X-Stream of the Day – 14.4.2024

X-Stream of the Day – 14.4.2024

“Wide Awake Media
Former intelligence officer and author of ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, William Cooper, speaking in 1992:

“Israel was created as the instrument to bring about… a war that will be so terrible, where nuclear weapons will be used, so that [people] will get down on their knees and beg for no more war.”

“And what is the answer to that? They’re going to be told the only way we can guarantee no more war is if we destroy the sovereignty of nations, and we come together as one humanity in a one world government.”

“Dawn of a new paradigm of augmenting humans of mavenlavender ai “KILLBOX”.”

“It´s Domestic Terrorism – that is probably why you don´t know about it.”

“Israeli A.I. – logging into you – Medical Body Area Network in 2014 – Connected to the Cloud since 1995.”

“Don´t say anything, well, that is not love. People who say don´t tell about BAN – Body Area Network, well, that´s very bad.”

“Please update your Brain— dont´ deny Biomedical Telemetry.”

“That is what Project Maven is about.”

Ingmar Veeck
Started in the 90s and never stopped, all foreign (USA plus Russia mainly) NWO Politicians are involved in synthetic dream infusions.
Synthetic Nightmares or Artificial Dreams:
I would like to start a post about the modern military defense technology currently in use against innocent civilians. In this case, I am referring to advanced computerized technology that produces synthetic nightmares, artificial.

Ingmar Veeck
“WEFISGUILTYOFGENOCIDE hat repostet ANTlWEF BREAKING: Klaus Schwab is in hospital.”

They won´t even see their World suppressing Totalitarian Digital Dictatorship Ideology come to fruition that they forced so mercilessly on unwitting civilians… they used up all their ressources including their Lifetime to bring a Dystopian Insanity to the Mother Earth, they don´t even know the rules of this Universe….foolish maniacs.



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“Du hast repostet
13. Apr.
All The Fraud C.I.A. Doctors Are Ignoring It!

802.15.6 Working Group IEEE
NNI http://nano.gov

Du hast repostet
Barely Bruised Books
11. Apr.
CRISPR used to build dual-core computers inside human cells
The human biocomputer is real.
CRISPR has been used to insert biological computer processors into human cells.”

“Du hast repostet
Cymatic Joule
12. Apr.
Antwort an
🤢🤮🤢 The trajectory of technology is no accident indeed, though Science and Academia will have you believe that many of the discoveries that ‘led’ to this tech was accidental.”


CRISPR used to build dual-core computers inside human cells.
April 17, 2019 ”

CRISPR has been used to insert biological computer processors into human cells
Colourbox/Steven Emmett, ETH Zurich
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The CRISPR gene-editing system is usually known for helping scientists treat genetic diseases, but the technology has a whole range of possible uses in synthetic biology too. Now researchers at ETH Zurich have used CRISPR to build functional biocomputers inside human cells.

As powerful as modern computers are, nature bested us long ago. Living organisms could be thought of as computers already – their cells act like logic gates, taking input from the outside world, processing it and responding with certain metabolic processes.

“The human body itself is a large computer,” says Martin Fussenegger, lead researcher of the study. “Its metabolism has drawn on the computing power of trillions of cells since time immemorial. And in contrast to a technical supercomputer, this large computer needs just a slice of bread for energy.”

Tapping into these natural processes to build logic circuits is a key goal of synthetic biology. In this case, the ETH Zurich team found a way to slot dual-core processors into human cells by first modifying the CRISPR gene-editing tool. Normally, this system uses guide RNA sequences to target specific DNA segments in the genome, then make precise edits. For this project though, the team created a special version of the Cas9 enzyme that can act as a processor.

This special Cas9 instead reads guide RNA as inputs, and in response expresses particular genes. That in turn creates certain proteins as the output. These processors act like digital half adders – essentially, they can compare two inputs or add two binary numbers, and deliver two outputs. To boost the computing power, the researchers managed to squeeze two processor cores into one cell.

In the long run, these dual-core cell computers could be stacked up by the billion to make powerful biocomputers for diagnosing and treating disease. For example, the team says they could look for biomarkers and respond by creating different therapeutic molecules, depending on whether one, the other or both biomarkers are present.

“Imagine a microtissue with billions of cells, each equipped with its own dual-core processor,” says Fussenegger. “Such ‘computational organs’ could theoretically attain computing power that far outstrips that of a digital supercomputer – and using just a fraction of the energy.”

The research was published in the journal PNAS.

Source: ETH Zurich”

Ingmar Veeck
12. Apr.
It comes to light… the follower numbers are all fake, 90% bots on large accounts…or gov sockpuppets.
12. Apr.
It was a reserve account, I’ve been posting about Targeted Individuals since 2018 on Twitter, I lost an account with 10 thousand followers, unfortunately censorship and people who don’t want this valuable information to come to light.

Ingmar Veeck
The head of ‘ethics’ for the darpa BRAIN initiative A.K.A. DARPA N3 Is a F*cking Psychopath! HDIAC Podcast: Neurocognitive Enhancement – Part 1-2 2020”
They all are..guess why KALKI is back…

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