Doctors still pretending they don’t read College Textbooks To Update Their Licensing!

“Doctors still pretending they don’t read College Textbooks To Update Their Licensing!”

“People, understand, I am not going to participate into your narratives, your narrative driving, your Gambit-Protocol…because I was too angry, I am still that angry, it is called righteous anger, because you stole human anatomy and you never told anybody what you were doing, now you have all these young people going to college for all these “Jobs” (CRA-Remark: Crimes against organic nature).”

“Integrating People, People…such Applications include, but are not limited to. Healthcare and Medicine..Urban Planning…Social Development, a new generation of service systems, as well as safety, risk assessment and Cyber Security, in both, civilian and military context. Rapid development and progress in cognitive Computing, modelling and simulation, as well as smart sensor technology will have a profound effect on Human Interaction and emerging Technologies, at both, the individual and societal levels, in the future.”

“Supported by Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Computing, Data Analytics, Wearable Technologies and Next Generation Systems.”

“Medical, Engineered, Societal changes, that are emerging, that will be here.”

“Human-centered design…For Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Applications.”

“Drone Warfare, Electromagnetic Warfare, Intrabody, the signals come out of your body.”

“2011, Oxford, Cambridge, you are not allowed to know about your own anatomy. But getting away with this for the last 150 years, Academia, Business. These people, when they go to school, they learn to lie by omission and gaslight…”

“Pentagon Directive 3000.09”

“You can´t sit there and play dumb.”

“They took your choice away, you are a node on a network.”

“You, outthere, gaslight and lie, for money, I know you do it, I call it the Gambit-Protocol, Narrative Driving…

“Then you have excuses that never end, ..NDA, “National Security”, you have to watch me undress for “National Security” (CRA-Remark: Fake-Nazi Term (double speech) to justify any horror the false rulers want) Non-Disclosure Agreement.”

“You are under people´s skin, you won´t even tell them basic stuff from 1995, drone warfare.”

“They lied to you for 20 years of Nano.Dot.Gov. 60 Years of Electronic Warfare. Targeted Individual…ODNI. There is no excuse for this.”
(=> Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Tochtergesellschaften: National Counterterrorism Center, MEHR
Hauptsitz: Washington, D.C., Vereinigte Staaten (=>Perpetuating Vicious Crimes (Like Morgellons-DNA-Sabotage) and Torture and Genetic Subversion against God´s Holy People for United Nazis (Nation)s NWO Criminal Cult)
Gründung: 22. April 2005)

“My Father was SIGINT (signals intelligence), so I don´t have a whole lot of patience left…”

“It´s a demon field.”
“It is an ambush-style warfare, …censor-hunters, they hunt humans.”
“The boys with toys.”

“God made the Body perfectly, it didn´t need Pfizer for an update.”

“Please don´t watch me naked in my own home”, justify this to me, but it´s China, we gave them the Technology. It´s a global world order (NWO), it´s a New World Order, they are all together. Database and Cyber Security absolutely spilled that out, mathematically.”

“Don´t disturb any of Creation.”

“Bill Kobren
January 25, 2023

Encourage defense acquisition workforce colleagues to take a look at today’s DoD announcement entitled “DoD Announces Update to DoD Directive 3000.09, Autonomy In Weapon Systems”. According to the announcement, the DoD Directive 3000.09 Autonomy in Weapon Systems “…was established to minimize the probability and consequences of failures in autonomous and semi-autonomous weapon systems that could lead to unintended engagements. The requirements established in the Directive include the following:

Autonomous and semi-autonomous weapon systems will be designed to allow commanders and operators to exercise appropriate levels of human judgment over the use of force.
Persons who authorize the use of, direct the use of, or operate autonomous and semi- autonomous weapon systems will do so with appropriate care and in accordance with the law of war, applicable treaties, weapon system safety rules, and applicable rules of engagement.
The weapon system has demonstrated appropriate performance, capability, reliability, effectiveness, and suitability (emphasis added) under realistic conditions.
The design, development, deployment, and use of systems incorporating AI capabilities is consistent with the DoD AI Ethical Principles and the DoD Responsible AI (RAI) Strategy and Implementation Pathway.”


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