‘The West is at war with Russia’ | Garry Kasparov


“‘The West is at war with Russia’ | Garry Kasparov”
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“War Crimes on in industrial scale.”
Times Radio
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Speaking to Aasmah Mir on Times Radio Breakfast, Russian chess grandmaster & dissident Garry Kasparov said that the war in Ukraine will go worse and that the West is at war with Russia.

“After Putin failed to win the war in two or three days as he planned, so he shifted to the strategy he knew best so destroying the country, levelling the cities, and spreading his campaign of terror,” he said.

He added: “The question now that remains open, at what point NATO and America that is a leading force in NATO, will recognise the simple fact we are at war with Russia, whether we like it or not, and this war has been declared on us by Putin.

“We’re fighting a war by other means. economic, political, technological, but it’s a war and Putin kept repeating: it’s not just the war on Ukraine, it’s war against NATO, it’s a war to redesign the world in his vision, which is, you know, back to medieval times.”

“It’s not just a war on Ukraine, it’s a war against NATO, it’s a war to redesign the world in his vision which is .. going back to medieval times.”

“He cannot keep the country under control, but he will turn it in into a
desert and he will continue his assault, he will be testing on nato
territories and right now we can interfere while ukrainian army is still fighting
and with with air support the can inflict the size of damage to putin’s
military machine, this is the war that has no tie,
this is not a game of chess it’s either we win or putin wins.”

“Many soldiers, some of them are actually chess players, fighting on the ground.”

“In this war we cannot have a tie, there’s no return to status quo, ..Putin is a
is a war criminal and his regime must go, because as long as he stays in Kremlin
there will be no peace.”

“The russian propaganda doesn’t care about reality, it’s all about the images that they want to pretend..just to be reality.”

“Putin’s dictatorship is not ideological, this is not Hitler or Stalin. There are
no fanatics who are willing to die, it’s mafia, mafia state and it’s all based on simple principle, loyalty in exchange for benefits and if there is no money to pay for police,
security apparatus propaganda, I don’t think they will be doing Putin’s bidding anymore…
I would give two to three months before the situation will will uh uh go out of
control for Putin.”

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