Conspiracy Revelation: 7.2.2024: Neurowar that they created, Hegel Dialectic, they create the problem in the first place… all this nonsense is a waste of precious time and blocks people from being creative, Mil-Govs are a Virus that nobody needs.
“A.I. Mind Control:
No need for whistleblowers. U.S. Military/Intelligence tells you everything you need to know if you know where to look!
[U.S. Navy Document]🔗->”

“Approved for public release. Distribution is unlimited.
Joshua D. Gramm
Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force
BS, Air Force Academy, 2007
MPP, Harvard University, 2009
Brian A. Branagan
Major, United States Air Force
BA, George Mason University, 2008
MA, Norwich University, 2011
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the
requirements for the degree of
from the
December 2021”

Mysterious attacks on the human brain have begun plaguing U.S. diplomats and
officials with increasing frequency, ranging from overseas diplomatic outposts to right
here in the United States. Known in the media as Havana Syndrome, these attacks appear
to be signaling a new form of warfare—one that is focused on enhancing, targeting, and
weaponizing the human brain—neurowarfare. Indeed, the human brain is at the center of
a biotechnological revolution currently underway. At the same time, great power
competition has returned to the forefront of international relations, as China and Russia
seek to contest America’s global leadership. In an increasingly globalized and
interconnected world, this contest is ultimately a battle of ideas and influence, with more
value placed on information and non-lethal means to manipulate and control both
adversaries and domestic populations alike. The battle for influence begins and ends in
the human mind, where reality is perceived. The implications of these developments
point to both a new form and domain of warfare centering on the human brain. By
highlighting recent attacks targeting the brain and revealing research from the United
States and its two main competitors—China and Russia—this thesis seeks to argue that
neurowar is not just coming, but rather is already here and is likely to fundamentally alter
conflict and warfare.”


“Just atoms vibing.🎼🎶🔄❇️♊️
Wanting chaos is not the only reason they let criminals out of prison. Once they see that you can’t defend yourself from these criminals and call on the police to help you, they know you are an easy target. Perfect for them to prey on.”

CT2WS = Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System
UBI = unconventionally acquired brain injury
AHI = anomalous health incident”

“The authors argue that neurowar is..already here, and it plays a crucial part in the context of Great Power Competition (GPC). Indeed, GPC is ultimately a contest for access and influence among states throughout the globe, and neurowarfare is another tool akin to a gray zone activity that can be used to increase a state’s influence in a highly competitive security environment.
Not only is the U.S. government, and specifically the national security community,
investing heavily in neuroscience and neurotechnology—neuro S&T—but so is its largest
competitors: China and Russia. Both states either have or are ctively developing
neuroweapons, as well as the requisite concepts of operations on how best to employ them.
It is also likely that one or both states has already employed neuroweapons. China and
Russia clearly believe in the importance of this new technology and see the military and
strategic potential it offers.
Furthermore, from a strategic standpoint, the instruments, tools, and impacts
necessary for neurowar are increasingly similar to the same tools needed for political
power, thus increasing the likelihood of their continued development, employment, and
implementation. As the cost of both preparing for and waging conventional war increases
in an era of globalization defined by economic, social, and cultural interdependencies, the
primary method of aggression and destabilization has shifted from pursuing physical
destruction and violence to influencing and controlling large populations.”

“In light of these developments, the authors recommend the U.S. national security
community should increase awareness of neurowarfare and its impending dangers and
impacts on its personnel. The United States also needs to decide whether it should pursue
neuro S&T that could be used to degrade an adversary—technologies Russia and China
are developing in earnest. The Intelligence Community, specifically, has a key role in
monitoring the development of neurotechnologies and the potential development and
employment of neuroweapons…”

“Symptoms included headaches, dizziness, fatigue,
nausea, anxiety, vertigo, memory loss, and other cognitive difficulties. All reported feeling
waves of pressure in their heads, ranging from a dull discomfort to immediately
overwhelming. Many stated that simply moving from one room to another alleviated
These incidents were not limited to government officials; even children and pets
displayed peculiar and troubling behaviors. However, many of the individuals affected did
not immediately discuss their private health concerns..”

“…there has been increased concern that these symptoms were caused by a type of neuroweapon—specifically, a directed energy weapon (DEW)—aimed at impairing the target’s brain…”

“The USSOCOM has defined these cluster of symptoms without a traumatic incident or known etiology as “unconventionally acquired brain injury” (UBI), and more recently, the Secretary of Defense’s (SecDef) September” 2021 memo termed them “Anomalous Health Incidents” (AHI).7 The most common symptoms of AHIs are “the sudden onset of a perceived loud sound, sometimes described as screeching, chirping, clicking, or piercing, a sensation of intense pressure or vibration in the head, and pain in the ear or more diffusely in the head.” Patients had acute
symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, impaired balance, headache, and impaired concentration,
but many symptoms became chronic years after initial onset. The directional and location-
specific details in the patients’ histories are unusual and “unlike any disorder reported in
the neurological or general medical literature,” providing the basis for increased suspicions
of DEWs. These incidents lead to many questions about their origin and how to
characterize these types of attacks.”

“Of course, this is an alarming experience for targets. To use a metaphor, not only are fully-functioning individual chess pieces being surgically and systematically removed from the chessboard at great detriment to their long-term health, but operational-level neuro-technological tactics are having strategic effects. First, these individuals have decades of institutional knowledge and operational experience that cannot be quickly or easily replaced, causing instability and discontinuity in their organizations. There is both a finite number of experts willing and able to replace those impacted.”

“Furthermore, some families have been impacted, which can serve as a deterrent for anyone
not wanting to replace a targeted individual in their job by putting either themselves or
their families at risk.”

“This paper is purposely written at the unclassified level in order to inform and bring
awareness to military and government officials who may not have access to classified
information on the matter but are nonetheless operating in this environment, both as
potential targets, but more importantly as stakeholders. The authors of this work, although
associated with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), do not hold nor cannot access any
secret knowledge to inform conclusions or opinions. All information contained in this thesis
is sourced from the public domain.”

“To date, neuroweapon attacks against American officials, although incredibly
damaging for individuals, have been conducted in a non-lethal capacity. Due to the
uncertainty surrounding causes and issues of attribution, these attacks have not elevated to
a level of aggression that has impelled an international response. However, the fire has
been lit. The development and employment of neuroweapons is leading to an era of
neurowarfare, which the authors contend is not just a new form of warfare, but is a new
domain of warfare.18 Perhaps it is the last and most important domain because it is the
centerpiece of human cognition and serves as the foundation for all other domains of warfare. Neurowarfare has the capacity to fundamentally alter conflict for the rest of human
history. The technology, organizational capacity, potential, implications, and resultant
stakes are significant. The evidence we present in this thesis suggests that the first country
to develop, refine, and implement this form of warfare will likely have the capacity to
dominate the world stage.
…and information systems associated with neurowarfare in a comprehensive design may become
the most powerful country in the history of the planet due to the centrality of the human

“..and sounds the alarm on how few people are talking about this, both from a practical and ethical standpoint. He introduces topics such as connecting the brain with machines, reading the brain, and manipulating the brain, for both enhancement and degradation purposes. In essence, he
served as a trailblazer to awaken the public to neuro S&T applications
“Dr. James Giordano, a Georgetown University neuroscientist and neuroethicist, is
considered by many to be the leading scholar and public speaker on neuro applications for
national security. He’s spoken on neuroscience in many forums including universities,
think tanks, military schools, national laboratories, policymakers, and even to USSOCOM.
A simple search of his name on YouTube unveils dozens of speeches he’s given on this
topic and reveals the depth of his thinking in this discipline. Along with numerous scholarly
articles, he edited a 2-part book series titled Advances in Neurotechnology, bringing in
leading scientists to discuss the potential and implications, which included a 2012 book
titled Neurotechnology: Premises, Potential, and Problems that discusses the larger
technical, ethical, legal, and cultural issues from neuro S&T,21 and a 2014 book titled
Neurotechnology in National Security and Defense: Practical Considerations,
Neuroethical Concerns that focuses specifically on military and law enforcement issues
and applications.22 Both are great resources for a deeper understanding of the science and
the impacts of neuro S&T on national security.
Finally, the most recent book to dive into neuro S&T from a military perspective
came in 2017 from Dr. Armin Krishnan, a Security Studies professor from East Carolina
University, titled Military Neuroscience and the Coming Age of Neurowarfare.

and also begins to scratch at the larger strategic implications of the impending
neurowarfare, arguing that nonlethal strategies will grow in importance during the 21st
century as mind manipulation becomes increasingly powerful and prevalent, a position the
authors of this paper agree with.”

The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10,000
other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in
the known universe. (Dr. Michio Kaku)(theoretical physicist and bestselling author)(2014)”

“EARLY U.S. GOVERNMENT EFFORTS: Richard Condon’s novel The Manchurian Candidate, written in 1959 during the height of suspicion about communist totalitarianism and subversion and later made into a major motion picture, describes a group of American military members who were
kidnapped and brainwashed during the Korean War..”

In general, there is a history of governments attempting to use neuroscience to gain
a competitive advantage against adversaries.
We highlight a few notable examples, but our
discussion is far from exhaustive. One of the most famous incidents in the United States
occurred during the height of the Cold War in the 1950s and ‘60s called “Project MKUltra,”
in which the CIA conducted human experiments in the hopes of exploiting mind control
through hypnosis, electro-shock, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse,
torture, and experimental drugs, including LSD, among other techniques.44 Although
many documents were destroyed about the highly-classified program, as recently as
December 2018 the U.S. government was still declassifying and releasing new information
about the program. John Marks wrote a comprehensive account in his book titled, The
Search for the “Manchurian Candidate”: The CIA and Mind Control: The Secret History
of the Behavioral Sciences, which used primary sources to uncover many of the
operational-level details. Over 80 institutions were involved in experiments, ranging
from universities, hospitals, prisons, pharmaceutical companies, and other front
organizations, often on unwitting subjects
. Of course, this program was largely a
response to overblown fears of Soviet and Chinese Communist thought-control, otherwise
known as brainwashing, similar to what Condon conceived in The Manchurian Candidate.”

“The European Union (EU) has devoted $1.34 billion for its decade-long endeavor called the Human Brain Project (HBP).55 Additionally, Japan’s national project, called Brain Mapping by Integrated Neurotechnologies for Disease Studies (Brain/MINDS), is a similar effort to coordinate research. Why the push? Besides furthering human development, there is a lot of money to be made.”

“This neuro S&T R&D funding has seeped into the national security arena for
national security purposes
(false claim, an old NAZI-STASI-Experimentation Gaslighting Term, remark from Conspiracy Revelation), with DARPA leading efforts as the pathfinder organization for the DOD.
The largest investor and supporter of the BRAIN initiative inside the DOD is
DARPA. Created in 1958 as the DOD’s foremost research and development
organization, DARPA is charged with creating breakthrough technologies and capabilities.”
This appendix is intended to further document and support the claim that the United
States is investing and progressing in neuro S&T for national security purposes within the
U.S. DOD. It discusses research organizations within the DOD that are pushing the
boundaries of neuro S&T research, including DARPA, IARPA, the Military Services, and
USSOCOM. It will be demonstrated that the DOD is heavily invested in neuro S&T and
has many organizations that are actively working on performance enhancement programs.
While there is also some limited development of DEWs, their stated purposes are not
directly associated with neuro effects.
As mentioned in Chapter II, neuro S&T can be categorized as either performance
enhancement or performance degradation. Within performance enhancement, there are
three different categories—neuropharmacology, brain stimulation, and BCI. Based on
available information, DARPA is not involved in neuropharmacology, so all of their
programs falls into either brain stimulation or BCI, although many programs blur the lines
and use multiple techniques. The following are a representative sample of DARPA’s work:
• CT2WS, or Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System, is a BCI
designed to be a soldier-portable visual threat warning device, integrating
cameras with AI and operator brain signals to more accurately identify
threats while reducing the cognitive workload on soldiers.304
• ElectRx, or Electrical Prescriptions program, is seeking to use brain
stimulation mechanisms and BCI “to deliver non-pharmacological
treatments for pain, general inflammation, post-traumatic stress, severe
anxiety, and trauma that employ precise, closed-loop, non-invasive
modulation of the patient’s peripheral nervous system.”305
• HAPTIX, or the Hand Prioprioception and Touch Interfaces program, “is
pursuing key technologies to enable precision control of and sensory
feedback from sensor-equipped upper-limb prosthetic devices.”306
• NSIA, or Neural Signal Interfaces and Applications, program “is
developing non-invasive neurotechnologies able to interface with the
nervous system with high resolution and precision without surgery…[to]
facilitate standard human-machine interfaces for improved workload
balance between man and machine.”
• NESD, or the Neural Engineering System Design program, seeks to
develop “advanced neural interfaces that provide high signal resolution,
speed, and volume data transfer between the brain and electronics, serving
as a translator for the electrochemical language used by neurons in the
brain and the ones and zeros that constitute the language of information
• Neuro-FAST, or Neuro-Function, Activity, Structure, and Technology,
program “seeks to open new pathways for understanding and treating
brain injury, enable unprecedented visualization and decoding of brain
activity, and build sophisticated tools for communicating with the
N3, or Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology, program “aims to
develop high-performance, bi-directional brain-machine interfaces for
able-bodied service members…
for diverse national security applications
such as control of unmanned aerial vehicles and active cyber defense
systems or teaming with computer systems to successfully multitask
during complex military missions.”
• RAM, or Restoring Active Memory, program “aims to mitigate the effects
of TBI in military service members by developing a wireless, fully
implantable neural interface to facilitate memory formation and recall in
the injured brain.”
• SUBNETS, or Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies,
program is using brain implants and stimulation technologies to treat
neuropsychiatric illnesses in military members.
• TNT, or Targeted Neuroplasticity Training, program “supports improved,
accelerated training of military personnel in multifaceted and complex
tasks…[by] us[ing] non-invasive neurotechnology in combination with
training to boost the neurochemical signaling in the brain that mediates
neural plasticity and facilitates long-term retention of new cognitive skills.
If successful, TNT technology would apply to a wide range of defense-
relevant needs, including foreign language training, marksmanship,
cryptography, target discrimination, and intelligence analysis, improving
outcomes while reducing the cost and duration of the Defense
Department’s extensive training regimen.”
IARPA, or the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, is a similar
organization established in 2006 within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence
(ODNI) responsible for investing “in high-risk, high-payoff research programs to tackle
some of the most difficult challenges” for the IC.314 IARPA does not have an operational
mission, but rather funds and facilitates academic and industry research across a range of
technical areas relevant to the IC, and neuroscience is among its endeavors.315
The organization has several neuro S&T programs currently underway, realizing
the potential return on investment for the IC.
• ICArUS, or Integrated Cognitive-Neuroscience Architectures for
Understanding Sensemaking, program is attempting “to understand and
model how humans engage in the sensemaking process, both during
optimal and suboptimal performance.”316
• KRNS, or Knowledge Representation in Neural Systems, program is
seeking “to develop and rigorously evaluate theories that explain how the
human brain represents conceptual knowledge.””

“U.S. Marine Corp (USMC)
The Joint Intermediate Force Capabilities Office (JIFCO), which officially falls under
the DOD Non-Lethal Weapons Program (NLWP) and reports to the Commandant of the
Marine Corps, has a goal to facilitate non-lethal weapons (NLW) development and
coordinate/integrate across the Services. Many of the NLWs use DE in various forms and
functions, which can have damaging effects on the brain. NLWs are relevant across the
competition continuum and across all phases of warfare due to their ability to produce relevant
effects without destruction of infrastructure or undesired casualties, which causes problems
in the information space due to negative public opinion both within the immediate area and
across the international community. Numerous NLWs exist on land, at sea, and in the air,
and could serve as the architecture for neuro-based effects. There are many operational
vignettes that demonstrate their utility to current and future military operations.
5. U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)
USSOCOM has been and will continue to be on the leading edge of neuro S&T
research, especially for cognitive enhancement. In 2013, USSOCOM sought to establish a
Center of Excellence in Operational Neuroscience through a partnership at Yale University
with a goal to use neuroscience to provide a tactical advantage to military members in the
field. However, it was cancelled before even starting after outcry due to ethical concerns
of militarizing neuroscience research.

In 2016, when then-SecDef Ash Carter gave a speech opening up the Defense
Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) in Cambridge, he highlighted a partnership with a
neuro S&T company called Halo Neuroscience..”

“The same advancements that add value for cognitive enhancement also pose risks
when used for cognitive degradation. USSOCOM is leading the DOD in seeking answers to
many of the questions brought on by neuroweapons and the weaponization of neuroscience.
The Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) put out a call for research in 2020 under the
‘Innovation for Future Threats’ topic area to discuss the potential implications of
neuroweapons on the force, including the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology
available to adversaries, the risk posed to SOF, and improving detection and mitigation of
neuro threats.356 Clearly, USSOCOM is taking the future of neurowarfare very seriously.”

“HEO = “The Hyper-Enabled Operator,” Small Wars Journal, June 6, 2019,

This appendix highlighted recent progress by U.S. national security organizations in
delivering the first iteration of neuro S&T programs. Based on the wide-ranging and cutting-
edge work that many important institutions are doing in neuro S&T, including government
agencies, DARPA, IARPA, the Military Services, and USSOCOM, it should be clear from
the discussion that future technological breakthroughs may revolutionize and alter human
society, human consciousness, and war, even leading to a new domain of warfare.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 7.2.2024: Don´t forget your origins U.S. … you assaulted your own people, similar to Israel who are always keen on torturing or killing their own Messiahs. How deluded, confused, mind-controlled, parasitized, brainwashed, paranoid, distorted in perception and insane one must be to assault their own liberators…

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