Capitalism is dead and so are we | Yanis Varoufakis interview

“Capitalism is dead and so are we | Yanis Varoufakis interview”
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In lieu of the release of the documentary In The Eye of the Storm: The Political Odyssey of Yanis Varoufakis, Oli was joined by economist and former finance minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis for a wide ranging interview.

Yanis sat down to discuss the downfall of capitalism and Western hegemony, the Labour Party’s shunt to the right, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

You can find out more about In The Eye of the Storm: The Political Odyssey of Yanis Varoufakis at”

“I opened my mouth a few times more than I should and I ended up in Politics.”
“The new “cold war” between USA and China.”
“Europe has been subdued into NATO.”

“You are clearly someone people want to listen to.”

“You are clearly a modest person.”

“If you would call any of my detractors and there are many, they would call me a Narcissist, arrogant…and so on and so forth, so it is very nice to be here, listening to you and calling me modest.”

“Uncovering for myself…how social power works, political power, the power to make other people do things that are against their personal interests on your was the greatest crime that humanity has ever managed to accomplish and therefore I wanted to unpack it and because I hated Capitalism and I didn´t want to be involved in the Labor market, I decided when I studied here in Britain I decided to become an academic, not because I liked academia, but because it was a way out of the Labor-Market. Essentially, back then, not anymore, back then you got paid to read, write, research and teach, right. That is effectively an escape of Capitalism.”

“Decloaking.. power…I didn´t want to bore them the way my professors bored me…I did this for decades.”

“Western Democracy is a Mafia.”

“If you are Banker you have a lot of Power.”

“It is a massive Gambling Extravaganza.”

“ order to fund the Ex-Tscheka.”

“Remember Cuba before Castro? …Well, it´s economy was based on the Mafia.
50% of the Cuban economy before Castro was a Mafia, that´s all
the good reason for keeping the Mafia. this is exactly the same thing with the
City of London.”

“The City of London…It is like a Mafia which is destroying the fiber of Britains social Economy, it is parasitical on it and it grows more and more, that is an argument for treating it like a cancer that needs chemotherapy to be excised or radiation or surgery or something, it is not an argument to keep feeding it.”

“Why did the City become so significant, okay, before Thatcher it was because the City had created a way of bypassing all the rules and regulations of the…System. Essentially it was a little Mafia in the making that allowed Bankers to violate the rules of their own governments, not just in Britain, in the United States, in Germany, in France, through various jurisdictions in the Cayman Islands and so on so forth, but then Thatcher comes in and boosts the City of London, that’s why they loved her so much, first thing she did was to sell off Council houses..”

“to denounce State Corporations as inefficient, as monopolistic, as awful, terrible…”

“Btw..They worked much better than today, all these Corporations worked much better than today.”

“What we have, we have fascists in Parliament, we have an ultra rightwing conservative party that is in cahoots with the fascists in government and we have the left that is um you know we are reeling now and we will be you know sort of languishing in this magma of discontent and failure for another 10 years at least…”

“my goodness, spare us of the this labor party, whoever you are… Nature, Society, God, whoever..”

“The genocide started in 1948, it´s simply becoming more lethal, more bloodthirsty, less bearable than it ever was, the complicity of the West is mind numbing and indisputable…the Zionist ideology, the Zionist narrative with the facts on the ground the Zionist narrative from the 1910s was a land without the people for a people without the land…Captain Cook arrives and declares that Australia to be empty of people, ..are no people, so kill them…genocide, it’s the first step Terra Nullius, is the first step towards genocide” that’s a Zionist project…now of course there were people, there there were millions of people there…”

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