Dr. Robert Duncan Full MIT Presentation on Neuroweapons used on (GLOBAL) Civilians

“The Ethics of Neuroweapons and Neuro-Technologies. 1.5.2019”
Dr. Robert Duncan Full MIT Presentation on Neuroweapons used on (GLOBAL) Civilians
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“Hacking the Human Mind, the Art and Science of Neuro-Weapons”.
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“Old Tech…Google caught on to for their Google Glasses, never caught on public acceptance….Active Denial System.. It is a microwave neuro weapon..95 Ghz, heats the outer layer of the skin, that induces severe pain…The CIA uses it as an infinity torture device…it leaves no marks, if used correctly, burning of tissue, so it is called the no-touch torture system, but it is also a non-lethal weapon system. The Chinese brag about it, that they have it, Raytheon build it in our country.”

“A.I. Mind Control Victim
There is a massive hidden sector of the United States Military Intelligence that has turned human experimentation & torture into a normal part of their work/culture.

U.S. Military/Intelligence has given themselves the right to deploy an A.I. based direct-to-brain autocracy.”

Pic from article titled “Long-Lasting Wireless Brain Implants”

3 mm long and 1×1 mm in cross section, is powered by ULTRASOUND.

UC- Berkeley’s “Brain Dust” (aka “Smart Dust”)”

Conspiracy Revelation: 24. Okt. 2023:
Raytheon, the light of the gods translated, was a company who created refrigerators and vacuum tubes for radios….before ww2, how can they mutate into a rocket launching and remote radar innocent civilian torturing – pentagon contractor – monster corporation after ww2?

This invention gave super-cowards the possibility to play big dictator from afar and micromanage the whole world into a digital totalitarian gulag…aside from the many benefits of becoming also enlightened due to total world knowledge access..

(1947 First Transistor – Bell Labs Innovations – Lucent Technologies – Microelectronics Group)

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