Sabrina Wallace & Professor Engelstein re: (MBAN) pt 1 & pt 2

Sabrina Wallace & Professor Engelstein re: (MBAN) pt 1 & pt 2

“It is deliberately confusing, so that people are not familiar with the standardizations of hacking into our body by the Hallmark 1000 Supercomputer.
It´s called the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Founded in 1963..431000 Payed Members of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers),This all started out in Geneva, in Switzerland,
“The ITU (International Telecommunications Union, which was formed in 1865) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the United States came along in 1906, 118 years old) and then we have the FCC (Federal Comminications Commision formed in 1934 – 90 years old), FAA, which is Federal Avionics Airplane Traffic, formed in 1958, and then we have the IEEE, formed in 1963.”

“All of those organizations, the ITU (The International Telecommunication Union), Geneva, Switzerland, that came first and it has essentially co-opted every single organization and agency and the ITU, if you didn´t know, is part of the United Nations, is part of the One World Order (NWO), CERN and NATO Armed Forces are the same as the ITU, so when you think of this Wireless Body Network or Personal Wireless Area Networks, you should be thinking NATO, because it all has been co-opted through the United Nations, which controls NATO, which control the FCC, which controls the FDA, which controls the FAA,
which is why all the 51000 Airplane Traffic over my head, there is no record of it, because those transponders are turned off, so that the FAA will not take action on illegal Airplane Fights over civilian population and the IEEE is designing definitions for the Body Area Network and this includes Bluetooth and High Rate WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network). (Professor Engelstein)´s Juxtaposition1”

“The United Nations run the ITU, the ITU answers to the United Nations.”

“Machine to Machine, Human to Human and Human To Machine.”

“Mass Awakening
These next few years will be like playing a real life game of Survivor.
Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.
This is a war on our minds and it’s survival of the most conscious.
May all the sleeping lions awaken. We have work to do.

“Wireless Warrior
Sabrina Wallace discusses molecular communication by implementation of the 6G MBAN (Medical Body Area Network) using terahertz for electromagnetic communication. Includes a unique conclusion!🎶
Part 2 (45 mins)”

“They weaponized our entire society from the inside out and from the outside in. (Professor Engelstein)(MBAN Part2)”

“So, your Doctor is part of a GeStaPo-Secret Police, he (she) is reimbursed and paid and the hospital is reimbursed and a system that is going this direction toward post-humanism, 6G and the bio-sensors and there is no way for your Doctor to collect any money by going any other direction than this direction…The Doctor, who is totally compromised. (Professor Engelstein)(MBAN Part2)”

“And then you go to the Sheriff and point out the Chemtrail Attacks, like I have…I am the one who is reporting a Crime, but it is a crime of the Maritime Law and I had a Sheriff State Deputy tell me: I am not in charge of the Sky, I am not in the charge of the Air…One of us has a senile dementia problem, but I am not in a Cult. If you are in a Cult, you have to follow the Cult obedience rituals, right…and our Channels are Shadow Banned. (Professor Engelstein)(MBAN Part2)”

“It was roled out as Trojan Horse, as if this a gift to Humanity, when it is a bomb, it´s a bomb, it´s exploding, it´s destroying your village, it´s destroying your fortress, it´s destroying your home, it comes into your home
and then blows everything up in your home. (Professor Engelstein)(MBAN Part2)”

“And the Metamaterials resurface the cellular structure of your internal cells, that is a problem, to not tell people about molecular communicator.. and the terahertz radiation that they are using. (Sabrina Wallace)”

“Aluminium comes mostly from China and Australia…A CEO at MIT. (Professor Engelstein)(MBAN Part2)” (BRAZIL NOT TO FORGET!!! Remark CRA – 12.5.2024)

“They all are in cahoots (9 out of 11 are),..they all must know each other, one city block.. here in California, they are very close to U.C. Berkeley, they are very close to Standord University, they are very close to Travis NATO Base and they could make deliveries every 10 minutes, 24/7. Someone must do the Metamaterials that are being dumped from the Jets, that I say and hear above my head. (Professor Engelstein)(MBAN Part2)”

“Human Activity Recognition Radar would require a very specific mixture of Metamaterials. (Sabrina Wallace)”

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