Targeted2Free Keri Burnor Interviews her Uncle Kevin Burnor 7 August 2018

Targeted2Free Keri Burnor Interviews her Uncle Kevin Burnor 7 August 2018
“Sister Keri Burnor
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Published on 9 Aug 2018 · 3 weeks ago
Keri Burnor Interviews her uncle Kevin Burnor 7 August 2018, a story wherein her uncle has been targeted by the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex for over 2 decades. Uncle Kevin relates his story from the beginning when his son unknowingly gave him a toxic drink, to being honorably discharged due to refusal to get on a plane that later crashed, to serving in ministry, to having to leave the country during the previous administrations since there were no protections in place for people targeted and terrorized by being implanted against their will with foreign monitoring and torture devices. Uncle then returned to the United States upon learning that his niece, Keri Burnor achieved a remedy…relating to her own experience of being targeted for death multiple times using Military Grade, designer innovative nanotechnology. This is a story of progress, hope and achievement. For more information on the CTWH Targeted to Free Program go to: Contact us:
NOTICE: We cannot guarantee results since each case is distinctly unique and requires its own level of customized analysis. We have found that those who do not quit achieve the results they seek. Take NOTICE: Confidant understands consultants herein are not offering legal, tax or medical advice and agrees to seek these modalities of counsel when deemed necessary.”
“Continue to spread far and wide this knowledge and continue the cleanup process far and wide Lord in Jesus name.”

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    This is a petition to support the above noted, needed, and equitable legislation, designed to invoke fairness, in the Havana Syndrome Act of 2021. The goal is to help all Americans injured by neurological attacks, and not some, as defined in the Havana Act.


    Prayer and Scriptures to Help Targeted Individuals:

    Scriptures to Stop Discouragement and Build Determination to Believe God:

    • AdminVI2021 sagt:

      Injured is an understatement…they attacked us already with advanced genetic weapons in 2005… and that was only the peak of the iceberg of crimes against humanity… who is doing this, obviously the DoD, Bund, U.N. Lucis Trust, Freemasons and FBI/BKA/CIA (Old Paperclip Nazis especially) /NSA/DIA/MIT/NIH/Arpa/Usaf/Nasa/Navy/Alphabet Inc, Shadow Gov Cults (Deep Church and Deep State and MIC and EMIC), Central Bankers, Big Oil, Zion-Bolshevics, CFR, The Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Criminals in all big Oil sponsored Universities and Research Institutions dependent on Gov-Money, Bilderbergers, Knights of Malta, NWO Crime Cartel Rothfellers, Billionaires, Jesuits/Vatican Intel and Big Pharma, Pentagon, Big Tech are the main criminals here in this global assault expanding during the last 30 years.

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