Earth Angels…The sounds break the seals of darkness on this Planet.

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“A part of the hundred and forty four thousand, the anointed chosen individuals.
Earth Angels, all four corners of the planet. Sounding and broadcasting. The sounds break the seals of darkness on this Planet.
The Christ consciousness returns to the vocal cords of a chosen individual. Represents the second coming of Christ.

That means that the days of darkness, the days of control, the days of manipulation, the days of staying inside your box, the days of hiding your light,
is coming to an end. And the chosen are one. Gonna be the ones that started off sounding the trumpet of truth. As it was intended.”

“The right side of the brain, the pineal gland.
The expansion of your creative abilities will be put back on display.
We’ve been put onto the left side of the brain for thousands of years.
More egotistic, more mental.
Now we have changed the process to sounding the trumpet.
That reverts the process more to the right side of the brain.
It makes it blend and balance between the left side of the brain.
The milk and honey on the right side.
The chakra system being back in line.
The truth of Christ consciousness.”

“The expansion of the creator. And what the creator represents through the Christ consciousness.
This is what That means this is why you are the most watched, stalked…
Even tap your devices, watch through your phone camera. Watch everything you say, how much you broadcast the truth.
What level of consciousness that you are at in this moment in time.
This is what their are threatened. Terrified of.
How much you are a threat to the system.”

“Especially to trick what you think they poison you so much for.
And some people don’t even think they’d be poisoned,
because they used to be in poison and got so much poison.
Inside of your vessel, the holy place.
This is the place where your soul is housed.
If your soul is housing this body, the body must be holy.
Because the soul that´s being put inside of the body is coming from a holy place.
Is one of the creator…
So the body must be holy.”

“Mock the creator by poisoning your physical vessel.
So the creator can´t speak through your vessel.
As you and the creator are linked up as one.
So you can´t utilize the body´s full function.
Because of the poison.
That leads to disease and sickness inside of the physical body.”

“That keeps your spiritual vessel from fully broadcasting through your physical body.
It´s a matter of time that the physical body backs up.
And allows your soul to completely Take over the physical vessel.
It protrudes through the physical vessel onto the world.
This is why you here.
This is the only way that you can broadcast. And in this.
In this dimension, with this physical vessel.
In the physical. The vessel is so harmed.
It’s difficult for the soul to express itself through the physical vessel.
To be able to sound that trumpet.
To be able to shake foundations of falsehood and darkness.
Kick the chairs from thrones of individuals that are stomping on millions of people.
Take back your power.
Enjoy your day.”

“SKSpatriot1776er: You know something – the weapon they attack with only affects the left side of my head, which has activated my right side in some way.
shareff1111 · Creator*in: 🔥🔥🔥🔥✨✨✨✨✨.

Sunshine: I have NEVER cried out and surrendered until I was told to, and it’s here. I suffered many trials and didn’t surrender until the last few months.
I am the chosen one. Earth Angel. Time is here.
shareff1111 · Creator*in: ☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️💥💥💥💥💥⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️.

Miranda: Yeah they hate that and my light…I need to go to the store and get a megaphone. 📣

Evolve with Demie Divine: Shadow banning me over here. 😂

lanalandisglorious: on point 👏 we are indeed sounding the trumpet 🎺😎 our tribe in my broadband and we broadcasting at our frequency while maintaining our authenticity.”

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“They secretly worship you.”

“You´re being worshipped, they´re judging. They´re talking about constant manipulation. Constantly trying to set you up. Constantly trying to see your downfall.
All that is energy being directed in sin into your location. You being worshipped, they are praising and worshipping you.
You gather all this energy from them, transmuting this energy.
This is happening on a daily basis. Dark forces, people you don’t like, your enemies are constantly praising you and worshipping you.
By talking about you, backstabbing you, gang stalking you, watching you.
This is all energy of praise. You got them, you have their power.
You take their power from them every day, you collected.
You got a wall full of trophies of energy.
For how many individuals try to team up against you.
They have no idea that you are transmuting all that energy.
All that power, it has to go somewhere.
Directed towards you.
Most powerful force.
That´s why you here.
Energy collector, walking calm, walking Karma, the traumatizer.
That´s part of the last days.
You gathering it from top to bottom.
They´re praising you, worshipping you.
Trying to figure out your downfall is putting you in a higher position, higher rankings, higher lifestyle.
It´s a matter of time. Cause Karma is here…and you are going to utilize it for what it is that you came here for.
All these individuals that are setting up downfall. They´re setting up their own trap door to fall in it.
…because constantly coming up against an individual, they know nothing about.
So they prepare any beds by coming up against you.
A chosen individual by the universe. Full force to be reckoned with.
They have no idea that the energy they are dishing out is coming outside of their cells.
They directing it into a location.
Just like they go to a religious location.
Putting outside a force of energy and directing is for somewhere…Energy is going somewhere…
You got the power now.
They are giving you the power.
They are judging you for what it is that you do.
They are judging you for being who you were ntended to be.
They laughing at, they mocking at.
ecause they think that energy, that state of being is not possible.
Why is this individual doing this?
Why is this individual speaking about this? Even though they do not understand it?
It´s beyond their comprehension.
Steep levels of diving.
There´s many different levels of consciousness.
And your consciousness is on a number level that´s way above theirs.
And that´s why they make fun of you.
Because of the jealousy that is coming from them
Jealousy and fear come from those that don´t understand Higher levels of intelligence,
higher levels of frequency that speak about it on a constant Basis,
and they´ll judge you for it.
Use that as part of the attack.
Of coming at you.
Use your own perspective.
And try to throw that against you.
It´s part of the ways that these individuals line up against you.

Because it´s outside of the bounds, it’s outside of the lines.
It doesn´t fit into normal society.
It wasn’t intended to fit in the normal society.
It was intended to go outside of normal society.
To bring people outside of their own normal society, of their own comfort zone, of their own track box.
This is why they throw it at you, because they wanna utilize that to bring you back inside of that comfort zone, to bring you back inside of society,
to bring you back inside of what they consider as you being normal.
Now you´re being crazy. You´re delusional. That doesn´t make sense. Because it´s going over their levels of comprehension, over their levels of consciousness.
…all the proof of higher levels of intelligence, all information that´s been kept secret. They can´t deny it.
You´ve been speaking about it for years…. Until it began to come into the mainstream.
Oh, oh, oh,…
They are constantly manipulating and trying to sabotage society through wars.
You see it every day.
It´s right in the news.
I don´t even watch it.
I stay away from it.
I call that an adjustment to their frequency zone.

It´s the part of fitting you in society.”

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