SabrinaSays #Psinergy #Biofield #WBAN – 2.2.2024

“Friday coffee.
February 2, 2024
#SabrinaSays #Psinergy #Biofield #WBAN”

“BioNano Internet of Things that has mandates from the FCC and the FDA..”They” are load-balancing bodies for transfection.”

“These Nano-Intracellular Networks are heavily monitored and controlled for 20 years… their ass has been tethered to the cloud 1995.”

“BadBAN” = Biofield Analysis Device – Body Area Network – “So now they are really knowing what´s going through you because they have been watching it even more closely everytime you take this Product and you put this wearable on.”

“Full disclosure Folks of how these things work.”

“I said: Those hertz hurt. The Wireless Sensor Networks – Your digital twin (Your Digi Twin) – pertubates you by subtle electrocution under the skin – 802.15.4/5/6 – to get you back to where they want you for their DNA-Sequencing of events, people and population. Without discussing these f*cking Jobs we are all dead, no matter what. There is no magic nano-pill. There is no magic pill.”

“But we need a Solution.”

“When I explain the Nanonetworks…tell Humans what you did to them…
Stop telling them: “I am the one that knows, give me money.” … stop telling them:..
“Some Magic Pills, some Magic Wearables, some magic App, start telling them you have a bodypart that is missing from education for 150 years, so that they can log in to your phone with a bone. This is not a religious issue, this is business.”

“The Nano will still be in their Tissue.”

“Stop listening to Frauds, people like CoIntel, people that you damn well know are protecting sensor hunters. When they tell you they don´t know what a biosensor is, stop listening to them, they are lying.”

“Intrarouting networks.”

“Backend of their Labs (Biolabs)…how they are tethered to the backend for the Eye in the Sky.”

“National Institute of Health is a Bodypart.”

“Machine Learning”
“The Wearables communicate with Intracellular Nanonetworking on larger Databases for Macro Genomics,
which is your NSF, NIH, NASA,..”
“All those Signals start pinging you, your Blood and Tissue.”
“In your 15 Minute Cities – Energy Harvesting – WBAN”
“You are not going to like what I say. Tell the Truth about Human Anatomy..Handed to our Youth, Play Humans like SIMS and pretend you are God, because you are the one sending a stroke, a heart attack, cancer, whatever, into other Humans, it is your mf Job…
That is a Medical Body Area Network (MBAN) mandated with a Megahertz on it…at that particular Mhz… we then translate the Data: Digital to Biological – Biological to Digital.”
“DOE (Department of Energy) (Energieministerium) controlling all the air molecules, the doppler (RADAR) used to be a spread spectrum, now she is a pulse…in my House on my skin and bone, cognitive BAN, cognitive Cities, your red blood cells are going to make the DATA report.”

“Using the same Nanonetworks for wireless tissue scaffolding, healing themselves and then you will have your Alien Lovers, they are going to jump righ in into those Terrahertz MedBeds.
They have heard about MedBeds, they think it is the best thing.
It´s Elysium Time.
Is your genetics valuable enough to heal you? Well. Maybe.
Are you a valued chain-partner.
No one is going to care about your Opinion, who you are f*cking…nobody cares.
What are your Genetics? Do you have clean blood?”

“You got to go to school at some fancy place where it is private or corporate private or military private, whatever, so you have access to the Intracellular Nanonetwork Equipment for the Global Information Grid which is an optogenetic Network, which means Photons and Light for 20 years, Nano.Gov…You are so magical, no you are an a-hole. I have a 19 and a 20 years old. You are 22 hitting buttons. My children want nothing to do with any of this.”

“Super Soldier Black Swan IITSec.”

“The NSA and all this BS. Oh the young nerds, they want to do something different.”
“Like kill everybody quicker, so that you can get your property..
If our citizenry is lips glued shut, Matrix-Style, about their “Jobs”.”

“There is degrees in WBANs, phds,´s an internet of bodies…”
“How do Rand, Boeing and Raytheon are doing their Money? I have no idea, what is a Biosensor.”

“It is called Electronic Warfare.”

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