Steven D Kelley, former CIA/ NSA contractor talks…

“The Children Under the Getty Museum
28. Dez.
Steven D Kelley, former CIA/ NSA contractor talks about how the official reason for the building of Deep Underground Military Bunkers
is for “Continuity of Government”.”

“It doesn´t matter what your political persuation is. You are not going to tolerate Human beings to be eaten and tortured.”

Hawaian Patriot
28. Dez.
Antwort an
Adrenochrome, human farms, bio labs, dracos and greys, the rabbit hole goes deep.

Jimmy Christmas
28. Dez.
Antwort an
They do Cloning & Human/Hybrids at the Dulce DeepState military bunker in NM.

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“Gail Chasin: I am Jewish but I am certainly not like a Zionist Jew. I don’t even know that much about the religion. But I’m a good person.”

“We have Technology, We have Scalar Defenses, we have Star Wars, we have the ability to thwart a lot of these weapons…many of these weapons can be thwarted, hypersonic missiles, etc, etc…but the things is do not expect them to use any of this technology to protect us, those of us living on the surface of this planet, because they want you dead anyway, all of this is intended to make you dead, they want everybody living on the surface of the Earth dead and they want everybody living in the bunkers to be the only ones left. This has always been the plan, everything they do is leading to that and you are playing right into it when you support this Bullshit, when you support these Nazis, when you support these Zionist Jews, it´s all the same thing….if you don´t wake the f. up…We don´t have a whole lot of time left, because this sh#t is moving very fast, because they know we are moving very fast.”

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