Jimmy Dore Added To Ukraine Government’s Kill List!

“Jimmy Dore Added To Ukraine Government’s Kill List!”

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The notorious Ukrainian “kill list” that identified the Zelensky regime’s opponents like Aaron Maté, Scott Ritter, Roger Waters and even Henry Kissinger has added a new name: Jimmy Dore. The list is ostensibly maintained by an independent group, but an investigation into funding reveals that the Ukrainian government is behind the effort, as well as U.S. and NATO cutouts.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger speak with The Grayzone reporter Max Blumenthal about the individuals named on the list who have been assassinated and what being added means for Jimmy..”

“That NATO has hosted the site and a collection of Affiliated websites on its servers in Brussels,
at the same time as NATO Think Tank, the Atlantic Council boasts that Henry Kissinger is on its board of directors,
NATO also hosts a kill list website on which Kissinger appears, so let me bring in Max Blumenthal who’s
also on this list and along with Aaron Mate who also works at the gray Zone and,
so NATO’s hosting this, it’s funded by CIA.”

“..so they’re going after more American public figures and journalists than ever before…”
“..he is a special advisor to the interior Ministry which oversees the Ukrainian sbu which is the security services that maintain the death squads that go out and kill suspected collaborators, disappear political dissidents,
terrorize elements of the population political opposition in a completely autocratic Society…the sbu is trained by the CIA after 2014, after this U.S back coup and the Ukrainian government is like funded directly by us..U.S. is behind this..and my personal opinion is that this website and there are other initiatives of the Ukrainian government that have targeted me are like a proxy for the US or UK government to attack their own citizens without having to do it directly…”

“..since before the so-called orange revolution in 2004, it was of course funded by the National Endowment for democracy the foundation known as the CIA sidekick and the international Renaissance fund the
Ukraine branch of the open Society Foundation, Run by George Soros… lists thousands of saboteurs,
separatists and terrorists and traitors,sometimes it has crossed out their photographs, once they have been killed
with the label liquidated, this for instance happened after the murder of Daria dugina in Moscow in August of 2022,
today the microvet site houses links to two other domains which appear to be integral parts of the operation, so
it is the Ukraine government, they are targeting people, this is funded by the National Endowment for democracy which is a CIA cutout, so this is our own tax dollars being used to Target journalists in the United
States, this seems like it would be a big story except the people who can make it a big story the people in the corporate press aren’t ever going to be on that list, so they don’t care right..”

Reference: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sluschba_bespeky_Ukrajiny

“Entstanden aus KGB
Hauptsitz Kiew
Behördenleitung Wassyl Maljuk
Mitarbeiter ca. 27.000”

“Der Sluschba bespeky Ukrajiny (SBU, deutsch Sicherheitsdienst der Ukraine) ist der Inlandsgeheimdienst der Ukraine. Er ist eine Nachfolgeorganisation des KGB der Ukrainischen Sowjetrepublik mit Sitz in Kiew.”

“People being accused of being suspected Russian collaborators thrown into Mass Graves by neo-nazis from the azov Battalion, this is what’s happening and now it’s coming to us, this is the terror and autocracy that we’ve funded in Ukraine coming back home with the total silence of these fake press Freedom ngos… the whole goddamn world is
corrupt like this now…we have a death economy, it is all about Military and Germany.”

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