John McAfee To Google: Stop Endangering Our Humanity Or I'm Coming For You

“Am 15.07.2017 veröffentlicht
There is nothing wrong with creating great products, or even building a large company. Success should be rewarded, and never punished. But when success gives way to pure, venal greed we all suffer. Google has become so large, and so powerful, that their greed now threatens to destroy us all.
John McAfee has put Google on notice: change your ways or at least one person will be standing in your way. You don’t want to miss this!”

“John McAfee on Infowars: Nothing Can Stop The Blockchain Revolution.”
“Head of america’s largest bank, obviously he’s frightened, all banks are frightened, in five years time we will have no banks, because everybody with a bitcoin wallet will be its own bank. I can do wire transfers or the equivalent, I can do the
equivalent of writing checks everything that the bank can do my wallet can do and this is the problem banks are looking at coin exchanges, now I have developed in conjunction with bit India
in India a wallet which is distributed.”
“talk about the wallets and how these people are trying to attack us..they saw that as a threat, they do see this as a threat.”
“John McAfee is a pioneer now it has been for a while in cyber
currencies as well as in Bitcoin mining, he was a pioneer decades ago in terms of virus protection software.”
“that’s a threat to the central banks and that’s why there are so many efforts to try to undermine it go ahead…”
“There is nothing Governments can do to shut down Bitcoin..or any other crypto currency…it is impossible for a
government to stop a distributed system like Bitcoin.”
“That’s I think the real hope of humanity, …not that we’re ever going to be able to audit the Fed, not that we’re ever gonna able to be able to shut down it or central banks, but that we would transcend it with new technology, with new cooperation, as we’re doing with Bitcoin, that as the government and as these big multinational corporations like Google and Facebook, these constructs that work with the government, as they start to exercise control, as they start to take away our freedom of speech, our freedom to exchange information with other people that we have these new constructs that come´about that will replace the old DARPA designed internet, that we have, that the government has been working on decades to try to take it down.”
“They get somebody that they want to punish for political
reasons or they want to make an example of and that’s the key thing there.”

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