Report # 101: "Max, a White Hat Insider" On ELF Signals in South Africa, Neural Influence Tech

“Report # 101: “Max, a White Hat Insider” On ELF Signals in South Africa, Neural Influence Tech”
“Good morning, yeah sure I can talk about that, I was born in South Africa in the early 70s my father was recruited headhunted by the intelligence community in South Africa, the intelligence services, prior to that he was a plainclothes police and civilian clothed police, detective and from there the intelligence services of south africa recruited him…according to what he told me when I was a young boy when we had moved to Sweden.. He had found out.. that the south african government was experimenting on the population with medicines and vaccines and he told but I was so young…they were also experimenting with secret weapons technologies. He said it was ongoing.. late 70s and he also told me this when we lived in Sweden in the early 80s…but later on I was listening to.. these conspiracy shows on the Internet with a guy called Bo Jenkins, someday, from the 80s, from 1986 to be exact and he interviewed a guy.. Columbia College who is a very known well-known character in the esoteric I understand he was a medical doctor, but he was also an electrical engineer and he was somewhat of a genius, because he had a lot of patents on a lot of stuff´, but many of his patents were suppressed by the CIA, because this had threatened him and burnt down his lab and it’s like that’d be just like that done previously to
Nikola Tesla…. the CIA or the Cabal, the United States Cabal or the transnational Cabal he used the Soviets or the Russians and this is very important to explain, because when we listened to the interview.. presented to your listeners they have to understand that both people like Andrea B. and Tom Bearden, all of them, all of these people, and I know much more people than them in real life, they’re really scared of the Cabal you know and I can’t blame them, I mean they have children, they have families…okay when I say the Cabal I mean in the following order at the top was always the banksters, the banks, the transational Banks, Corporations and under that you have the Corporations and under the Corporation’s we have the the military intelligence unit, both private and governmental, and under that you have the general intelligence community, the transational intelligence community and under that you have the the private security companies that are vertically and horizontally integrated into all the structures above..and these tailored security companies are the ones that are the vanguard in the gang stalking of private citizens… so all these structures are vertically and horizontally integrated… this is also important to clarify…the word of the Church and the Monarchy and the Vatican coming in, they are in there, absolutely, the Vatican is one of the biggest..bad guys in the whole thing, the monarchy has a minor role, but there are people in the monarchy, especially in the German monarchy, the European monarchy that are mostly vertically also integrated into the banking intelligence community … yes of course the British Monarchy…I am not saying the british monarchy is not involved but they’re not involved the people that they say on the Internet is involved or not involved in the way the people think, but people in the German Monarchy people that supported Hitler behind the scenes, they are more involved, even more than the British Monarchy. (Max – White Hat)”
“There is very much schisms within these secret societies because that’s what they are, they are first and foremost, all these structures are secret societies.. that’s a definition we can use, secret societies, because what in these secret societies there is varying degrees of bad guys and as I understand what has happened is that the moderate bad guys are starting to realize which side their bed is buffered on… Right now the PLanet is in a tremendous, horrific mess, really…saying that the biosphere is collapsing so and these people in the secret societies know about that, so the the more moderate factions within the secret societies know that this biosphere collapse is coming if we don’t there fix the problem, but the problem goes deeper than that, they’re all maniacs like I told you before he spoke, these are the so called technologists and you know 100 percent psychopaths, these people have totally gone out of control. (Max – White Hat)
“The ones who are trying to make the bible come true? The apocalypse and all that? (Ramola D)”
“Yeah the ones..who tried to use Fukushima to destroy our planet, you know, done by the so-called pathologists, they are working for corporations. (Max – White Hat)”
I get back to the secret societies now, okay, other than just calling the Fukushima event these maniacs in the secret society, the Cabal as I call them, they are my only tried to destroy our planets biosphere, they’re also trying to
provoke a war with interstellar civilizations, in other words with ETs, extraterrestrials and with interdimensional higher beings, higher interdimensional beings, now I explained that more in detail if you wish me to, but I just give a general outlay. (Max – White Hat)”
“The problem is now that they’re not only using ..directed energy weapons technology, they are also using interdimensional or transdimensional weapon technologies, now let me explain what that means, if you have a transdimensional dimensional launching system that means you can materialize an object and move it from one place to another with no loss of time, more or less, you know instantly, and not only on our Planet, you can move it throughout the universe, yeah and these maniacs have got this technology and this is this is not only modern technologies, this is ancient technology which has been left here by our previous ancestors on this earth, previous species of humans and also these maniacs, the Cabal have shot down et vehicles because although these ETS have been here for thousands of years taking care of our planet and actually created our planet and our moon and our solar system and our galaxy with the higher interdimensional beings, although they have technologies, they all, even the interdimensional beings when they manifest themselves in our 3d reality, they all come under our 3-dimensional cosmic rules and what I mean by that is
cosmic rule are the following…if star trek speaks about non-interference, if a civilization, doesn’t matter how advanced they are, if they come and they travel by their solar system to another solar system another planet, they have to abide by the rules of the cosmic law to not interfere in other civilizations progress and development and also they have to follow the physical laws of those planets, for example here we are 3d-reality, if the ET comes here mortal as we are and we can kill them with our technologies because they come from a 3d reality – they are not interdimensional beings in two dimension now the interdimensional being come from other dimensions but they can manifest in our diamond ET reality, the ETS planets but they can move with their technologies, they have always been here, long before humans are on this planet these beings have always been being here and taking care and creating this planet and creating the human species but but because of these rules these et beings can be harmed by us and killed and it’s only by God’s Grace for our human species that they are not hostile and not aggressive to us, because if they were they would be able to exterminate our Planet in a fraction of a second. (Max – White Hat)”
“I complete my definition of this problem you know well between the more moderate factions within these secret societies they realize that because of the biosphere collapse and because of the induced war by the Cabal the maniacs, the human maniacs, these human beings are trying, the Cabal … the psychopaths and pathologists. I’ll explain on eschatology later but they are trying to start a war with the interdimensional beings, the more moderate factions of the secret societies, but also are integrated with the bad guys, not directly, but indirectly, through different channels and different economic setups and scholar collaborations, they know that the war against the ETS cannot be won and the interdimensional beings, this is the war, that is totally impossible to win, because we are talking about millions of civilizations in our universe with interdimensional and transdimensional technologies and it does not mentioning interdimensional beings, God knows what they are, but they got even more powerful technologies. (Max – White Hat)”
“The good guys and when I say the good guys I mean the white hats and the moderate factions of the secret societies of the previous Cabal, they have gone over to the white hat side, because they know that God is the most safe position to take, in other words with the white hats, at least they have a chance to survive…transnationally I mean the good guys within not only within military intelligence also within the bank’s within the corporations within the the
private security companies within the monarchies within the Vatican. There are good people everywhere…I mean think about it if you are born into a family where the father or the parents are psychopaths but the children aren’t psychopaths like about I mean can you be blown over what they do that’s exactly what happens within the white hat community you know they are born into families and secret societies that they didn’t wasnted, so what to do you know one of the main reasons I contacted you because I don’t like to see how they pollute people’s consciousness and they make everybody look bad and people start hating everything about the government’s and everything about the banks and
everything about the corporations and everything about the military and everything about the police and everything about the private security companies, this is dangerous you know this is really dangerous, because all of a sudden we’ll all be in a free-for-all battle and we all end up killing each other and the Cabal, the psychopaths got exactly what they want, that´s why they are called escapologists and would you like to explain define that what I mean by escapologist?.. Escapologist that’s a person that has a certain religious belief and they believe that by the way they can help their fellow human beings and themselves is by making their prophet, in other words some of them have a have a prophet like Jesus and some of them have a prophet like Muhammad and even Buddhist factions within these escapologists and what they want create is a world ending event, an Armageddon, a collecctive suicide experience of our planet, so that the planet more or less has to die and when that happens in their minds they think that Jesus who is going to come back, Mohammed is gonna come back, or Buddha is gonna come back and he’s going to save us from this Cataclysm, .. I call them demonologist, I know some call them Luciferians, some call them Satanists, I call them demonologists, because I believe they have no safety, there is no Lucifer and stuff like that that is how long pop culture terms for demons and demons do exists, that’s true..they are entities in lower dimensions… they can be conjured, they actually can be contacted and they can communicate with these demons. (Max – White Hat)”
“Ramola D Reports
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“Max,” a seeming Intelligence or corporate insider from Sweden who wishes to be known merely as a white hat insider speaks with me about a program of ELF signals sent to South Africa across many decades as well as information passed down to him by his father, who worked for South African intelligence and learned about covert biowarfare and electronic warfare experiments conducted on South Africans. Andrija Puharich, MD, confirms this latter, suggesting that South Africa and six other countries fell within the sphere of EMF influence transmitted putatively by Soviet transmitters; Open Minds radio host from the 80s, Bill Jenkins has interviewed Puharich on this and other subjects—we play a small clip from this interview, which can be found at…. Max correlates this period of ELF pulsing at a targeted Black population in South Africa with off-the-charts murder rates recorded across the 70s, 80s and peaking in the 90s.
Additionally, Robert Beck, author of The Body Electric and various other books, speaks in a separate interview with Bill Jenkins about the transmission of a 10Hz signal effecting hyperactive and cannibalistic behavior in turtles, which speaks volumes about the power of such extremely low frequencies on brains; Beck speaks about the transducer qualities of brain tissue and the use of “taxicab” carrier frequencies of shortwave, higher frequency which are used in the transmission of ELFs such as the 10Hz signal, carried as pulse repetition rates inside the taxicab carrier frequency. This mode of transmission would therefore pose special problems for detection and identification.
Max also briefly touches on global cancer rates in relation to the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster and offers his knowledge of the powerful, maniacal cabal intent on destroying the earth while several “moderates” or “moderately bad guys from among the cabal” as well as relatively “good guys” within Military, Intelligence, and corporations seek to align with the “white hats” in the military and work on the side of humanity now. In particular, he delves into information he says he has regarding ET beings of different kinds—interdimensional and interstellar as well as trans-dimensional—who are watching the cabal’s destructions, yet are held back by cosmic laws of non-interference from stopping them outright, and leylines and energy lines around the earth which can act as portals into other dimensions, and the amount of Disinfo on the internet to keep the truth about ET beings and true energy and zero point energy from reaching the whole human populace. A fascinating and far-ranging conversation which touches on some subjects not within the realm of expertise of this reporter but related to larger questions of life, reality, Universe, and meaning and interesting nevertheless.”

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