DARPA is funding Nanoparticles that permeate Brain to read Neural Signals

“DARPA is funding Nanoparticles that permeate Brain to read Neural Signals”
“The military already wants them for new brain-computer interface tech.
3. 19.2021 / Dan Robitzski”

(CRA: Always remember that these Genetic Weapons from DARPA (Morgellons as pathology) are sprayed since 1999 on the populace with active Morgellons assault since 2005 from DoD against Targeted Individuals…strike out the “could”, “may”, “aim”, “hoping for”….it is all implemented for 2 decades thoroughly in every human brain and body (body area network (BAN))…Futurism.com is a Mainstream-conformistic platform, they can´t tell the real thing, they always must play political correct…

“Neuroscience/Brain Science
Instead of getting invasive neural implants needled into your brain, doctors … flood your head with millions of nanoparticles that can read your neural signals from inside and relay them to a nearby computer.”

He’s developed magnetoelectric nanoparticles (MENPs) that can travel through your bloodstream, permeat your brain, and read individual neurons’ signals in a way that can be picked up by a specialized helmet, according to a university press release.

In short, it’s a tool that… drastically changes the way scientists approach brain-computer interface tech by taking away invasive, localized probes and replacing them with millions of particles that are injected like any other shot and can cover the entire brain…”

“DARPA, the Pentagon’s research division, launched the BRainSTORMS project to test the technology in ..that…will allow soldiers injected with the nanoparticles to communicate with military systems with just their thoughts.”

Source: https://futurism.com/neoscope/darpa-nanoparticles-brain-neural-signals

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