Grayzone journalists added to Ukraine ‘kill list’…

“Grayzone journalists added to Ukraine ‘kill list’…”

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The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate address the addition of Aaron and Anya Parampil to the Myrotvorets kill list maintained by Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, and highlight the site’s role in several assassinations of high-profile journalists, activists and intellectuals.

||| The Grayzone |||”

“This comes from the Ukrainian government, right? This list?
Yeah I mean the Ukrainian interior Ministry supports this list, someone who’s listed as an advisor to the Ukrainian interior Ministry…the interior Ministries channels and it
definitely uh works with the Ukrainian sbu Security lists Langley
Virginia (CIA) as one of its uh locations in the upper right hand corner of the site..”

“Which is one of the more disgusting front-facing aspects of a very fascistic
maidan regime in Kiev. I have wound up on private dossier that was distributed
to hundreds of journalists media professionals and activists by a Ukrainian
government-backed group called molfar, which has been cited in the New York
Times as a investigative and open source intelligence outfit and is based in
London, so it obviously has the blessing of the UK government and what that
contained was false claims, disinformation, claiming that basically
Russia paid for my house that I live in some kind of gigantic mansion and I’m living in a lap of luxury thanks to Putin and then it doxed me doxed all of my family members
doxxed even their co-workers who have nothing to do with them or nothing to do
with Ukraine or anything and I believe uh provided a lot of other as many
personal details as possible and.. I’m not gonna live in fear,
but what was the intention behind that I mean what was the point of that?”

“They are getting iced, that’s what this is about then you have um
Daria Dugina who was killed in a car bombing, probably intended for her father, Russian
nationalist philosopher Alexander Dugan, here’s her listing on the Ukrainian kill
list, liquidated, eliminated, after she was killed it was listed eliminated and that
really speaks to the intention of this website which is to kill political figures, intellectuals, writers and we’ve seen so many assassination attempts on Tatarsky… if you’re inside Ukraine you’re pretty much a sitting Duck.”

“..a pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago in Washington DC who is a Ukrainian
journalist and anti-war activist who suffered a number of attacks inside Ukraine at the hands of Ultra-Nationalists and government-backed Nazi forces, this is after he was assaulted in June of 2021 uh he’s from the Ukrainian pacifist movement which encourages
people to reject conscription into the Ukrainian military to participate in the
war in Donbass…he’s been attacked ever since 2015.”

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