Project Looking Glass, SSP & Johan Fritz w Xan John November 27th 2020

“Xan John: 382 Abonnenten: 1.211 Aufrufe•27.11.2020
One of my favorite SSP members who retained lots of his parallel and previous life memories.”
“Wow, Yeah I´ll never forget Tony´s saying that they had all these old ships that they just had re-outfitted. I mean,
I hate how this is not taught in school.”
“We talk about the hybrids right so we do have draco who are here on planet they do not want to directly interface with the powers that be they want some sort of a barrier because of karma right so what they do is they actually will have create these half-breeds hybrids that are part draco part part human and they’ll send these hybrids out to deal
with these elites and these power these power people like
the bankers, all of your big business people,
your hollywood people, your political party people
um you know people like cfr and the u.n, these
hybrids go out and do all of that stuff because they’re the ones pushing the draco agenda with us specifically now depending upon how much of that genetic mix they have
you may or may not be able to tell who they are or what they are,, in some cases they’re actually using cloaking technology to hide who they are and what i’ve told other folks is that if it’s a full-blown draco that you’re
dealing with, you’re going to see certain characteristics that you do not see with a hybrid or a human, what would that look like well the first thing is the psychic stuff you start
feeling right, if you’re not someone who’s been through super soldier training it feels literally like you’re getting
hit with wave after wave of psychic energy and you’re basically being psychically assaulted and raped, because they do what’s called full essence transfer between you and them
when they do an actual psychic connection, does that make sense what i’m saying, like you’re actually getting the full
picture from their brain they’re taking everything from your brain.”
“3:07 – Explains how secret program information is compartmentalized to the extreme so that entire populations are not aware of the overall program. Cites Manhattan Project as an example.
4:10 – Memory wiping technology aka “blank slating”
5:10 – Defining key terms for people not familiar with the Secret Space Program (SSP).
Diego Garcia
Wackenhut Security is a security firm for heavy operations that most security firms cannot handle. Only used for security operations on Earth only. Kruger Mercenary Corp used only for off-planet security operations.
Formation of the early super soldier technology the Kruger Mercenary Corp (LLC).
6:00 – Mention of super soldier Tony Rodrigues.
8:25 & 48:20 – Mention of TR-3, TR-4 and TR-6 models of the TR series anti-gravity spacecraft.
10:20 – Japan’s involvement with super soldier program and establishment of Lunar Operations Command (LOC).
15:50 – Submarines used as first spacecraft, fitted with toroidal gravity-depth propulsion.
16:30 – Two reasons why only one side of the moon faces Earth.
– Natural Lagrange point keeps moon at a steady distance from Earth
– Intentionally set to rotate only once per month
17:15 – Humans occupy less than 20 acres on moon based on
Races on moon:
– Zeta reticulans.
– Draco reptilians in Jules Verne Crater rented out part of their territory to breakaway Germans who wanted to set up a base on moon. Moon Treaty with draco reptilians.
SNN Editor note: Super Soldier James Rice also mentions this treaty.
– Tall whites
– Solipsi Rae (mentioned below)
– Emerther (sp?)
18:30 – Soul trap technology. Original body cloned/copied. Copy is called a “sleeve” and is assigned a fragment of the original bod’s essence. If the sleeve dies, the essence fragment automatically undergoes “re-homing” where it returns to the original body. Soul trap alien technology can intercept the essence’s travel back “home”. Soul trap tech may have already been shut down.
Mention of Mobius group that operate soul trap tech.
22:00- Law of One. Service to others (STO) vs service to self (STS).
24:15 – 95% of ETs Johan have run into are positive.
25:10 – Explains why lower-density STS species cannot live in higher energy density areas, which is happening to earth now – “the split”.
Qualifications for abductees from earth. Metagenes.
31:50 – Use of hybrids as intercessors between ETs/elites and human population.
32:45 – How to tell whether you’re dealing with a full-blooded draco.
34:55 – Draco homeworld is “Thuben” (sp?). Draco’s old homeworld used to be earth.
36:20 … 23 to 25 feet long. Winged.
38:30 – Humanity needs to choose higher lifestyle as a unified force.
39:50 – Timeline of humanity’s future as seen by Johan at 1995. Timeline has shifted significantly since then.
45:55 – The reason why there’s hope for humanity. Humanity has become an intergalactic player. Around 2018-19 many manipulative ET programs were shut down. Humanity now has a voice.
47:10 – Human SSP military might actually has forced many manipulative ET races out of the solar system.
48:20 – Mention of TR series of spacecraft that have photo-chemical cloaking technology. TR-4 bears the name “Dart”. TR-6 bears the name “Telos”.
For more discussion on these craft, see Update on Secret Space Program TR-x “Black Triangle” Anti-Gravity Spacecraft (12-3-2020).
54:50 – Johan explains what has gone on in Dulce, New Mexico.
55:30 – Designated sections of Archway Mesa occupied by ET groups such as Reticulans and Draco doing negative research on humans.
56:05 – Mention of Mark Richards, special forces officer whose team attempted to clean out Dulce facility.
Note: Mark Richards is regularly interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.
57:30 – Tunnel system under US.
59:30 – Zeta Reticulans ingest and defecate through their skin.
1:01:15 – Positive ET group that looks much like Zeta Reticulans are the Solipsi Rae group. Humans have technology and ambassadorial exchanges with them.
1:01:55 – Manipulative Maitre ET race gave three technologies to humans:
1) Orion Cube device – allows the device operator to see the person in front of you and their soul information from the time they were created until that person meets back with their divine creator. Can manipulate people and/or entire planets.”
“2) 1:05:15 – Second device provided by Maitre is Project Looking Glass device.
Project Looking Glass device derived from Project Montauk’s “trip chair” technology. Looking Glass device considered the “safer option” to Orion’s Cube, as the Cube technology allows one to manipulate (including kill) the subjects being viewed. Project Looking Glass device apparently does not allow such manipulation.
SNN Editor note: According to Al Bielek who claims to have worked at Project Montauk, in the 1970s-80s approximately 85% of the children in the US population were abducted (usually while sleeping) and mass-programmed at Montauk and then returned several seconds later. These children may have been manipulated by Orion Cube and/or Looking Glass technology.
Layout of Area S4 (Dulce) base with Orion Cube and Looking Glass devices:

1:06:30 – “Einstein-Rosenbridge” transport pads seen at the top of the graphic allows the operator to actually step into a chosen timeline and experience/view that timeline.
1:06:57 – Many people who remember working on these projects remember the White Rabbit logo in reference to the project. MATRIX MOVIE TIE-IN: Fritz comments that the white rabbit is alluded to in the first The Matrix movie with the “follow the white rabbit” statement in the movie script, and where the girl at Neo’s door has a tattoo of a white rabbit on her shoulder. In later Matrix movies, Neo as the “chosen one” was repeatedly inserted and re-inserted into various timelines (where he sometimes fails and finally succeeds in his life task).
1:07:53: After an unwitting SSP participant is blank-slated (memory wiped) and age-regressed after completing their service with the SSP, this technology is what enables the SSP operatives to re-insert the participant back into their original timeline near the moment when they were abducted (military abduction aka MILAB).
1:08:39 – Reinserting someone as close as possible back into their original timeline immediately after their abduction reduces the “rippling effect” upon that person’s timeline. Fritz provides an example of the rippling effect and consequences if the timeline reinsertion is not performed or performed incorrectly.
SNN Editor note: This was also hinted at in the original Matrix movie, where Neo sees a black cat jumping nearby two times.
3) The third technology given by the Maitre is called “Chronovisor” (aka chrono-visor). Two of these devices were given to the Vatican.
Chronovisor device
Chronovisor is a bio-organic metal device that one views with an eye. Gives operator the ability to look forward or back on the most probable timeline based on decisions and actions taken at the current moment.
1:21:20 – Why the Vatican wanted a chronovisor. To prove whether their dogma was correct, specifically whether Christ was real and whether their dogma re Christ was correct. Vatican saw conflicting information. Maitre had manipulated the device to show the Maitre as God. Vatican did not accept this.
Pink colored house in the Vatican used as the meeting place between the Maitre and the Pope.
1:13:32 – Using the chronovisor neurologically overloads and kills the user. Vatican no longer uses the device.
1:16:15 – Initially the CIA and Vatican met the Maitre separately without the other knowing. CIA classified the Maitre as malevolent ETs.”
“Thuban (arabisch ثعبان, DMG ṯuʿbān ‚Schlange‘) ist der Eigenname des Sternes α Draconis (Alpha Draconis) im Sternbild Drache. Thuban gehört der Spektralklasse A0 an und besitzt eine scheinbare Helligkeit von 3,1 mag. Thuban ist etwa 300 Lichtjahre von der Erde entfernt.
Um 2800 v. Chr. diente Thuban als Polarstern zur Bestimmung des nördlichen Himmelpols. Da die Erdachse im Raum nicht völlig stabil ist, sondern eine langsame Kreiselbewegung (Präzession) ausführt, verschiebt sich langsam die Lage der Himmelspole. Dadurch können im Laufe der Zeit andere Sterne die Funktion des Polarsterns übernehmen. Auf diese frühere besondere Bedeutung des Sterns geht auch die Kennzeichnung Thubans als Hauptstern (d. h. Alpha) des Drachen zurück.”

“one of the things that they really want to do is they want to obscure the fact of where their money is going because if
they obscure where that money goes no one can say you did such and such and they don’t want to be held accountable
correct they do not want any sort traceability or accountability with that money which is why they hire groups like krueger to go do hit squad maneuvers on other people or
other government agencies or other outlaw agencies or even outlaw groups for example like um one of my alters worked in
and we were actually taking out russian mafia people, so this is exactly what we’re talking about there are times where these governments will use kruger assets to do these kind of jobs because their own people are not trained
enough to do it.”
“are those the ones that met with eisenhower
gave them that little future cube or
whatever it was?”
“That actually was a group that’s called the maitre – yeah – m-a-i-t-r-e and they specifically gave three technologies to humankind, the first is called orion’s cube which is the device you’re talking about the orion’s cube device essentially when you twist that orion’s cube device um what it looks like is it gives you the ability to the person staying in front of you you can see what they look like
soul-wise and every incarnation from the time they were created until the time they actually meet back with their divine creator, every single lifetime, now you can use that device to actually manipulate that stuff and you can also manipulate groups of people and or planets, when you look at the picture and actually i might even have one here give
me a screenshot please yeah um look here real quick um
we have a picture of that I’m pretty sure I do somewhere
um okay here we go…one is called project looking glass the
other is called the orion´s cube the project orion’s cube, okay, so these two technologies essentially deal with time.”

“oh sh*t..that’s deep.”
“reference they’re talking about here is the fact that for those of us that have been the programs when i saw that reference i’m like that can’t be the same thing
and it actually is because what’s happening is
neo is actually manipulating the highest probable timeline by
changing and doing certain things as the quote unquote chosen one right so this is the actual hardcore technology that actually does that timeline manipulation or being able to jump into a probable timeline.”
“#Photo-Chemical” Cloaking”

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