Microsoft’s Military Empire, Explained.

Microsoft’s Military Empire, Explained.
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“Network Centric Warfare”

“The military had tons of data to sift through and centralizing it safely
and securely would allow for better coordination between different areas of
the military this would ultimately lead to more effective performance on the
battlefield so the dod went looking for a cloud service provider to do this it
launched The Joint Enterprise defense infrastructure project or Jedi Microsoft
immediately saw the opportunity Jedi wasn’t as flashy as ivas but it was
arguably more important it was an upfront 10 billion commitment with
potentially way more further down the road Plus winning the Jedi contract
would cement Microsoft as the military’s most trusted vendor but despite a bunch of advantages Microsoft was still an underdog AWS was bigger and Amazon had just won a 600 million dollar contract to provide cloud services for the U.S intelligence Community the Jedi contract looked tailor-made for AWS other Cloud providers sensing that Amazon was the strong favorite argued that the dod
should split up the contract so they would at least have a chance of getting
some of the business but the whole point of Jedi was to centralize the military’s Cloud systems, dealing with multiple vendors just didn’t make sense so everymajor cloud provider would have to Duke it out during the bidding process. Five companies made it to the starting line Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Oracle pretty quickly though three of them crashed out. Google said they wouldn’t be working with the military on ethical ground. IBM and Oracle were eliminated because they simply didn’t have enough capabilities so ultimately it came down to a battle between Microsoft and Amazon everyone thought that Amazon was going to win everyone that is apart from
president Trump you probably remember that one of Trump’s least favorite people was Jeff Bezos Trump didn’t really care all that much about Amazon but Bezos was also the owner of the Washington Post and Trump hated the Washington Post every hour we’re getting calls from reporters on the Washington Post asking ridiculous questions and I will tell you this is owned as a toy by
Jeff Bezos. Amazon says it’s considering its options after the Pentagon’s
surprise decision to award a 10 billion dollar cloud computing contract to
Microsoft there was even a report that Trump directly called secretary of
defense General Mattis and ordered him to screw Amazon Amazon is making what
appears to be an unprecedented request in his case against the government over
that 10 billion dollar Jedi contract Amazon is seeking to depose president
Trump Secretary of Defense Mark Asper and former Defense secretary James
Mattis in that case when Microsoft won the contract lots of people thought that
Trump tipped the scales, so did Amazon lose the Jedi contract because of Foul
Play well not necessarily because Microsoft was a solid Choice by this
time they’d already been doing business with the DoD for decades, in fact they
just signed a five-year contract worth nearly a billion dollars to provide
Windows 10 and Associated Hardware to the military. Microsoft was making more
money from the American defense establishment than Amazon was plus
Building Products specifically tailored to Enterprise clients was what Microsoft excelled at. The DoD was a big complex customer but they weren’t looking for anything flashy they just wanted something that worked ultimately Jediended with a big anti-climax the Pentagon is canceling a 10 billion
dollar deal called Jedi with Microsoft Jedi was replaced with the joint
Warfighter Cloud capability project the jwcc this new 9 billion dollar contract was split between four of the five companies that were originally part of
the Jedi bidding process Microsoft got a
piece but it wasn’t the big win that they’d hoped for.”

“Sometimes reality can be underwhelming, led by their General Bill Gates
. Microsoft grew into a behemoth that understood its allies and ruthlessly
destroyed its enemies today. Microsoft’s work with the military is based on the
same principles but in the end those setbacks don’t matter all that much.
What matters is that Microsoft has become one of the US military’s most trusted
vendors, because it’s more like the Military than any other big tech company.
Today the U.S military runs on Windows, XL spreadsheets and the Microsoft cloud. Is it flashy, not necessarily, but winning wars is a grind. Microsoft knows that better than almost anyone and as War continues to become more digital throughout the 21st century and the defense department looks for Reliable private sector Partners, Microsoft has made itself indispensable. If you’d like to know more about how technology affects geopolitics just watch this video about the semiconductor war between America and China next.”

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