Witches, no Religion required, but you have to admit that the Human Body is wireless, electrical and connected to the Cloud… and that´s what we run into, what we are running into constantly.
Nobody wants to admit Electromagnetic Warfare. Then they tell us it is only for Tanks and Planes and we say they have a dual use system and they say “no (gaslighting) I don´t know what you are talking about” and send us back into the weeds and then we have to sit here and read a bunch of technical maps that tons of people complain about, because they all scream and whine (pervasive computing)..then they get scared, because they don´t know what you are all doing with DNA-Steganography and they also don´t know how long you are doing this.”

Conspiracy Revelation: Real Translation: 2.2.2024: Illicit criminal health monitoring and remote torturing and dna-rna trojans and biotech skin intrusion and skin mutation…

“We are hiding messages with Cryptography in your DNA.”
“Tell me how? These are Jobs, they are wireless, they are playing with People like SIMS.”

“Come on Guys, you are not this stupid.
You were using this stuff in the Gulf War to make people go to their knees hearing the Voice of God. It is called Network Centric Warfare for a Reason, your DoD Killbox, with your Drone Kill Communications.”

“Drone Kill Communications demonstrated.”


“Enterprise Gateway, Man-Aerial-Comsat, how they bounce the Sensors, connected to Satellite Constellations, by Johns Hopkins University. How they bounce signals around with all these Mesh-Relays…so Cable Operators have to Upgrade…so that all the Biophotonics work…Getting your Cancer taken away in 15 Minutes? How are you doing that? What is a polymer Nanoparticle?
Do you see how long it has taken me to get you over the hop that they are wachting your
Brain in Realtime? You are still wondering….and I am reading you articles from 2014.
This is where the Problem is.”

“Non-Invasive Biophotonic Imaging for te Studies of infectious diseases..Bioluminescence in vivo.
“Self-Assembled Biophotonic Laser-Network driven…
So that they can report back to photonic devices biosensing and information encryption.
If the Data is not leaving your Body we do not need the encryption, unless we are doing it Intra-BAN, but we are way past that. This is 2021. So by disallowing people to have intellectual dialogue,.. this is what they have done… the potential To change your cellstructure in your Body without your knowledge and permission and they like it that way…they can walk up right next to you with a near-field effect and now are affecting the cells in you, in vivo, in situ…so people can figure out how to protect themselves.”

“Biophysics…cellular systems, structural Biology with Computational Molecular and Cellular and then we can change out the different types of Cellstructure for Synthetic Biology.
Fluorescence, Bioinformatics. Cryo-Electrons. Wow. What does all that means? Well, that means somebody has the ability to use Spectroscopy and Bioenergetics and Biomechanics in stable diffusion and Quantum Mechanics to watch your Photonics because you emit Light Molecules (Biophotons) on your own.”
6. Okt. 2023
Warm up end with omnet and the doppler in iot.
October 6, 2023
Sabrina D. Wallace”

“Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)”
“I want the kids out there to be looking at the same things as the adults are looking for a change.”
“Instead of lying to us (trust us), no, I think, you had it a little to long for yourselves, that is why we have the problems we are having.”
“Dod Killbox = Your “Smart Home” Home.
“We have sensors literally inside of you, in situ, in vivo.”
“If they could just let have our own bodies/bodyparts on our own…but they can´t do this, because then you would know how long they were doing this/they did this for how many years?”
“They can overwrite your DNA, they can overwrite your Brain Tissue in Realtime, because they have Synthetic Telepathy.”
“That is why I am angry about this.”
“Because this is a Pentagon Directive from 2007 you just didn´t tell anybody.”
“Physical MAC-IDs. Multioutput for 6G.”

“All of you outthere that sat on this, you lied for too long. We have a bunch of people who are augmented and hybridized, we have a lot of people who are very angry that this went on so long against people´s will without their consent and their knowledge, because you didn´t bother to tell anyone what you were doing. BAN. Body Area Network. 1995. 2005.”

“But I still can´t find a Religion here, …and I can´t find anything that has to do with Witchcraft and Sorcerers. I see a lot of Humans that lie to other people of how electricity moves through their bodies and I am seeing an awful lot of Jobs available here.”

“2020: Turning the Body into a Wire.”

“By exploiting the bodies own conductive properties…”

“Nanotech, it is not wires, it´s Morgellons, we don´t want wires running through the body.
“The average adult Human is about 60% Water, water is a terrible conductor. Water filled with condictive particles, like electrolytes and salt conduct electricity better.”

“Electronic Warfare…nobody is allowed to talk about and only they are allowed to go to work with.
These are the Biofrequencies that your DNA going through the same Computernetwork that your phone is going through…that everbody is trying to blow the whistle on for how many years now?
They don´t want to talk about. They keep pretending it is just not here, please become a part of the Solution today.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.2.2024: DoD Criminals… Mother Goddess of Nature is watching live all your Misdeeds and silent secret subversions and infiltrations and don´t think you will get away with infiltrations and sabotage of an entire species without anyone consenting to your DNA Crimes.

“Heather Carr
6. Okt. 2023
October 6, 2023
Sabrina D. Wallace”

“Biodigital convergence sound familiar?
Sabrina D. Wallace”
Video-Related Reference Link:

“The Global Information Grid (GIG) is a network of information transmission and processing maintained by the United States Department of Defense. More descriptively, it is a worldwide network of information transmission, of associated processes, and of personnel serving to collect, process, safeguard, transmit, and manage this information. It is an all-encompassing communications project of the United States Department of Defense.] The GIG makes this immediately available to military personnel, to those responsible for military politics, and for support personnel.[citation needed] It includes all infrastructure, bought or loaned, of communications, electronics, informatics (including software and databases), and security.[citation needed] It is the most visible manifestation of network-centric warfare.[citation needed] It is the combination of technology and human activity that enables warfighters to access information on demand.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.2.2024: Generally speaking English Wikipedia has much more Information than German Wikipedia relating these clandestine criminal U.S. Military Ops.

“And in 2015 the Biosensors were integrated talking to the Phone. Nanobiosensors were in the 2000s.
This is what happens when you let people go to work for decades and lie to your face about what they are really doing. They are inside of you watching all of your biometrics communicate and these biometrics for your wireless body area network, you medical body area network are being reported wirelessly. They are not plugged in to a hospital wall.”

“Chemical Weapons Testing, all sort of stuff.”

“When you have a wireless body area network out there since 1995 and you keep lying to people and tell them that they have to put wearable on, we can´t read their mind…people like me are offended.”
“And the reason why we are offended is because this is a dual system for..electronic warfare.”

“I know you were used to Gaslighting, but you are not helpful anymore, you are hurting us all.”

“They are looking through you and they know how to make adjustments to your DNA, it is called Nano Peer-To-Peer.”

“And we have electroceuticals or wireless drugging. Field Effect Transistor Biosensors.”

“And we have been developing Biosensors since the 1950s.”

“To lie to you and gaslight, so you have no idea how the world is really functioning right now, because this is what is going on with electronic warfare, with our dual use system, exploiting the electromagnetic spectrum and that is why it is biosensors.”

“Omnet is a simulation software for watching us log right into your body.”

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