Ukrainian forces using German DM-type directional mine to destroy Russian infantry
“Ukrainian forces using German DM-type directional mine to destroy Russian infantry”
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This is a German DM-type directional mine. Its very recognizeable on the orange signature in the smoketrail.”
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Not a stugna but a german build mine.”
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Using an anti-tank weapon on a group of orcs….christ on a bike. I’m always amazed to see Russian soldiers wandering around seemingly unaffected by seeing their comrades get turned to mush by a missile….perhaps they are just drunk….there is no reaction what-so-ever….it’s like they are out for a Sunday stroll.”
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The PARM 1 (DM-12) and PARM 2 (DM-22) are German off-route mines that fire small fin stabilized rockets. The video above is like from the manufacturers demo.”

” How the PARM 1 and PARM 2 anti-tank Mines Work
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PARM 1 and PARM 2 DM-12 anti-tank mines are in use with Ukraine. How do they work?”

“German DM22 Directional Anti-Tank Mines In Ukraine
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German DM-22 ‘directional anti-tank mine’ have turned up in Ukraine in recent weeks. In this video we look at what these unusual weapons are, how they work and where they have been seen in the field.”

“This is the moment a group of Russian soldiers are blown to bits by Ukrainians using an insane “death ray” weapon.
In the video, a group of.. Putin´s soldiers are seen wandering through a field littered with detonated mines.”


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