‘Russification’ Begins With Big Screens, Passports In Occupied Areas Of Ukraine

“‘Russification’ Begins With Big Screens, Passports In Occupied Areas Of Ukraine”
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Efforts to pursue “Russification” are gathering pace in areas of Ukraine occupied by Russian forces. They include mobile TV units showing Russian news channels on big screens, summer schools to prepare children for the Russian school curriculum, plus a move to Russian rubles and Russian passports.”

“Dean Haemel: vor 3 Stunden:
It amazes me that in 2022 the world lets a psychopath Imperialist dictator continue this genocide and destruction of another country, it’s language and culture. It is unbelievable the world watches as Putin weaponizes Ukrainian grain exports and extorts the world with Nukes… Russia is the shit stain of the world.”

“Amc ape: vor 3 Stunden: 1939 all over again history repeating itself.”

“nava jyoti chetia: vor 3 Stunden: Under sanctions Russification could be qualitatively a little ossification, but they have their justification.”

“XXXX: vor 3 Stunden: 2022.02.24 officially has become the Day of the Russian Fascism.”

“darktriforce: vor 2 Stunden (bearbeitet):
there is no russification, it is a plan to hide hundred of thousand of civilian dead and deported…”

“Mary Broderick: vor 3 Stunden: Omg, save these people from the devils.”

“Robert Plant: vor 35 Minuten: Thank god its reversible! But to destupidify russia is nearly impossible.”

“Gustav Larsson: vor 2 Stunden: Those vile oppressors won’t leave others alone!”

“E o Dubhghaill: vor 1 Stunde: The real Nazis show themselves, subversion in full flow…”

“Gabriel Constantine: vor 3 Stunden:
Nothing good ever came out of communism, it’s the same as Nazism.”

“Wolfvale: vor 3 Stunden (bearbeitet):
There are no Russians citizens in this video. Only Ukrainian hostages.”

“Ocean Waves: vor 3 Stunden:
Russia steals land and people. Absolutely disgusting! Shame on Russia! 🤬.
Russian world is misery! Stop destroying lives Russia!”

“Goodfella Productions: vor 1 Stunde: Wow.”

“drea0903: vor 3 Stunden: Russia looking like the real Nazis.”

“Kraken Windzstorm: vor 28 Minuten: Let the brainwashing begins…”

“Bayerische Motoren Werke: vor 4 Stunden:
Bolshevik Putin is going to the gaz chaymbur.”

“Michael Morris: vor 1 Stunde: Russia is a Joke to the whole world!!!”

“Samisha: vor 4 Stunden:
Look! Just like Americanization in Europe, if they weren’t just a derangement from our former culture!”

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