WBAN Part2 – Cisco control plane for E.B.Es – Engineered Biological Entities –

Cisco control plane for E.B.Es – Engineered Biological Entities –

“The AI backend for this world is massive. I continue to run into more and more tech already fully operational not just deployed and still load balancing itself into aggregate informatics.
woah folks. welcome to that backplane with the sal hive and how they manage the hybrids with genomics? Specialized biofrequency weapons that target internal organs would have other ‘signals at lesser degrees to keep certain transhumans under control . wouldn’t they?
tech docs first.
Sabrina Wallace

#Psinergy #Biofield #WBAN #SabrinaSays”


“Then they are using synthetic Telepathy and talk to them.”

“Unleashing the Mycelial Intelligence: Nature´s Blueprint for Resilient AI and Innovation.”

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On-the-Fly-Transkript 19.2.2024:


“So, as if it wasn´t bad enough that there is a sensorhunter since 1995, I have biosensors made out of your dna and I go ahead and I log into you, using a computer networking protocol that I would use for computers, but as you can see from the little human body here and the little human body here… We have a Wide Body Area Network (WBAN). It is for AI Precision Health Care, it is for your health, it is the new Internet of Bodies (IoB), Internet of Things (IoT). It works off of radio frequencies,
which absolutely does route through the body. We use Computer Game Theory and Computer Network Routing through the body. The Blockchain mimics DNA, so the blockchain is routed through here too and then we take electromagnetic resonance and frequency and measure it in the body and then we apply those radiowaves (Network Centric Warfare – DoD 2007) through the body and we tell nobody nothing, not a damn thing, we go to work all day, we take tons of measurements and protocols that we use…(Iot Bases WBAN Routing Protocols) thermal aware. Initialize the sensors, check their constrains, exchange hallow packets…Routing computer traffic. Now I am a censor hunter, it is my job to log into you, cause a cytokine storm, for an Algo, a bioelectromagnetic Algo..Fuzzy Control-Based Energy-Aware (routing).. They are going to work and hunting the censors down inside of you, well, that does not look paranormal to me, that looks like computer networking through the human body. All they do is gaslighting…Electronic Warfare and they have a digital Twin of You…
Spiking Neural Networks.. We torture people into submission and create Hybrids…”

“James Rink, your supersoldier guy, he has the right to believe he is a supersoldier, kind of like Michael Salla, he lies too.”

“We have a hypergraph transfer protocol, because you don´t understand the Maths of the Endsphere.
How am I going to make the Metaverse physically change the molecules around your head, so that you have a physical experience…Ubiquitous Computers…An optoelectronic Area.
I have researched liquid neurons. We are rearranging the Neurons inside of your head.. Spiking Neural Networks…Yeah, the Spike Protein takes measurements of your Neurons. Neurons are bodywide.
Application for Neuromorphic Computer 2023, where we are at, brain-computer interface, body-computer interface, … Self-Driving Cars…Liquid Neurons, Liquid Crystals.”

“NextGen Cyperphysical systems, where is your Orion Group?”
“A natural Telepath.”
“EEG Overlay..They overwrite your brain tissue from the inside out.”
“You better be bothered, if I have the ability to take the bio-electric code and put your ass on the cloud without your knowledge, I have a remote to your Ass. You are not going to go out of these Database, because they are at the industrial level…We have a bigger Problem here. None of these systems have been setup to save anybody, they have been set up for transhumanism, electrically rearranging peoples body. “They are trying to save us.” No, they are rearraging our bioelectric code, the electricity of life.”


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“Fuzzy Control-Based Energy-Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks
Xintong Wang,1Guoqiang Zheng,1,2Huahong Ma,1Weiwei Bai,1Honghai Wu,1and Baofeng Ji1
Academic Editor: Eduard Llobet
Published: 06 Jan 2021:
Advances in medical and communication technologies have empowered the development of Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs). WBANs interconnect with miniature sensors placed on the human body to enable medical monitoring of patient health. … Minimum consumption of energy and maximum satisfaction with the QoS requirements are essential design aims of the WBAN schemes. Therefore, a fuzzy control-based energy-aware routing protocol (EARP) is proposed in this paper, the proposed protocol establishes a fuzzy control model composed of remaining node energy and link quality, and the best forwarder node is determined by the processes of fuzzification, fuzzy inference, and defuzzification. The simulation results showed that compared with the performance of the existing EERDT and M-TSIMPLE protocols, the proposed EARP has better performance, including extending network lifetime and improving the reliability of data transmission.”


“Heather Carr
Body Part on video game controller … kaboom – awww your hitpoints ran low!
August 12, 2023
All of this leads into what they have done to brainwash the starseeds who are the highest on the neuron list for psionic >>(Psychic, not this Cramer chewing gum term, if possible)<< warfare which is the ionic voltaic response necessary to make a stand or the sql is gonna bend you with its ubiquitious whiplash near your field effect.
Praver and God first. Armor up. Cognition matters. Voltage and wearables won’t save you from a free range human utilizing natural shielding empathy or projective telepathy
By the neural delay in pico measurements boys with toys
Sabrina Wallace
#Psinergy #Biofield #WBAN #SabrinaSays”

“Sensors, please put that into your Vocabulary.”
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“U.S. Gov Accountability Office” 10/2018
DOD Just Beginning to Grapple with Scale of Vulnerabilities”

“The Department of Defense (DOD) plans to spend about $1.66 trillion to
develop its current portfolio of weapon systems.1 These weapons are
essential to maintaining our nation’s military superiority and for
deterrence. It is important that they work when needed, yet cyber attacks
have the potential to prevent them from doing so. Cyber attacks can
target any weapon subsystem that is dependent on software, potentially
leading to an inability to complete military missions or even loss of life.
Examples of functions enabled by software—and potentially susceptible
to compromise—include powering a system on and off, targeting a
missile, maintaining a pilot’s oxygen levels, and flying aircraft. An attacker
could potentially manipulate data in these systems, prevent components
or systems from operating, or cause them to function in undesirable ways.
Some advanced threat actors are aware of this and have well-funded
units that focus on positioning themselves to potentially undermine U.S.
capabilities. For example, according to the National Security Agency
(NSA), advanced threats are targeting national security systems.
According to the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Computer
Emergency Readiness Team and industry reports, advanced threats may
conduct complex, long-term cyber attack operations. These reports show
that threats may employ cyber reconnaissance, such as probing systems,
and cyber espionage, such as cyber theft, to develop detailed knowledge
of the target system to design and deploy more damaging attacks.”


“A body area network (BAN), also referred to as a wireless body area network (WBAN) or a body sensor network (BSN) or a medical body area network (MBAN), is a wireless network of wearable computing devices. BAN devices may be embedded inside the body as implants or pills, may be surface-mounted on the body in a fixed position, or may be accompanied devices which humans can carry in different positions, such as in clothes pockets, by hand, or in various bags. Devices are becoming smaller, especially in body area networks. These networks include multiple small body sensor units (BSUs) and a single central unit (BCU). Despite this trend, decimeter (tab and pad) sized smart devices still play an important role. They act as data hubs or gateways and provide a user interface for viewing and managing BAN applications on the spot. The development of WBAN technology started around 1995 around the idea of using wireless personal area network (WPAN) technologies to implement communications on, near, and around the human body. About six years later, the term “BAN” came to refer to systems where communication is entirely within, on, and in the immediate proximity of a human body. A WBAN system can use WPAN wireless technologies as gateways to reach longer ranges. Through gateway devices, it is possible to connect the wearable devices on the human body to the internet. This way, medical professionals can access patient data online using the internet independent of the patient location.”


Initial applications of BANs are expected to appear primarily in the healthcare domain, especially for continuous monitoring and logging vital parameters of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma and heart attacks.

A BAN in place on a patient can alert the hospital, even before they have a heart attack, through measuring changes in their vital signs.
A BAN on a patient with diabetes could auto inject insulin through a pump, as soon as their insulin level declines.
A BAN can be used, to learn the underlying health state transitions and dynamics of a disease

Other applications of this technology include sports, military, or security. Extending the technology to new areas could also assist communication by seamless exchanges of information between individuals, or between individuals and machines.

The latest international standard for BANs is the IEEE 802.15.6 standard.”


A typical BAN or BSN requires vital sign monitoring sensors, motion detectors (through accelerometers) to help identify the location of the monitored individual and some form of communication, to transmit vital sign and motion readings to medical practitioners or care givers. A typical body area network kit will consist of sensors, a Processor, a transceiver and a battery. Physiological sensors, such as ECG and SpO2 sensors, have been developed. Other sensors such as a blood pressure sensor, EEG sensor and a PDA for BSN interface are under development.
Wireless communication in the U.S.

The FCC has approved the allocation of 40 MHz of spectrum bandwidth for medical BAN low-power, wide-area radio links at the 2360–2400 MHz band. This will allow off-loading MBAN communication from the already saturated standard Wi-Fi spectrum to a standard band.

The 2360–2390 MHz frequency range is available on a secondary basis. The FCC will expand the existing Medical Device Radiocommunication (MedRadio) Service in Part 95 of its rules. MBAN devices using the band will operate under a ‘license-by-rule’ basis which eliminates the need to apply for individual transmitter licenses. Usage of the 2360–2390 MHz frequencies are restricted to indoor operation at health-care facilities and are subject to registration and site approval by coordinators to protect aeronautical telemetry primary usage. Operation in the 2390–2400 MHz band is not subject to registration or coordination and may be used in all areas including residential.”

“See also
Energy harvesting
Physiological Signal Based Security”

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_area_network

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