Directed Energy is being weaponized” and “Individuals’ brains can be targeted by microwaves…

“Directed Energy is being weaponized” and “Individuals’ brains can be targeted by microwaves” according to Peter Koenig a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO). Peter warns that we must recognise the diabolical “Illuminati” methods and stand up in unison against them and spread the information on the “brain as the ongoing and next battlefield..”

“The Death Cult has again given people warnings, according to its “rules” – way ahead of time, so, They may be successful.”

“If you want a lead-demonstrator to stop demonstrating, you target his brain with ultra-shortwaves.
We by now know them as 5G. You make them depressed, so they do not want to demonstrate anymore;…
You do this as many times as you want and create an ambiance of depression. These are paraphrased words of Barry Trower, ex-MI5 Microwave scientist and whistleblower.”

“Mr. Trower adds, that low-level micro-waves can cause all sorts of cancers and leukemias and further elaborates that for the past 40 years or so the UK Government, plus basically all the Anglosaxon governments, have been lying to their people, to protect not only the high-flying profits of these “industries of death”, but perhaps more importantly for not divulging the evil objective of total surveillance and enslavement that they have planned.”

“Through “Electronic Telepathy”,”

“DARPA let a couple of contracts in 2011 / 2012 with the University of California for what is called “electronic telepathy”, to be able to monitor the brains of people at distance and to determine what they are thinking.”

“Under a separate contract the university was to investigate sending in signals to the brain of a person, literally sending them messages saying what they must think – and do. This is where the technology is today.

This could be used in your private life, as well as your professional life. It means, already today, they could make you do and behave as whatever they would like. They could make you a murderer, a cheater or just simply obedient to orders that may follow.

To repeat: “What you must know is that the brain is and will be the 21st Century’s battlefield”, says Dr. James Giordano, DARPA neurologist, during his talk at the Modern War Institute at West Point NY.

It is important to remember, especially since we should pay more attention to our surroundings, to people’s behavior, than what we are used to. We may deduct many lessons. So, that we may continue and expanding the field of connecting the dots.

In the video below, you will see a chart, indicating that Neuroscience, Neurotechnology in the Narcotics and Special Investigation Division (NSID), part of DARPA, has been “Valid, valuable and already in NSID use since 2014.””

“Why are they doing it? They, being the “monsters”, which cannot easily be called humans.”

“Curiously, the Fourth Industrial Revolution does not give one single valid reason why all digitization, transhumanism, total control of humanity is good for humanity and for Mother Earth; nor does the Great Reset, nor does UN Agenda 2030.”

“The DARPA expert, Giordano, who is also a prominent scientist in the US Health and Human Service Department – that speaks for itself – also talks about non-invasive technologies, such as the so-called “N3 Program”, the neurosurgical, neuromodulation and narcotics program.”

“This was the level of science in 2018, when Dr. Giordano gave his infamous speech at West Point. In the meantime, neuroscience has leaped forward, so that implants are no longer necessary.”

“Intelligence communities, even those within governments, with the help of their algorithm-assisted surveillance tools, become so powerful that they escape the boundaries of the state for which they are working, become independent, and control the state that should control them.

We are moving in warp speed towards a Nazi-Stasi State which we see coming, but are incapable of doing anything against it, because we are not connected with each other, we are kept apart as individuals, with our little individual advantages and special treats – keeping us on individual leashes, purposefully away from uniting with others.

“Stasi” – for those, too young to remember, is a colloquial term to describe the East-German Ministry of State Security.

This affects not only the United States, but countries all around the world, especially the western world, which is still intent to remain THE Empire, emerging into a One World Order (OWO).

This can happen only with (i) a massively reduced population, to reduce resistance; (ii) with a scared-to-death population; and eventually, (iii) with the survivors transformed into easily manipulable transhumans.

How that works has very eloquently been demonstrated in the video above. Below is a summary version but equally explicit..”

“It sure looks like it, especially since most people, maybe as many as 99.999% of the people, have no clue, and are totally vulnerable but, as such, perfect guinea pigs for trials, to perfect their “brain battlefield”, so to speak.”

” stepping out from under this diabolical system, being openly promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF).”.and the United Nations Agenda 2030, that may be read at par with The Great Reset.”

“The UN, what you may least believe, the UN with their Agenda 2030, with targets and goals virtually identical with the WEF’s Reset, has ceased to be what we all believe it is and what it was supposedly created for – supporting and enabling World Peace.

This cessation of “Peace Maker” of the UN system has started gradually, already decades ago. In fact, as far back as the Club of Rome’s “Limits of Growth” (1972), when inspired by the Rockefeller Brothers, the UN was to gradually follow the Limits of Growth agenda which had to do with massive depopulation and – yes, climate change.

A cornerstone of change was the first United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also known as the ‘Earth Summit’, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 1992. From then on followed almost on an annual basis the infamous UN sponsored COP conferences (COP – Conference of the Parties).

The last one, COP27, took place in November 2022 in Egypt. The annual repetition of COPs is a well-studied method of social brainwashing, manipulation à la Tavistock – has worked wonders. It is today hard to find anybody under the common people, who does not believe in the CO2-emitting man-made climate change. No matter what evidence to the contrary is produced.

The UN sell-out to a corrupt elite has taken a visible and giant step forward with the beginning of the Decade 2020, i.e., with the UN Agenda 2030. All of this must first sink into the brain of most people before we can even start resisting and move into another sphere of vibration.

However, like with everything spiritual and dynamic, once a critical mass has started with critical thinking the move into the Light may be fast.

Moving into the Light is what is predicted for 2023 / 2024.”

Let us not leave cracks for diabolical seduction.

Before we can step out, we must recognize these diabolical “Illuminati” methods and stand up in unison against them.

This writing is about spreading this information on the “brain as the ongoing and next battlefield”. ”
“We do not want battlefields of any kind. We want PEACE.”



Conspiracy Revelation: 10.2.2024: “Illuminati” in this context means the Political Zionazi-Bolshevics, their MIC and E-MIC and their Alphabet Agency Conglomerate and the U.N. Banking Complex and the Rockefeller NWO Corporate Crime Syndicate, not really enlightened people, like us, never forget that.

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