German Dark Fleet Base on Ceres – 20 Years a Slave in Secret Space Programs

“German Dark Fleet Base on Ceres – 20 Years a Slave in Secret Space Programs”
“We also used the term anti-telephone a lot, there was jokes about it, but we had anti-telephone technology to where if the mission was a failure they could phone back in time and just cancel the
mission before we left that was my understanding, this is hearsay that I was told from other slave guys like me.”
“We had longer periods of time that we were off work and we would go sometimes they’d be long days twelve sixteen hours but I would come back, you actually travel back in time, close to the time you left when you get back, so that’s what I’m saying we’ve always said that was the junk like you’re do you suck at your job so bad, we’re gonna anti-telephone and cancel its mission.”
“these temporal drives”
“There were women working working on it, everybody was young in their 20s I went in there with the people they were dressed in different uniforms. I think the communications people had like a dark navy blue color, they wore with boots you know it was like a military look at the jump suit and the command guys weren’t in flat black there were guys that were shiny shiny black uniforms I don’t know what they did hmm I was in a grey I was in a light gray and the cargo guys were in a dark grey.”
“German guys they spoke German no German guys most of the meeting was in German and then they could flick a switch and we could understand them in English and whenever they want to talk
to us.”
“In series where this merchant vessel or the freighter would use as a base was German the dominant language there as well yeah okay yep two other places yeah everybody spoke German when I left
it – what at that point when I was going to those meetings I also got a paycheck…”
“About your time on the Sirius base facility there were aliens most of the shops were ran by tall human, they look just like us same kind of Head, there the first time I went out and
had money I got lost and I was afraid that I was not going to make it back in time and be killed that was your threat you don’t get here you don’t get here in time for work…”
“I saw two guys in a military uniform, but they were aliens, one guy was like, I want to say he looked like a cat, but it wasn’t the case he had coarse orange hair he was shorter and stocky and he
hate Connolly he was ugly looking you know he’s ugly I really don’t know how to describe more than that he had hair and the other guy was smaller and he was more of a fish he had like a fish eyes
and smelled you know what I mean and they were together and I walked because they were in uniform I thought that you know that they were in the army like I was or whatever I was in you know the
“and it was it was a telepathic communication I said I’m lost can you just tell me how to get back to my hangar, to the hangar area and I said how you can’t even get to the angry guys
like you don’t even have money I said I got money and as soon as I showed them my money the one punched me and I they basically beat me up and took my money I got mugged and I was remember I remember very clearly sitting against the wall looking down watching my nosebleed and a girl came up to me she said honey are you okay what’s going on and she spoke English and she took me in and it was a you know this is myself fantastic but it was a strip Club, she was a sex worker in a strip club and she took me in and sat me down and the owner there was one of these eight foot tall humans and he made it clear to her she said look he’s never going to speak to you don’t ever address him don’t go near him he said if that’s the case he’s you get out of leave and he said he never wants to hear a thought from you you know because I was a slave you know I was basically to them a mentally damaged person so he kept me there and I said I’m lost they’re gonna kill me I don’t have much time to get back and I know I’m going to get disciplined I’m gonna get hurt really badly I’m gonna get killed I was breaking down into tears and so she went back and he he was like tell him to
leave get out of here and I said can you just tell me where I go can you guys just please help me to where I’m at and he didn’t know he said they tried to have me describe the place and I
apparently there are other hangers that I was unaware of they said that could be any hanger here you know it could be any of these so they called the police and you know like your German Gestapo like your SS guys and they showed up 20 minutes later maybe and as soon as they saw an insignia I had on me you know like a couple bars or something on me they said oh he’s going there okay and
they told him where I was going and then they stayed they had they’ve had a good time they joked with the girls and then they left and the guy the owner loaned
me a couple bucks to take a train…”
“I wasn’t a customer and I went there so that was a brothel and there were aliens they were having sex there were alien other races came there and they had other things and the girls
would talk to me I was just as they were slaves I was a slave and they would tell me about things that they did things that happened and frankly it’s there’s a lot of shocking things you know there
were girls that went crazy because they had telepathic connections with aliens that left and they went crazy afterward from the encounter and there were aliens that preferred to have sex
in front of people they couldn’t do it alone they had to be in a group so it was allowed in the room there and but most of the time it was just basically like a strip club it was fancy in the
beginning they remodeled it this is of note they had remodeled it…”
David J. Smith: vor 6 Monaten (bearbeitet): WOW!…SLAVERY in Deep Space!…Run by White Men that Speak German! I heard Corey Good say that the German Officers Hated Black People with a Passion! I wonder why?…Meanwhile I was also wondering were there any Black Male or Female Slaves that you worked with or did you see any during your 20 years of working for the German Dark Fleet? Thank You and God Bless!
“JAMIE MORTON: vor 2 Jahren: They can go back in time and all this technology but have shit pipes.”
“Broken Wave: vor 1 Jahr: We have advanced technology too, yet repairing it is pretty basic. Very plain and unintelligent people can repair it…though they could never in a million years design it. You dont seem to understand anything about engineering.”
“ink800ify: vor 9 Monaten: Space NAZIs are pimping human woman out to aliens ?”
“Dan Daman: vor 2 Monaten: Nazi’s never lost the war, they just went underground and eventually conqured this solar system, teaming up with extraterrestials ofcourse! Our american administration is the 4th reich. Nasa is controlled by Nazi’s.”
“nev mat: vor 1 Monat: Its good for a giggle. Him and his BUG wife and little egg kids.”

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