Energy Weapons: Prominent People Being Targeted

“Energy Weapons: Prominent People Being Targeted – Pt. 1
Sarah Westall
Published on Apr 27, 2018”
Sounds so familiar…the essential factors of staged scenario domination and shadow gov sabotage and environmental mass mind control and vile inhuman remote body function degradation and sudden Agent Smith Switches of People you would never think off that they could turn against you..which can create a double or triple vulnerability blitz and trauma nazi MK ultra shock attack. Everything is made crystal clear with these few lines below… Essentials to know your enemy, the enemy of love and freedom and the enemy of natural unfoldment…to perpetuate “the war of all against all”…unfortunately Hobbes was wrong, nature could manage itself much more harmonious and peaceful than a conglomerate of crooks, deviant clerical cults, deviant technological fascists, perverted scientists and dehumanized professors of logic, mutated nazi doctors, gangster politicians, alphabet gangsters and corporate fraudulent governmental and military crime syndicates.. nowadays the state (deep state) is the predator of humanity and attacks millions of innocent people globally, uses them as guinea pigs or turns them into docile or aggressive robots and a part is used as silent holocaust test subjects.

“Well, okay, Laura was started..”
“Well, I don’t know, I mean it’s sort of something that happens on a recent basis, but it’s a lifelong kind of thing. I’ve
been targeted pretty much my whole life and it comes in the form of..well, when I was first getting in touch with it it
was psychotronic weaponry, the Mars recruiters had some sort of thing, kind of beaming on me that really affected my
nervous system and I had no way to really describe what was going on because there was nobody talking about
this sort of thing until I went to a Clairvoyant Institute and they were starting to notice an energy field that
whatever I was going through wasn’t just me and anxiety or any kind of nervousness, there was like there’s some
sort of weaponry being beamed on you and so I started to do research about it back in the early 2000s and so it’s
something that I’ve definitely grown accustomed to that I try and manage on a constant basis it’s a little easier now
that I live in the mountains but you know we are talking about what happens at events and just being in this field
there’s definitely a targeting, one of the main ways that they usually get to me is through people like they’ll target
people that they’ll either plant them in my life or when somebody’s with me they’ll manipulate them on some levels
so that they’re like the aggressor or they’re ..almost abusive and they’ll just kind of do a 360 degree turn, out of
nowhere when I’m like at my most vulnerable and it .. pretty much shatters me and I found out when
somebody connected to the mars recruitment was sort of defecting or kind of helping me to see what was
going on , they said they had a list of men that they would .. plant .. in front of me .. like on my
path in order to trip me up and throw me off and then I’ve gotten some readings where people at events do rituals in
order to trip me up so when anybody sees me an event I don’t seem like I’m all there .. this is a little bit of a
background for that one but um yeah in this field we’re definitely there’s an attempt to silence us there’s everything
from weaponry to ritualistic type practices to things like plants in the form of people that have been set up
mostly I would say through mind control … to wreak havoc in my life.. I’m
getting a little bit more used to ..I’m taking the c60 that patty has made available and there’s all sorts of
things that I do nutritionally to help me counteract what happens to my nervous system because it throws me out
of my body but when it comes to everything else I just have to have a lot of discernment about who I’m talking
to and what goes on.. with these events because ..that anybody can show up at these places and do all
sorts of things and not only is there weaponry you know we’re talking like manipulation and ritualistic type stuff
which is really disturbing.
for me it’s a nervous system thing. I get thrown out of my body, my heart starts beating fast, I get
really bad chest pains and it’s I don’t have the kind of diet to have that make sense and every time I have my heart
checked my heart’s fine and .. I do have .. a panic thing just like anybody who’s been through a lot but
when it happens it’s usually when there’s nothing going on. I mean I can tell the difference between induced
anxiety based on my own triggers or .. traumas but it’s different when everything is just sort of flowing
really really well and I’m feeling grounded and all of a sudden something out of nowhere just throws me and if I can’t like catch my
breath and I can’t find a way to grab myself ..I think I’m in like an emergency situation and I feel like I’m
having a stroke and I don’t want to take any chances it’s not like .. I’ve never really been the emergency
person type.. like oh it’s an emergency panic panic but it gets so bad that you know. I don’t even know what
else to do and I’m looking at a table full of ambulance bills like I still have to deal with so yeah it’s really
like a heart thing,it takes my breath, it makes it hard to breathe. (Laura Eisenhower)”
“that’s the pattern that I’ve been doing some research and I have a little mini doc ..
your symptoms is what I’m seeing is common..”
“back in my early life there was electronic targeting as well but now it’s now on steroids because of the
Gwen towers and the nascent 5g technology that’s being injected very quickly by the way 5g is being
fast-tracked here in the United States what I experienced generally with electronic blasting or any kind of
tampering is hypo cardia, heartbeat speeding up, headaches across the front of the brain, ringing in the ears, an
elevation in pulse and elevation in perspiration but very much similar to what we you would experience in a cardio
arrest situation.”
“a pattern”
“but generally what you will begin to notice is it affects your body, there’s a warming sensation,
a usually the first thing you begin to notice is ringing in the ears and then you begin to notice that your breathing
changes and also the visual field will be ordered as well a lot of times what I get early on is a blurring of vision ..”
“your audience is too aware and my story’s are too real”
“I’ve always had a mission since I was a kid and …they’re able to track us outside of.. our physicality before we even
come in.. there’s quantum access technologies like Looking Glass technologies and basically they used
that technology to locate me and this particular partner they set me up with because they wanted to make sure that I
already had like an affinity with this person or I had a familiarity with this person because how you know if you’re
gonna use love as bait how are you gonna be able to do it successfully if there’s not some sort of connection so they
manipulated him ,they dragged him into the project , but he was like he was not fully all there that’s when I started to
really .. understand trauma-based mind control more, if he had a handler and and he would get phone calls and
disappeared for days at a time and not remember and so I was thinking okay..Mind Control. (Laura Eisenhower)”

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