Bayraktar TB2 drone shot down near Kiev

“Bayraktar TB2 drone shot down near Kiev”
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,Bayraktar TB2 drone shot down near Kiev.

An anti-aircraft missile tore apart a Bayraktar TB2 attack drone. The first evidence of the destruction of the Ukrainian strike drone Bayraktar TB2 has appeared on the Web. A Turkish-made drone was shot down near Kiev, apparently by an anti-aircraft guided missile, which, as a result of a direct hit, literally tore the drone apart, which even made it difficult to identify it. In the presented photographs, you can see the wreckage of the destroyed Bayraktar TB2 strike unmanned aerial vehicle in the Kiev region. As a result of a direct hit by a missile, the fuselage of the drone was torn apart, and only separately discovered elements made it possible to establish that it was a Turkish-made drone. When exactly and under what specific circumstances the drone was shot down is not yet specified, however, this is the first documented fact of the destruction of the Byaraktar TB2 UAV on the territory of Ukraine to date. To date, it is known that Turkey has delivered additional Bayraktar TB2 attack drones to Ukraine at least twice via neighboring Poland. At the same time, there is information that over the past three weeks, an additional 24 attack drones have been transferred to Ukraine. Given the fact that Kiev concludes contracts for the supply of weapons with a private company, as reported in Ankara, more drones are expected to be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Earlier, based on official data, at least two dozen Bayraktar TB2 strike UAVs were shot down on the territory of Ukraine.”

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