Germany Declares mRNA Jabs Are ‘Deadliest Vaccines in History’

“Germany Declares mRNA Jabs Are ‘Deadliest Vaccines in History’”
“March 1, 2023”

“Germany has declared that the mRNA jabs are the ‘deadliest vaccines in history’ due to the high volume of adverse effects on people’s hearts and brains.”

“New research out of Germany documented how a patient died a few weeks after getting his third mRNA shot.”

“ reports: Right after the toxic spike protein injections, his Parkinson’s symptoms got exponentially worse quickly, and it was all down hill from there. The pathology report confirms his clinical history with NO documentation of ever having the Fauci Flu, a.ka. Covid-19, per the autopsy. This is a case of vaccine-induced death that Big Pharma, Big Media, and the Vaccine Industrial Complex do NOT want anyone reading about, discussing, or re-publishing in the news.”
“…Researchers ran an autopsy on a 76-year-old man with Parkinson’s disease…”
“The first Covid jab the patient got was the AstraZeneca injection, then he got two Pfizer jabs the same year, in 2021. After the second jab, his family noticed major changes in his behavior, as he became much more lethargic, anxious, and did not want to be touched. Then he became very withdrawn, so they gave him a third jab, and then he died.”

“The autopsy revealed inflammation in the heart and brain. He suffered myocarditis that was not caused by natural infection, but by the spike proteins. He also suffered acute brain damage completely unrelated to his Parkinson’s diagnosis, according to three kinds of pathological findings, including neuronal death. Guess what they found in the frontal lobe of his brain? Spike proteins.”

“Spike proteins in the brain and vascular system of Covid jabbed victims now showing up in autopsies as main cause of strokes and heart attacks

Scientists and doctors who still deny that Covid jabs are causing deaths need to take a close look at these findings, as detailed photographs reveal the patient’s spike-protein-contaminated and compromised tissue. The vaccines caused the brain damage. Period. Look at the case report. Follow the science.”

“The patient also suffered generalized swelling of the heart. Then the vaccine-induced brain damage caused him to have seizures, which in turn caused him to go unconscious…”

“he medical industries are obviously suppressing this research to protect the vaccine industry in general and what many are referring to as a “Vaccine Holocaust” with these mRNA injections.”

“Dr. Robert Lowry, a Texas-based neurologist, is on the record saying that autopsies should be conducted on every young person who dies suddenly and unexpectedly, and here’s what he expressed about the spike protein jabs: “They don’t prevent disease, and the immediate and long-term risk of serious injury from them is greater than that of having the actual disease. Natural immunity to corona viruses is far better and longer lasting than anything these vaccines provide.””



“Hard Evidence in New Study: Brain, Heart Damage Caused by mRNA Vaccine”

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