Youtube – they take all the money – they are f*ck**g Criminals – come on – Hansen – No more Videos

“Youtube – they take all the money – they are f*ck**g Criminals – come on – Hansen – No more Videos”
“23.800 Aufrufe vor 3 Wochen gestreamt #vikings #bjornandreasbullhansen #viking”

“So, if I make a video where I talk about things happening in the world people care about that, but then I have to..
fight against YouTube. I might get 50,000 or 100,000 views and YouTube um will then demonetize the video after some days and that means that they still put ads on the video but they take all of the money…they’re f*ck**g criminals. I mean, it’s a big scam..come on,.. listen I’m a professional person, okay, and that is the main reason why I can’t keep this this because you know I deal with big corporations companies as an novel list I go into boardrooms and I have meetings and I review contracts, written agreements and this and that…anything like YouTube´s ..” (CIA-NSA-DOD-ARPA-ZIONs BEHAVIOR)” Behavior it would wouldn’t fly, it’s laughable, if anyone tried to operate in the publishing business like that they would be they would be gone.. and sued and they would lose in court, okay, so um that’s the problem YouTube is the problem–and it has got to the point now you know and this has been going on for for many years the shadow Banning I can tell when a video is Shadow ban you know come on I’m not stupid …when the the it’s natural that it gets less views but when it suddenly drops like down like goes like this and then drops which happens to most of my videos … come on I know what’s going on..”

“YouTube, everything they’re saying it’s like insulting my intelligence..”

“Most people are not interested… I don´t have to video my life, I´m not an attention whore like so many of the video creators on YouTube. I don´t need that.”

“Youtube – Simpletons from California.”

“Andrew Brown:
20,00 $
We all need to make money. I support you doing what you need to do to get paid. No one should feel pressured to work for free and not everything can be a “labour of love” where you don´t get paid and are actively marginalized”

Conspiracy Revelation: 4.12.2023: Too late, you all work for free (digitally enslaved in their digital corporate monopolistic communazio gulag) and you must even if you want to combat this criminals totalitarian structure and bring it down, it is called Karma Yoga or Conspiracy Revelation.

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