Interview with Ananda part 1…Big Tech mind control…
“Interview with Ananda part 1…Big Tech mind control…”
“Transmuting Chaos
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Ananda’s personal experiences of big tech mind control and torture…starting from a very young age”

“Google´s Core Business is mind control. ultimately, if you really look at it.”

“It’s always from the very beginning been funded by.. DOD types and sanction and so forth because the dream was: Hey, look America can control the truth, if America has Google, it controls the truth…”

“the AI space, working on tools for human productivity and trying to make people more productive with AI. I finally left in 2021..I wasn’t fully aware of all the subconscious abuse at that point in time, but I was plenty aware of conscious abuse, I was experiencing all kinds of discrimination, I’m a different kind of person…it looks like it’s a playful place with balls and so forth, but there´s all kinds of hierarchy and hidden unions and casts and cabals and militia…in Silicon Valley, it’s a small family, if you anger Google, you’re not going to get a job at Apple, you’re not going to get a VC check for your startup, it’s a club where bad things are always hidden and so I had…enough money to live for a little bit and I have plenty of business ideas… I’ve been speaking the truth about Google’s mind control efforts, in a number of different channels and I faced all kinds of abuse as a result of that.”

Google has been working on truly comprehensive mind control ever since it began..and so my journey with Google was to see different parts of that that octopus, if you will.. then I went over into a company called sidewalk Labs, it was part of the Alphabet, that was doing City level planning…”

“The dream that every single person in that little world has people like Jeff Dean is that, they can create a machine that can do anything.. when they wake up in the morning
..yeah a god machine …Silicon Valley is not a place that’s known for humanistic thinking really..the base level is just about power, you have a group of people that have been in power for, depending on how you look at it, for centuries, a couple thousand years and want to stay in power. It’s that simple, they look at Earth like a big video game and they want to be the owners of the video game and they’re incredibly dissociated from regular people, because they live in a bubble, they live in a place where there’s only people like themselves that go into an offic,e where there’s only people like themselves and everybody there worships them, so they got no clue what the real world thinks of them. I remember last year I went to visit my hometown in
Peoria, Illinois and when kayaking with my brother who coincidentally is an independent service provider of the CIA and we went kayaking down a stream, we aren’t the closest, let’s put it that way um and we ended up in this little town kind of on the west side of Peoria um where you’ve got working class people that have been there for decades and we’ve docked the kayak went and got a beer and the folks there are the kind of folks that have been hit really hard, all their jobs have been outsourced, just lack of respect, you name it, mostly white on that side of the river and the opposite side of the river is mostly black.”

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