Unbelievable US Gov Mars and Time Jumping – Andrew Basiago (2013)

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The US government is keeping the truth from us about what their programs have really achieved: time travel ad stargate travel, and a full colony on Mars and the Moon.”

“The hidden history of u.s time travel is that teleportation was weaponized during world war ii and it and other time travel technologies have remained essentially secret compartmentalized devices held by the u.s. department of defense.”

“A technician walked through the energy field to retrieve a screwdriver on a workbench in the lab and he suddenly disappeared so that his supervisor thought he had been disintegrated by this tesla device, six weeks or six months later he shows
up at the door of the facility of that very lab and and his supervisor collapses, literally collapses believing that he’s come back from the dead or you know
grateful that he didn’t die in the development of this tesla device the construction of this tesla device and then he tell the told the tale of how he fell through a tunnel apparently in the time-space continuum and popped
out in africa, where he was virtually deified by the local tribe that he was teleported to, until he explained that no i’m just an ordinary human being, he tried to communicate to them that in a way in which they would take him to the national government, he would be able to get home and he did it was.. six weeks..
weeks..Morton has told that story as if as i think he says that matreya
teleported to africa or something like that, he’s kind of mystified it but that’s in fact the story we were told in our training, so they realized that this tesla device in tesla’s original papers, that had actually been seized by the war
department, kept in the national archives under the alien property act in 44 and
then forwarded to los alamos when the manhattan project physicists began gathering there to build the atomic bomb, they thought, well, let’s send tesla’s paperwork to the physicists in the world who can make the most sense of them, so
ultimately they were sent to los alamos when the los alamos scientific laboratory was being started to build the atomic bomb and that’s where they remain to this day.”

“So I have no moral compunction about speaking out and as you’ll see in my presentation today, I have a moral duty to speak out, because
we’re going to be needing, at least at a minimum tesla teleportation to save our global civilization,
here in California every time Caltrans builds a lane on a california freeway it fills up with cars in 30 days. I mean who of us wants to be living in cities around the world with 24 lane freeways.”

“And speaking out under what I believe is a moral duty to advocate for the
adoption teleportation which is one of my principal goals ..I’ll implement if i’m elected President of the United States which i will be pursuing in 2016.

So, I think that I mean we’re running out of options and we’re really going to have to take our technical infrastructure, our urban infrastructure up to a new high level sophistication or we’re going to have collapses in our major cities, just by people being stuck in traffic. I mean you can’t go to work or school or the hospital or the grocery store you can’t take your kids to school, if everything is stopped on your major traffic arterials and that’s and that’s what’s occurring now all over the United States.”

“In the early 90s, it’s happening all over the country the country’s basically shutting down time-wise, because we’ve we’ve reached the limits of growth in transportation, so we’re going to be needing tesla to be implementing tesla teleportation to correct that.”

“The first group were three navy enlisted guys and they jumped through, they were adult volunteers from the navy and they jumped through and they asphyxiated and died because the tunnel was too long and they ran out of oxygen, so the first was a mishap, not unlike the philadelphia experiment story of men being fused in the deck,…they simply suffocated, because they ran out of oxygen because.
My dad and his colleagues had set up the tunnel that was too long, they hadn’t learned how to fine-tune the device yet and then he said and i said well okay navy enlisted what about after that and he said well the second group we used
you have to understand how we were sort of compromised during those years what we were doing was we were concerned that if we used american children
that some of our most sensitive secrets would ultimately get out and we would be compromised..and we were trying to, as you remember, we were trying to stay one step ahead of the Russians because they were working in similar areas.”

“so what we decided to do, was kind of a moral compromise, we negotiated with the right-wing authoritarian governments in latin america to take their street merchants, literally their orphans off the streets of mexico city and maracaibo venezuela and santiago chile and buenos aires argentina and other latin american countries and we made this deal with their government that we would sort of soak up their population of orphans and street urchins who had literally nothing, were literally begging on the streets homeless without parents without regular food, regular shelter, education health care and so forth and we would take them and use them in our defense technical projects and if they survived or survived after being injured, we would then adopt them into american households and give them everything that they would not get as orphans on the streets of latin american cities, so clearly that was an abuse of human rights, but it was one where the u.s government tried to qualify it to itself ethically by then saying well if the kids survive
then they’ll get everything that our kids have and many of them did and I said well did the kids die or were they injured he said, no, everyone of them was adopted into an american household by ultimately being exposed to what I was then exposed to when my dad took me on my first teleportation to meet with Dr. Agne,
so that’s the hidden history of the involvement of children in teleportation, the first time travel heroes were latin american orphans, maybe, a few years older than myself, maybe born in the late 1950s/1960s…because it’s the truth of what the us government was doing at that time.-”

“My dad’s position was, it was kind of twofold, it was if human civilization is going to advance, people have to be willing to do dangerous things to expand the envelope of human functioning in the universe as it was and they had to be willing to take their children with them, because the children were going to be living in that future and he said, I remember this vividly, he said, you have to remember that taking your kids with you on dangerous trips is part of the common heritage of humankind, imagine a simple fishing village that has to swim off an island to for to find better fishing rooms or hunting grounds or escaping a volcano or something, human beings have always put their children, even their small children on their shoulders and gone somewhere for the benefit, for the betterment of the tribe, and he goes i see no reason son why we shouldn’t do that in modern times, there’s going to be greater challenges ahead than just trying to find happier hunting grounds or escape a forest fire or a volcanic eruption or something, you kids are going to be functioning in time-space and therefore it’s my obligation to take you there, it’s the ethical thing to do and I think my father was right.”

“So today I´m leading a truth campaign to reveal to the world that time travel has
been achieved by the u.s and also that the u.s has already used potentially a time travel device, but an advanced transportation device called a jump room to reach and colonize the planet Mars and as in the case of time travel it hasn’t told us that so our our right to remain a self-governing people has been jeopardized by the military-industrial complex in concealing these important thresholds that we’ve passed. The time travel I´m going to be discussing today was all fairly operational by 1970 but again it was a new dangerous and experimental. I didn’t invent project pegasus for darpa, as some people have interpreted, but I´ve named my truth campaign project pegasus, simply to own it. I mean if they’re going to put me in project pegasus, as a kid, I´m going to take back that terminology and call my truth campaign project pegasus and uh my my overriding goal is to advance humanity with life, with the life advantaging benefits of teleportation and the other major process that they developed during the series chronovision.”

“Speaking on behalf of the the future because as i said i think the teleportation is going to be needed, literally to, not just to thrive in the 21st century, but to survive, it’s going to be necessary to be implemented to achieve planetary sustainability and regarding the cosmos in general Mars is the planet that every two years comes closest to earth, we’ve been there we’re developing a colony there, so it’s just unconscionable that mars has been reached by human
chrononauts from the united states, but that humanity has not been told. I mean that’s that literally presents the first test of our cosmic citizenship as a species is how do we relate how do we interact favorably how do we promote positive policies regarding the humanoid beings that exist on the planet mars just look at the whole heuristic dimension of that.”

” I´m going to describe some of the intelligence findings that were made using time travel, so I can reveal to you what the us government knew about the future by 1970. Now I don´t speak of time travel in this context, I speak of quantum access, because time travel implies physical relocation in the time-space continuum, but the project was just as interested as in doing everything from remote viewing to
chronovision to create either mental or holographic pictures of non-local events, so when we talk about time travel we´re really talking about or gathering intelligence via time travel we’re really talking about quantum access using advanced applications in quantum physics to either send people to a past or future event or create a hologram or other rendering of what’s going on at a
distance in the time-space continuum.”

“I think it’s going to be revelatory because as you’ll see, they knew a lot and bear in mind they’ve been using quantum access for for over 40 years since 1970, you know, 1970 to 2010, now it’s 2013, so for 43 years and we’re
talking about the u.s government almost having omnipotence, if not omniscience about future events, so that’s proof to you…and i’ll show you the the kind of factual consistencies that i’ve derived during my investigation that just can only indicate that what i remember really happened and I actually did have some meetings with people from the government where they confirmed that project pegasus existed, that involved time travel technology and that I was in it and they wanted me to shut up about it.”

“on the board by the military officer who was briefing us, he was briefing four of us, including myself, so off and on over the years darpa has either been the defense advanced research projects agency or simply the advanced research projects agency or arpa. This is the sort of elite specialized military technology
agency that brought us star wars and told us about it because they were trying to intimidate the former soviet union that they were occupying higher ground and we’ve learned that the internet was derived by Dr. Jacques Vallee and others at ucla, as arpanet, in 1969, when in fact darpa or arpa at that time was enrolling american school children in a time travel program. Arpanet is beginning that year at ucla, they didn’t tell us that they had derived time travel technology because
look, teleportation gives the government to put personnel exactly where they want them, not just on the face of the earth, but on the face of the earth at any particular time that is to say that the different time travel technologies do. Teleportation is somewhat limited because you can’t teleport somebody to the time before the development of the device, they’re going to be stranded in time.
…I might be lost in time… and I was terrified that they were going to lose me in time…and then also obviously chronovision gave them an incredibly valuable intelligence gathering tool that the soviet union didn’t have and other countries didn’t have.”


“Type Public
Traded as NYSE: PSN
Industry: Security, Defense, Intelligence, Technology, and Critical Infrastructure
Founded California, United States (1944 as Ralph M. Parsons Company)
Headquarters: 5875 Trinity Pkwy #300, Centreville, Virginia
Key people: Carey Smith CEO
Matt Ofilos, CFO
Revenue US$ 3.6 billion (2018)”

“Parsons Corporation (Parsons) is an American technology-focused defense, intelligence, security, and infrastructure engineering firm headquartered in Centreville, Virginia. The company was founded in 1944.

Parsons has more than 16,000 employees across 24 countries. Carey Smith serves as Chairwoman, President, and CEO of Parsons.

The company has been named as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere for 13 consecutive years.”

“and so forth and defense contractors and so in addition to time travel being
captured by the military during world war ii it is also it’s true to say that it has also been captured by the central intelligence agency which i don’t think has a very high reputation for proper conduct around the world you know assassinating foreign leaders advising the military to invade sovereign countries
um and you know throwing elections and so forth and also undermining the civil liberties of americans and foreign nationals but i’m proud of my dad and i think you can say that he was a white hat inside the intelligence community because among other things he was actively urging the public adoption the declassification and deployment of tesla teleportationfor civilian functions, for civilian for civilian transport, when he was serving on this project, so i have to ask when he had that heart attack at age 53 at his desk at parsons, was it just because of where his health,..was it a hit, because my dad was somewhat of a dissident voice within project pegasus and i think he was a moral arbiter in that sense and i’m proud of him… I just want to emphasize the fact that i’m proud of my dad i think he did the right thing by urging the declassification of tesla teleportation and i also think he was right regarding putting his son on his shoulders and taking into the time-space age.”

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