The Targeting Networks…

“The Targeting Networks…”

“Targeting networks are fundamental in targeting an individual on many levels. From the smallest Serval network gangstalkers, prisons and local police to the government Serval Network with military operations, medical research and university research. This involves human experimentation along with torture from Satellites, drones and microwaves using cellphone towers and 5G networks. These networks function on different frequencies from one another.”
“These data satellites communicate with ground bases, military, research, and medical.

The newer non military microwave networks also operate on the cloud. The newer networks are working on the Cillium cloud platform which is a converted platform from RF to microwave.”

“One of the newest networks is the Microsoft mesh Network. This network is set to replace some of the older rf networks and allows gangstalking to operate on a global level. This has moved gangstalking from the rf networks to the new microwave networks. Microsoft has found themselves in a bind with the US government because of the secret programs run the US government and their subcontractors. There is a lot of criminal activity in these secret programs that Microsoft would like to flush out. The US government is probably going to lose their contract with Microsoft over illegal targeting programs run out of the US government and their often foreign subcontractors.”

“More gangstalker software is being produced to not only track citizens, but help spy on them in their homes and at their workplace. This app is called Fusus. What it does is it accesses cameras everywhere for real time monitoring. Any policeman can get hold of this app. Anyone who knows a policeman can gain access. You can request a demo and try it out. This software works on the US government networks in conjunction with the Serval network.”

“COVID vaccines contain nano and graphene. Together, they act as a receiver into the government networks. Persons who have received the vaccine can now not only be tracked, but they can be placed into the the systems backed by mesh networks such as Serval.

They don’t necessarily need COVID to remotely target you with electromagnetic weapons and ward you via targets into the network. The vaccine simply facilitates adding you into the network. Gene editing…”


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