Addressing the Most Common Criticisms Against Studying UAP

“Addressing the Most Common Criticisms Against Studying UAP”

“Associate Professor, Dr. Matthew Szydagis

Department of Physics, The University at Albany SUNY, Albany, NY
Member of UAPx, Inc., and SCU (Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies)

Despite numerous newspaper articles from trustworthy sources in the
mainstream media, despite Pentagon admissions and Congressional hearings, interest in UAP studies is met with laughter and derision, both from inside and outside of the scientific community, including from prominent science communicators”

>> Unknown Aerial Phenomena = UAP <<

“But what I find more compelling is the story of Mr. Anthony Bragalia, whose FOIA request, after years of fighting, was finally honored by the Pentagon in Feb. 2021. He specifically worded his request as seeking results of tests on any UFO wreckage recovered/stored by us. Instead of saying “none” as the answer, the DOD sent him over 150 pages on shape-memory alloys, cloaking, metamaterials, and other old or cutting-edge science. While they do not explicitly admit to these being alien or non-human, this is kind of like pleading the Fifth Amendment to me. You may not be guilty, but the suspicion is there. I continue to be flabbergasted that this FOIA story wasn’t front-page news across the country and the world. I have only been able to find the story in small news outlets thus far.”

“There are cases with physical evidence (beyond images/videos) like Socorro, NM and Delphos, KS, to name only two: photographs of burnt rocks and hydrophobic molecules that caused negative health effects, respectively.”

“Why would those coming forward lie and get their careers ruined? (e.g., Senior Chief Kevin Day) Witnesses do NOT all become rich and famous.”

“More importantly… have you seen humanity lately?… Why would aliens expect to be treated with anything but extreme fear if not outright hostility, even if human weaponry are primitive compared to theirs (not necessarily the case, as they .. be creatures just as mortal as us and with fallible weapons of their own)? … which can tell us a great deal about human nature?”


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