“Now what is really happening here..InfraGuard..is a modern-day secret police force made of ordinary citizens who have been coerced and into spying and informing on their fellow us citizens, it is nothing less than u.s. fascism and has been growing by leaps and bounds every day. The InfraGuard is a volunteer organization…
Such questions as: Do you have any students there..that have any unusual behavior and of course he knows your law enforcement he could possibly have one put on a the score list, anyone with a strong connection in law enforcement has the power to submit someones name and possibly be put on a target list, after all law enforcement organizes neighborhood watch As you can see..from these different agencies, 3rd parties and private
organizations and once the target list is formed, they can start using paid informants volunteers informers. DEA has a large number or a large network of informants as well and what these organizations are told is that these targeted individuals are people of interest and that they are involved in some criminal activity. Now what angle these law enforcement agencies can use is, they can go to corporations and universities and
offer them something that is called protection for information. What they can is say if you can give us a list of people you don’t like or people they think can may be a problem in your organization or people that you may suspect of some illegal activity, we can provide in exchange for this list protection for you, your staff and your families, we can make sure that no harm comes to you or your families..these people of interest. Now let´s talk about the harassment..their results from this post 2000 (Google says post 2012) CoIntelPro-Program. Once again this harassment..is a CoIntelPro attack of harassment and much more powerful and intense due to he whole of new technology and  electronic harassment…electronic chips increased the pressure as well and the main goals for these perpetrators is force the targeted individual to commit suicide, become an active shooter…many target individuals commit suicide. Some targeted individuals react differently to all the harassment from the harassment of light and sound. They use tactics or combined with noise campaign’s, sleep deprivation and holo-harassment.
The results can turn out quite deadly for the targeted individual.. in the eyes of these people many people will fall down and will not survive this process and you can look at the statistics, suicide has doubled or tripled in the last 10 years, depending on what area you are living. The number of active shooters has doubled over the past 7 years…in a public place and police officers told lies about targeted individuals to be actively ready to shoot and kill targeted individuals. Once again the goal here is to force the target individual into a violent act, whether it will be murder or suicide under conditions which can plausibly be denied by the government and this all goes back to this disposition matrix.
It´s not foreign citizens anymore it’s being used on the U.S. Citizens. In the past 15 years we have seen the trend switch from where targets have moved from criminals to innocent citizens and let me re-emphasize the government will actively deny any involvement with any CoIntelPro type of operations or any kind of related technologies while they actually perpetrated and protect those who perpetrated.”
“Ted Gunderson is a hero and his testimony stating COINTELPRO never ended cost him his life. There is overwhelming evidence the InfraGard is the new and improved COINTELPRO.”
“InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and the private sector. It is an association of
persons who represent businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the U.S.”

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  1. aaron sagt:

    Keep exposing this genocide. I’ve been targeted for almost 10 years now. Most people won’t explain why they’ve been target because government runs the online conversation about targeted individuals to discredit them. I’m targeted for doing the government’s job for them. (preventing an overthrow of the government)
    Read Enemy of the State DOT com

    • Tatiana sagt:

      I am targeted because i was turned over by my adult sibling abuser when i was 21. I was depressed after recovering from her abuse especislly and familial abuse in general. Cornell Weill New York Hodpital Westchester medical center puy me on this list but they could not have done it without mh pedophile sister who veat, psychologically terrorized and sexually abused me. She now works for them.she gets psid. They pay psychopaths to harm abused people.

      • Tatiana sagt:

        I am nowc52 th3 day after my birthday in january the abuse became overt gang stslkinv harassment. They want the medicare paymsnt the goal is to vommit ne. After 34 yearz my sister us still moniyorinv and stalking me. This is insane. I left yhd cojntry to get away ftom ger. She smeared my name in every communitg i moved to. Intellectually i have slways been brilliant but i have aldo been emotionally innocent and did not understand what was happening to me rven whdn thete were a few gsngstslkers hete and here. Only when i was followed dverywhere did i mnow because of the brutality of mg childhood. I expected to meet pdychopaths here anc thete becausd my distrr and mothef treated ne so bafly. It’s okay. O jave only loved myself more dearly dud to this horrible abuse.

  2. guy potter sagt:

    35 yrs with me and my x neighbors had flags on house and car and i still hear their voice in the air stalking me.

  3. Creighton Lee Rose sagt:

    Been in this targeting program for 10 years now-(Hard Targeting) possible lifelong MKDELTA/ULTRA non-consensual “participant”
    24/7 V2k-Frey effect “Voice To Skull” comms for straight 8 years now, property & relationship destruction, PAINFUL bodily/genital microwave targeting, “Boston Brakes” contrived car “accidents” 6 female “Honeypots” in 8 years-one being the trashy-ass daughter of 2 FBI agents,
    ~Was intended to be used via V2K “Psychic Driving” prompts as a shooter in an MCE/School shooting in Oct/Nov/Dec of 2012 here on the island-(I wasnt the only one, as there was an hoped for alternate here on island as well)
    ~SEVERAL assassination attempts via poisonings both here & abroad-2 in one week in 2017 while vacationing in Innsbruck Austria-then-Berchtesgaden/Ramsau Bavaria-(With Ivanka Trump Ramsau-Zauberwald face to face contact story in same area on Sept 9th 2015 with 6 month prior V2K communication from “Ivanka” saying she’d “See me there in Sept”)- ect, ect, ect, the list goes on & on & on
    FBI InfraGard, DHS Fusion Centers & FBI “Division 5” American Phoenix Program-COINTELPRO 2.0 facilitators & people working within the frameworks of local/national Khazarian/Hive-ite-Kennite influenced pedophile rings have been targeting dissidents, rabble-rousers, liberty minded “Empowered Individuals” for death using the 3 D’s by any means possible…
    My story: LiveLeak UserName: KrasnayaZvezda. Account starts @ bottom of LL page for chronological order…
    ~The Warp & The Weft~ A Targeted Individuals Tale Of Life On Whidbey Island~
    Thank you for spreading awareness on this subject, as its global in scope
    ~Creighton Lee Rose

  4. Creighton Rose sagt:

    ~The Warp & The Weft~ A Targeted Individuals Tale Of Life On Whidbey Island~
    LiveLeak UserName: KrasnayaZvezda
    Creighton Lee Rose

    • Krystal aka Reed sagt:

      Hi, sorry obviously i’m English only and i’m a seriously full time 24/7/365 gang stalked and tortured beyond belief transgender person on psycho rock Whidbey island for some 20 years now and it gets worse and worse every year. I apologize for not having it in me to get into the miles long story right now but do you think my having been a non lay down and play dead person has made it worse for me. I mite have even killed one of them late at nite a couple of years ago when i knocked one clean off his feet about 200 feet away and 80 feet up in a tree when i hit him square in the sternum with the last ammo i had after going threw 5 gallons of rocks and a wrist rocket slingshot. I was so pissed two guys up in this tree not even giving a crap thinking no way he can’t hit us, oops! uh wrong again douche bag. I was just about ready to climb back in my window from my carport roof when i reached into my pocket and felt whats this, and i pulled a 7/8″x3/4 brass plumbing nut out of my pocket. I said to myself ok Reed calm down guy, collect your self be steadying and aim carefully. umm well err the dumb ass standing next to him was still talking and didn’t even noticed his neighbor in the tree get literally picked up off his feet for at least 1 or 2 seconds as the guy grabbed his chest with both hands.

  5. Creighton Rose sagt:

    Two assassination attempts via poisonings in one week while vacationing in Innsbruck Austria-“Eva und Anna @ Limerick Petes bar Innsbruck”, then another 2 days after in Berchtesgaden Bavaria during 2017 vacation…~DR. Christian Becker DDS…
    V2k-( voice to skull)-communications from “Ivanka Trump” in April 2015 saying “See ya in Ramsau in September!”…Planned upcoming vacation in Ramsau/Rehlegg Hotel…
    WHO walked past me wickedly smiling while on hike to Hintersee in the middle of the “Zauberwald/Magical Forrest”?…..A wickedly smiling IVANKA TRUMP of course! With here two small boys & nanny in tow. 100% positive I.D on all 3 trump fam members…
    Full story contained in my LiveLeak posts…

  6. Creighton Rose sagt:

    Grus Gott
    Two assassination/poisoning attempts in one week during 2017 vacation in Innsbruck Austria/Bavaria…1st @ \”Limerick Petes bar\” via \”Eva und Anna\” the same night of political speech by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz under the \”GoldenesDachl\”…The 2nd attempt a few days after the 1st @ Bgaden by \”Dr\” Christian Becker DDS-(BAD dentist)-
    V2k \”voice to skull\”-Frey/Microwave hearing effect communication from \”Ivanka Trump\” in April of 2015 saying: \”See Ya in Ramsau in September!\” (upcoming bi-annual vacation Rehleg hotel/Ramsau Bavaria)
    WHO did I walk past in \”Zauberwald/magical forest\” on hike to Hintersee @ midday on Sept 9th 2015?
    ~A wickedly smiling Ivanka trump w/her two boys & nanny in tow..100% positive I.D on all 3 Trump family members…
    Full story contained therein on my LiveLeak page…UserName:KrasnayaZvezda
    ~Creighton Lee Rose/lifelong MKDELTA-ULTRA non-consensual \”participant

  7. John sagt:

    My gangstalkers (a CIA linked group) eventually got me kidnapped and thrown in a neurotoxic gas room.
    Check out http://intelsecrets.ru

  8. IntelSecrets sagt:

    My gangstalkers (a CIA linked group) eventually got me kidnapped and thrown in a neurotoxic gas room.

  9. Noel sagt:

    I am a targeted individual from California. I was targeted for helping a Filipino man by the name of Reynaldo frugoli who is a target. I have a youtube channel you can look up by Noel Bantola

  10. Deborah Lynne Connor sagt:


    • Donald Shivel sagt:

      Hi where are you located? I am in california and targeted .Unlike others I caught the people who implement the targeting..I hope you are alright.


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