American Big Tech has enslaved us… | Aaron Bastani Meets Yanis Varoufakis

“American Big Tech has enslaved us. | Aaron Bastani Meets Yanis Varoufakis
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In his new book, ‘Technofeudalism: What killed Capitalism’, Yanis Varoufakis explores how giant tech firms, both in the US and China are expanding their control over the planet. His analysis is that, whilst material resources certainly matter, the real battle ground is over digital real estate. Aaron sat down with Yanis to talk about how Europe’s power has faded, Elon Musk’s wet dreams and why the US is really afraid of China.

“Who´s going to represent Europe? You just ask yourself that question and then suddenly you realize how irrelevant Europe is, because it used to be Merkel, Merkel had the political power and Clout to do it. Schultz doesn’t, Macron doesn’t, why not only because they are peepsqueaks compared to Merkel, they are, but because anything they say will be Vetoed by the government of Poland, the government of Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, who considered them to be Putin´s handmaidens. both Schultz and Macron. I’m not passing value judgment, I’m simply describing, so the two countries that will have to pay for the Reconstruction of Ukraine will not be allowed to represent the European Union in these negotiations and so who will… Europe´s political paralysis reflects the fact that we don’t have any Cloud Capital.”

“Europe´s demographic Pyramid is a Nightmare.”

“It is cloud Capital, nothing else, everything else we could have gotten out of. If you don’t have a competitor to Google, a competitor to Uber, a competitor to Facebook, a competitor to Apple, a competitor to If every German or Italian or French or British producer has to go
through those Cloud lists in order to sell their stuff, even in Europe and you know Amazon makes 42
billion every year, only in Europe and pays zero zero tax zero, well, you’re gone, you’re finished.”

“What´s the end game? Define victory in the war in Ukraine, the only logical answer
consistent with what she wants and says is to take Moscow, because she’s talking about
dragging Putin to the international criminal court, now I would like all these bastards to be dragged to the National Court, including Tony Blair, right, of course I’d love that, but how are you going to drag Putin to the international Court, you have to take Moscow, there´s no other way or you’re going to have to incite a coup in Moscow, that will bring about regime change, if that happens, because Putin has killed off all the progressives, whoever takes over from Putin will be worse than Putin.”

“Capitalism is over and ‘social democracy is finished’ | Yanis Varoufakis”
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“We are voluntary servants.”
“That poisons our lives.”

“..and then the European Union in its infinite wisdom and our ruling class
in its cruelty decided to cover up the bankruptcy…”

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