Defeating Microwave Weapons!

“Defeating Microwave Weapons!
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We start by demonstrating how microwaves work and how they effect objects within a certain range. Then, we show you how to defend yourself against them…”

“The injuries are however consistent with a microwave attack
and there are microwave weaponized microwave systems designed for what’s
called lrad which is the same series of letters but
stands for long range area denial they’re built by military contractors
there’s even some websites and someyoutube videos by some military
contractors who produce these systems. Raytheon is one.
So they do exist and it is plausible they may have been used in some of these
protests. I find that very troubling, because, even the most powerful microwave weapon
is not a battlefield weapon, it won’t take out a T-90 tank, it won’t even be
able to take out a few infantry men with high-powered rifles, because the range of
these devices is rather limited, so these devices are actually used for
lightly armed or unarmed civilians, they’re used by governments on their own
citizens and that’s what I find so troubling…
to a means of defending yourself or defeating a microwave attack.”

“Weaponized systems work by a different method, they can’t operate with these
bulky cavity magnetrons, the way they operate is they take a flat array
of a whole number of very high frequency moderate energy emitters
and by electronically slightly varying the phase relationship between
the individual emitters, they can cause downfield constructive
and destructive interference that allows it to focus the beam, as well as to
electronically steer the beam, it’s exactly how phased-array radar works, it’s compact,
it’s very effective and it combines the energy of many many many emitters into one single beam, now that kind of construction is beyond me, I can’t do that.
One of my sons probably could do that, but I don’t think he’d want to undertake
a project that big and also there’s the ethics involved, so we’re not going to
deal with a weaponized microwave system, we’re going to deal with
this projector here and just understand that the microwaves that are produced by
this are only different from the weaponized microwaves by scale
power this thing produces about 1200 Watts of output from about 1500 Watts of
input and the military versions probably produce at least tens of Kilowatts but
again it’s just a matter of scale, so we’re going to start out by
demonstrating just how this thing works, and so let me get set with some tubing, alright, so I have two fluorescent tubes what we’re going to do is just
show you that it’s producing radio frequency output we can also show you a
little bit about the divergence of the beam from this horn to give an idea of
where it’s goingyou’ll also notice this little fan over here you’ll hear this run simply because the magnetron makes a lot of heat and to keep it cool we have to run a fan on the side of it.”

“Now watch the width of the illuminated part on the tube as they get farther and farther away, it’s diverging, there’s a pretty broad divergence of the beam,
you can see it lights up all different kinds of fluorescent tubes,
but you can see it has a rather limited range, because the energy is
diverging very rapidly now with nothing, you can see that the fluorescence here
will continue, until we get to about oh a little over a meter maybe about, a little over a meter maybe about four feet or so and then we lose the light, this light is caused by the microwaves interacting with the mercury inside the tube and it elevates the outer electrons in the mercury, causing them to reach higher energy levels and when they
settle back down to the ground state, they release photons, uv photons that
stimulate the phosphor inside of the tube to cause it to glow white.”

“What’s nice about that is that if you were potentially facing a microwave attack if,
you just had a couple of water bottles and a towel you could hold it in front
of your face and you’d probably protect yourself from a weaponized microwave
system and if you’re thinking well that’ll protect my face but not the rest of me,
just get a beach towel flood it with water hold it up in front
and you could dance away and you’re perfectly safe, easy compact
and certainly not a threatening defense…
the other way that we can potentially protect ourselves is taking advantage of the microwave interaction with metal, any kind of a conductor will act as an
antenna and will actually reflect the energy from the microwave back toward
source…this is some thin sheet metal and the microwaves will reflect off of
the metal and again we should be able to block the energy simply by placing the
metal between the source of the microwaves and the fluorescent tube, turn the buddy on…very effective.”

“Now going to put a metal reflecting plate in front like that
to redirect the light this way and we can see when i put this in front
how much farther laterallythe radiation goes this is working as a deflector
not just blocking the radiation and protecting my parts but sending the radiation laterally okay next, now sometimes you’re not going to have
access to a great big metal plate to protect yourself, so a trick would be to take
a poster with some sort of a theme or something interesting on it
like this and laminate between the two surfaces some aluminum foil, so you’ve got metal in between the two layers of plastic and this will also block the radiation, so if i set this in here like this you can see that it glows and when i place this in front,
it kills them.”

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