Scariest thing that can possibly happen to a Human
“Scariest thing that can possibly happen to a Human”
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Have you ever heard of darkness torture and… silence torture? Combined in one, it was used in ancient Rome at the Tullianum prison. Criminals were placed in tightly locked cells with an air vent. Food was brought down from a dark hall on the top and in a way that not a single light beam penetrated the room. Guards entered this part of the building barefooted, not to break absolute silence. Moreover, they couldn’t speak to the prisoners. A few months later, the inmate was taken out, and that was an exhausted, toothless, often blind, and demented person. As a result of malnutrition, they developed scurvy – a disease that makes connective tissue lose its strength and teeth fall out while the ill person feels excruciating joint pain. And now imagine that such imprisonment lasts not several months but twenty-five years.”

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