Sec of DHS Confirms: Targeted Individuals are Telling The Truth

“Sec of DHS Confirms: Targeted Individuals Are Telling The Truth”
“Devon Ashe
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Former Secretary of Dept of Homeland Security Michael McCaul Speaks on House Floor on HAVANA Act.”

Conspiration Revelation: 2.2.2023: It started already in 2011, when the U.N. NWO Cult/DoD/Cia/Nsa/Dia/Usaf/Navy tortured me for 3 weeks with Directed Energy Weapons and sleep deprivation satellites and selective military-grade scalar weapons in November 2011…and in 2005/2004/2003 with the infiltration of the human genome via Smart Dust from Chemtrails… that causes a dermatopathy called Morgellons, in the center of Europe. In the U.S. controlled Vassal Germany.

I would guess 80 Millions globally at least… and at large everyone is influenced and dream pre-programmed through the Satellite Grids..

“I am here to tell you that non-consensual human experimentation is happening …today. I´ve been the subject of this experimentation for more than my five years, calling these activities experimentation is truthful, but possibly distracting, I think the criteria governing the selection of experimentes will prove to be a much bigger scandal than the experimentation itself. The psychological torture protocol that’s part of the so-called experimentation. includes. but is not limited to the use of non-lethal weapons and mind invasive technology, sleep deprivation, pain center stimulation and worse, are used against subjects, while some experimentees have found foreign objects in their bodies suggesting implantation..receiverless mind invasive technology has been demonstrated under laboratory conditions, but the most likely explanation is that experimentes are implanted with foreign objects, either too small to appear on commercially available scanning equipment or designed to be indistinguishable from the surrounding tissue, these activities are highly deceptive, use clandestine technology and have the fingerprints of the cia all over them.”

“My young child and I have been used as non-consensual test subjects,
we have been subjected to co-intel pro-like stalking, remote neural monitoring
and electromagnetic torture, resulting in psychological and physical damage
..please do not wait 70 years to investigate this.”

“I´m from rhode island, it’s non-consensual human experimentation, it’s remote, it’s
covert ..many of my attacks were microwave weapons. Medusa was one, in all the hospital statements when I was hospitalized, I told of being hit by radiation weapons ..Medusa now admits to all those capabilities, the other thing we deal with is like a cointelpro attack, law enforcement attacks us, just discredits us..”

“Good afternoon, my name is Connie Marshall, I´m a formal mayoral candidate from
Louisville, Kentucky. I have never been involved in any criminal activity, I found a document in my bank account that said problem with Kentucky Government, check federal government paperwork and foul before releasing information to anyone. I am a eight-year victim survivor of assaults by directed energy weapons, the torture I’ve experienced consists of mind paralysis, being hypnotized or placed in a trance-type state, being tracked by a drone or satellite, controlled dreams, sleep deprivation, v2k which is voice to skull projected sound, extreme muscle spasms and extreme muscle cramps,
low frequency noises in my home high frequency noises in my home sexual stimulation. I am watched in my home 24 hours a day and followed around everywhere i go though, I do not have a criminal history when i ran for mayor of my town. I was also attacked in debates and forms.”

“I am from Birmingham Alabama um the question…in 2000 I was approached by a Navy sub diver
and he brought to my attention the use of an auditory weapon that he stole from the United States
Navy.. he told me about this weapon that he stole from the navy and he told me how the weapon would affect the central nervous system of a human and he wanted me to go out and assist him in certain things
and in 2006 my life changed. I started i woke up one night and i got a strong electrical shock in the center of my chest, medically i’ve been looked at and reviewed over and over and over again, my brother, he’s a doctor and i know exactly what’s occurring is wrong and I’m feel like i’m a test subject and i’ve responded to the government…but I have seen no action.”

“I am the subject of mk ultra mind control, I am also the subject of
electromagnetic radiation and i have many videos to prove it i’ve taken these
videos to newspapers into various places even including what is that cdc
and everyone has just turned away as if this is hush hush. I´ve had lawyers deny me assistance because they said this is too big, so in research I found out that the former congresswoman cynthia mckinney asked for reinvestigation under age under her
resolution h.r 1026 to reinvestigate cointel activities, I am constantly stalked there’s many covert activities that have followed me i would like all of this this medical abuse to be investigated.”

“My name is Miriam Snyder, I´m an educator minister human rights advocate i work with many people that have suffered the ramifications of unregulated, deadly human research
experimentation, since I`ve brought this to the public i’ve become a
victim to human research experimentation is being used to assassinate innocent people.
I´d like to know the commission to address what penalties are and protections are in place for >them< and when are we going to start incarcerating >these criminal mass murderers< ...(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)"

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