Mainstream Social Stream News & Memetics: W2k (Synthtel), X, Tok and more… – 19.6.2024

Conspiracy Revelation: 19.6.2024: Mainstream Social Stream News & Memetics: W2k (Synthtel), X, Tok and more… (18.6.2024)

Ingmar Veeck
It is ironic that the w2k alphabet bci hive teams say:
“They do not pay attention to you as they should.”
While they shadow ban and censor me on all their platforms… INSANE!

“Du hast repostet
ScImItar ⚔️
What happens if this happens here? What happens to cashless scam, other transactions & dystopian #DigitalIndia? 😏
Vietnam Faces Internet Blackout After Undersea Cables Cut – Sabotage Suspected”

Ingmar Veeck
We are the Last Generation who knows TRUE INDEPENDENCE… People born into Slavery and a Nano-Brain Implanted world don´t know the feeling of FREEDOM. Naturally True Artistry will die under 24/7/365 Surveillance and Censorship…No need to create when you cannot reach anyone.
Wir sind die letzte Generation, die WAHRE UNABHÄNGIGKEIT kennt… Menschen, die in Sklaverei und einer Welt mit Nano-Gehirnimplantaten geboren wurden, kennen das Gefühl der FREIHEIT nicht. Natürlich wird wahre Kunstfertigkeit unter Überwachung und Zensur rund um die Uhr (24/7365) sterben… Es besteht kein Grund, etwas zu erschaffen, wenn man niemanden erreichen kann.

@jason_abadi Several mystical stories connecting the Pleiades star cluster to ancient myths and spiritual beings. From Greek mythology’s Seven Sisters to the Kiowa’s tale of Devil’s Tower, and the Hopi’s Kachinas, explore how these legends resonate across cultures. Are these similarities mere coincidence, or do they hint at a shared cosmic memory? #Pleiades #Mythology #Anunnaki #StarBeings #GreekMythology #NativeAmericanMythology #Hopi #Kachinas #AncientLegends #CosmicMysteries #StarCluster #AnunnakiConnection #AncientAliens #Starseeds #AstralBeings #Spirituality ♬ original sound – Jason Abadi

@jason_abadi Marduk’s ambition to become the King of Kings and his desire to rule over all other gods and humans led to significant conflicts with other Anunnaki, particularly his uncle Enlil and other rival deities. These internal conflicts often translated into wars among their human followers. #Anunnaki #marduk #nibiru #ancientgods #mythology #12thplanet #ancientaliens #nephilim #fypage ♬ original sound – Jason Abadi

“Fauci helps steal the human immune system for the Internet Of Everthing!”

“These are systems that have massive market share – 20 years of Nano.Gov.”
“They will not get the NANO cleansed out of You. They have a job to do, they are with the clown intelligence agencies, that´s Alex Jones, The Health Ranger, all of them work together to keep you focussed anywhere except your own skin. (Sabrina Wallace)”
“We put your butt into the cloud and we did it 20 years ago.”
“We are talking about the Nano-Environment to influence patterns in Gene Expression.”
“You guys like to play mindgames like that. You are doing serious damage to the people by demoralizing them, because you spent 5 years promising solutions that do not work…they left out the human anatomy, they left out the bio-telemetry…you are just logging into the bodies, shifting biosensors around.”

“Review 2003 Apr;177(4):437-47. doi: 10.1046/j.1365-201X.2003.01093.x.
Electroporation: theory and methods, perspectives for drug delivery, gene therapy and research”

“Body Area Network (BAN), Wireless Nano Sensor Networks….you are literally electrocuting people with nanosensors under the skin…to perform gene therapy for kids.. Obfuscation, like the Health Ranger does…Transfection…
And when you are close to another human…see, without the AI being involved your biofield naturally, naturally connects to other humans,.. they watch that, they can´t always control it. Thus 6 feets apart…So as long as you are 6 feets away from everybody, you are alone, then the machines can attack you with the same air molecules and the sensor networks, maybe with a general adversarial neural network that keeps coming back. (Sabrina Wallace)”

Hauptentwickler Bioconductor Core Team
Erscheinungsjahr 2001
Aktuelle Version 3.18
(25. Oktober 2023)
Betriebssystem Unixoide, macOS, Windows
Programmier­sprache R u. a.
Kategorie Bioinformatik-Bibliothek
Lizenz Artistic License

Bioconductor ist eine Sammlung von Paketen (Programmbibliotheken), welche die statistische Programmiersprache R um Erweiterungen aus der Bioinformatik, insbesondere der Analyse von Genexpressionsdaten erweitert. Bioconductor wurde 2001 gegründet und ist ein Open-Source-Projekt. Ziel war es eine Plattform zu schaffen, um Softwareentwicklungen transparenter zu gestalten um mehrfache Arbeit zu reduzieren und statistische sowie grafische Methoden und Modelle für Gendaten zu bündeln und zu ihrer Kollaboration zu ermutigen.

Bioconductor bietet mittlerweile ein Repository aus dem über 1200 Pakete für R heruntergeladen werden können. Eines der wichtigsten und ältesten Pakete ist Biobase[1], welches eine Datenstruktur mit sich bringt, welche an die Erfordernisse von Gendaten angepasst ist, sodass sich darin ein Datensatz von Experimenten mit Microarrays (assayData) zusammen mit typischen Metadaten (metadata) und beschreibenden Informationen (experimentData) speichern lässt, weswegen viele weitere Pakete darauf zurückgreifen.

Der Versionszyklus und die Versionsnummern folgen R.
Robert C. Gentleman u. a.: Bioconductor: open software development for computational biology and bioinformatics. In: G. Brent Hall, Michael G. Leahy (Hrsg.): Genome Biology. Band 5, Nr. 10, 2004, S. R80.1–R80.16, doi:10.1186/gb-2004-5-10-r80 (englisch).
Sorin Drăghici: Statistics and Data Analysis for Microarrays Using R and Bioconductor. 2. Auflage. Chapman & Hall/CRC, Boca Raton 2011, ISBN 978-1-4398-0975-4 (englisch).
Florian Hahne, Wolfgang Huber, Robert Gentleman, Seth Falcon: Bioconductor Case Studies. Springer, New York 2008, ISBN 978-0-387-77239-4 (englisch, Material).
Robert Gentleman u. a.: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Solutions Using R and Bioconductor. Springer, New York 2005, ISBN 978-0-387-25146-2 (englisch, Material).”

“Mol. Biol. 2003”
“They have no idea…Their doctors are so smart, but they are also so stupid. That´s how you know that there is Clown Agency involved.”
“How easy it is to play with the Macro Genomics and Human Husbandry of our Entire Population, they would have told people about the Bio-Surveillance.”
“Github…it is all phase array and it´s coming from underground big magnets….metamaterials and mesogens in the atmosphere..and the osa, your opens systems enterprise,.. along with all the sensor networks and all their good buddies at the hospitals and in police and everywhere else, they do neuromodulation, they log into your biosensors with Open Source Software.
That´s easy for them to write the modifier for… Open Source Software for Bioinformatics like Bioconductor. I can just get on the back-end of the software and write a module for it that is cyber secure.. and they call that a data cube.”

“This is human activity recognition radar.”

“They write a module for your biosensors in your local town (Microarray) and then they hand it out to the DHS. (Sabrina Wallace)”

“National Biosurveillance Integration Center”

“2023 IEEE Biomedical Circuiits and Systems Conference (BioCAS2023)”
“Toronto, Canada” (Region 07 Canada)(19-21.10.2023)”

“That´s the Internet of Medical Things.”

“They have been practicing for 2,5 years, that´s what we found out, being able to log into other peoples bodies and give people Marburg and Ebola. They were competing to write the app for the phone,.. they are just going to log into your body area network (BAN), using a data cube, it´s not hard, it´s well-known and once they do they use their digital twin modelling software, I mean they go to tutorials, they go to training tutorials

Okay, so you get to decide who lives and who dies on a button press, yup, well, that´s death panel databases. Yup and that´s what I have found two years ago. The first time I saw COVWBAN I lost my fucking mind.”

“They can still reach through for your muscle tension going up and down.
… Yeah, that´s been going on since 2012.”

“Wetware BCI”

“The Holy Spirit is moving through your cerebrospinal fluid…and the white light will explode.. (Sabrina Wallace)”

“I mean every single Human in the World is watched and surveilled, it´s called intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, so, yes, they can reach you through your bodies and give your artificial nanos.”

“They really chase them down (remote viewers) (CRA: No, the remote viewers are trying to remote kill like E. Smith on 4/3.1.2020, they are USAF/CIA Psychopaths)), if they know what they are doing…Not all remote viewers are tethered to and Underground IBM, a lot are and they don´t know it, because it´s like a Body Area Network. They allow people to use their psychic abilities when they can report and watch.”

“These people are jerks and they steal your Auras.”
CRA: I agree.
“”Universities and Underground Deep Learning.”
“So they can make Databases on their own in Underground Places.”
..So they can bend your arms in inapropriate ways against your will (cra: also true)”
“Computational Electromagnetics…along with your brainwaves.”
“Electromagnetic Field Optimization”
“Remote Viewing uses all your chakras.”
“Remote Viewing is a no-no if you are using and Underground IBM.”
“Remote Viewing is okay if you are do it naturally.”
“Cut up the DNA and put it up together in a grey goo.”
CRA: 19.6.2024: No, blue goo. To remove all the DARPA/CIA/NSA/DOD/DIA CR*P.

#genetic circuits

“I have real peace of how horribly the world is manipulated.”

“They not only suppress the abilities, but they actively change out your genetics, so that you are stripped of your psychic abilities and whatever duplicate neuronal processes closed to your phenotype and macrogenomics, remember we can read right to their brain Decode and Encode with our fourrier transcription and then write in what we want…We have read-write to your brain. This is your nano-lobotomy, your non-invasive N3, so I am N2, so I have hard security into my body, you can´t log into me.”

“The DIA/ARPA/DARPA BTO..PANACEA Program (2018)…”the complete set of proteins expressed by an organism (proteome)”

“To vibrate your cells around with sound…changing your DNA.
These people have so little lives that their own, that they sit on a
Computer and find ways to fold your DNA, completely unnaturally, just so that they can play you like a Videogame, because they run the world by playing people like a videogame. They fully admitted that they are meshing you with machines.”

“Folks, they just try to piss you off. Turn them off.”

“Security and Privacy Issues in Wireless Sensor Nano Networks”

“What do you mean, you don´t have any.”

“When you have 30, 40 Years, technically we have 60 years of electromagnetic dominating that spectrum, creating vehicles that have Anti-Gravity and hiding all this free energy away. With electricity playing with your body, the natural body you have tethered to the cloud. So this isn´t even a system where someone has to physically get in front of you. They have to log into a Computer and electrocute you under the skin, just a little,..use sonication, the power of sound, shake your cells around, use electroporation, use electricity to open the cell structure, close it, change it. They stole your bodypart, put it on the cloud, 30 years ago, where is your access to cut them off, you don´t have it…if we do not have access to shut these people down everybody is dead. (Sabrina Wallace)”

CRA: Happened to me in 2011.

“Psychotronische Waffen sind solche, die so wirken, dass sie einen Teil der Informationen entfernen, die im Gehirn eines Menschen gespeichert sind. Sie werden an einen Computer gesendet, der sie bis zu dem Grad überarbeitet, das für diejenigen notwendig ist, die den Menschen kontrollieren, und die veränderten Informationen werden dann wieder in das Gehirn eingefügt. Diese Waffen werden gegen das Bewusstsein eingesetzt, um Halluzinationen, Krankheiten und Mutationen bei menschlichen Zellen auszulösen, “Zombifizierung” oder sogar den Tod. Zum Arsenal gehören VHF-Generatoren, Röntgenstrahlen, Ultraschall und Radiowellen.”


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