COVID-19 Day by Day Symptoms Timeline: My First Seven Days of Coronavirus Symptoms

“COVID-19 Day by Day Symptoms Timeline: My First Seven Days of Coronavirus Symptoms
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“my glands would hurt when I touched them.”
“the worst symptoms i’ve had are the um headache on second day and the fatigue on the fourth and fifth days and then i’ve had just constant congestion and stuffy nose throughout
all seven days.”
(mild version in people in the young age of around 30 years of age (28-33))

“neyney1960 Nunya: vor 2 Tagen: A dear friend died from a massive heart attack he had while trying to get over Covid. >>>He was 68, overweight, and had high blood pressure.<<< It’s awful. He was a talented singer and musician as well as a good friend. Glad you and your husband recovered.”
“Just Me x: vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet): Currently laying in bed with Covid. The fatigue and headache I’m experiencing is horrible… I am literally bed bound sleeping all the time and barely eating because my appetite has gone.. Cant wait to feel normal again :(”
“becky langley: vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet):
I’ve had similar symptoms to your husband with addiction severe coughing and I couldn’t breathe and I was like that from December 25th to the first part of April. I still have problems breathing and with severe exhaustion I feel weak I can barely even walk matter fact I had to buy a walker with one of them seats so that after a couple of steps I can sit down I feel like I’m going to be like this the rest of my life it just won’t leave me some days aren’t too bad as far as exhaustion goes for the most part it’s unbearable and I have a lot of pain in my feet and legs and severe swelling in my feet and legs. I’ve never been so sick in my life. Here in a few weeks it will be a year like this.”
“Nicole R414: vor 1 Tag: Hey, y’all good now? I hope so. You’re a real trooper, making this video while not feeling your best. Thanks, chica!”
“Scruffy Scrubs: vor 2 Tagen: Your symptoms are pretty much in line for what my daughter experienced and she had it for about a week and a half. Her taste and smell came back several days after that. She’s about your age.”
“Annie Johnson: vor 16 Stunden: It scares me that these are the types of symptoms someone who doesn’t want to believe they are sick could brush off as being from other things. Especially the early signs…most people have tried to go about a normal day with a headache before. No wonder COVID-19 is able to spread so easily.”
“T vor 1 Woche: This is so helpful. But also so bizarre how some people have such old normal sickness and it can be so brutal for others. I’m very confused. Take care!”
“Amber Alpine: vor 1 Woche: yes, it is strange how different it is from person to person!”
“Eliza Felix: vor 7 Stunden: My father in law just passed away one day ago from Covid ,,,, it is a very painful and sad way to go,,,”
“Roland Moro: vor 14 Stunden: I had COVID-19 in November ( positive test result ) and my Symptoms were nothing like you describe here. Almost none of them. Just to show that every person is different.”
“Heart & Soul Apothecary: vor 14 Stunden: Gratefully you had mild cases and am grateful you had a full recovery.”
“Answering your COVID Questions | COVID Days 7-10 Symptoms
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“Jane Wilson: vor 1 Tag: the truth is no one knows how Covid is going to affect them…it is very tricky…you cannot assume you will have mild symptoms…and like she said it does not take a lot to overwhelm the ICUs…”

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