Can humanity survive the reckless biotechnology experiments?

“Can humanity survive the reckless biotechnology experiments?”
“By Rhoda Wilson on January 9, 2023”

“During the last 300,000 years, there have been numerous near-extinction events affecting the entire human population of the planet. But the genetic structure and capacity to develop higher functions and capabilities characteristic of humans have survived numerous catastrophes and played their crucial role in saving and rebuilding civilization.

However, there is a new threat: genetic manipulation. The current proliferation of biotechnology, which essentially relies on artificial gene editing is unprecedented in human history. Will we survive it?”

“Has reckless biotechnology experimentation initiated a global extinction event?
“Award-winning geneticist Professor David Reich of Harvard is an expert in the DNA profiles of ancient human remains. In his 2018 book ‘Who We Are and How We Got Here’, Reich explains that the genetic record of ancient humans that he has examined in the subcontinent demonstrates that in addition to global catastrophes – referred to as Adam and Eve events – local near-extinction events are more common than we previously realised. In other words, natural catastrophes of various sorts can almost wipe out whole populations which must then recover and rebuild from the surviving genetic base.

Reich also found that the particular aspects of the human genome commonly understood to support language acquisition and tool technology are far older than previously thought. They have been with the human race for at least one million years and possibly more than five million years. In other words, the genetic structure and capacity to develop higher functions and capabilities characteristic of humans have survived numerous catastrophes and played their crucial role in saving and rebuilding civilization.”

“DNA repairs and renews itself daily and reproduces its functions through successive generations. Tinker with it at your peril.”

“Here are some of the features of genetic structures we have described in detail in previous articles, which can be maimed by gene technology:

We know very little about how our genetic makeup and structure support consciousness, especially the higher functions that define us as humans.
Genetic edits are passed on to future generations, and mistakes spread widely and can’t be recalled.
The entire functioning of our physiology and the living world around us depends on DNA. DNA is the controlling apex of a hierarchy of bio intelligence.
DNA has evolved over millions of years in tandem with a network of mutually supportive food sources which also depend on the same genetic structure.
Our DNA has no historical evolutionary context to tackle man-made, artificially designed and/or manufactured pathogens/toxins which can consequently overwhelm our immune defences and our physiological stability.
Contrary to popular conceptions, genetic evolution is not entirely random, studies have shown species evolution follows similar paths in widely separate environments. The implication of this is clear: DNA functions are not necessarily robust when edited.
The reproductive and repair capabilities of organisms can be degraded by genetic editing. There is accumulating evidence that this is the case as a result of covid-19 mRNA vaccination which modifies the way our genome expresses itself in affected cells.
Living systems defy the second law of thermodynamics, the rule that in closed systems any energy transformation results in loss – often referred to as the arrow of time. How exactly living systems manage to reverse this law is unknown. Thus the fundamentals of evolution could be put at risk by genetic modification.

The current proliferation of biotechnology, which essentially relies on artificial gene editing followed by cloning and the application of selected genetic constructs on a massive scale, is unprecedented in human history. It is completely unique. It has been entered into on the basis of a rudimentary, incomplete, and often faulty understanding of genetic functions. Crucially there is no clear reliable conception of the final outcomes.”

“Unbelievably, rather than trying to address the crisis and identify its causes, authorities – both medical and governmental – are in denial. Along with commercial biotechnology, they are complicit in a worldwide cover-up.”

“Before the pandemic, medical misadventure was the third leading cause of death in the USA, it is now arguably the leading cause of death.”

“Natural laws have been overlooked in the rush to biotechnology”

“At first sight, living systems appear to result from a complex web of interacting factors which appear to evolve over long time scales. The naive presumption is that we could enhance evolutionary development through gene editing, but look more deeply into it and there are fixed relationships with unchanging physical laws at progressively smaller time and distance scales. Relationships which do not change. In other words, there are immutable rules in play. Start to interfere with these connections through genetic manipulation and you have delved too deep. It is not only dangerous but could be final.”

“In truth, gene editing, which is inherently dangerous, has been normalised in the public imagination, through clever paid public relations, as a kind of safe miracle procedure..”

“It is dangerous in a way that the human race has never encountered before. Biotechnology is changing our genetic makeup for the worse and undermining our capacity to survive, reproduce, and prosper.”

“Nothing like this has ever happened before. There was always a gene-based self-healing escape manual hidden deep within every cell that automatically saved the human race in catastrophic times. We are now actively degrading our survival toolbox through multiple experiments being recklessly carried out all over the world, fuelled by political ambition, greed, and hubris. Time to halt biotechnology experimentation before it is too late. Guy Hatchard.”

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