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“#immortal #mortality #immortality #fear #society #random #metaphysics #mentalhealth #truth #psychology #question #religion #politics #conspiracy #foryou”

freedomgott2022: It would be great.
Jonny Ray: Then create a simulation and assume avatars in this new simulation until we’ve lived every possible life.
Iva · Ersteller
Interesting theory, depending on the perspective it could be like a time-loop, or reincarnation, or whatever you want to call it.
Damo: Be interesting to see how our mental state would cope. Without physical ramifications Some may opt for anarchic lives, some for enlightenment some for
thrills & some would be bored. How would a mind cope with immortality??? Probably develop a god complex which leads to a whole other discussion.
Hatanius: If people would just age forever, but can die from external forces, they would all hide in their rooms.
Hatanius: If people were immortal like zombies, never dying, no matter the damage – it would be a real mess!
Hatanius: if people were indestructibly immortal (age until 20 and then simply never change) they´d become gruesome gods thinking about ways to torture people forever.
yo53361: Similarly I wonder if recourses where abundant and we didn’t need money or have competition for them how much would we change.
Daigo Tenno Davids: If we were all immoral – War would be based (capturing and confinement for all eternity without having any stimulation of the senses.)
Kenneth Velvin: Our souls are immortal…
Solaire – Menace: realistically within the next 100 years through epigenetics and other sciences it will be achieved.
lwithstage3cancer: Pathogens and warfare would match body immortality and the idea a body could not be harmed is already jumping the gate for the grass.
Van: We are. ´imagine going to sleep and never waking up, now imagine waking up and having never gone to sleep´.. we die and wake up again, and again.
Stegmon Weirdt: Frank Herbert has a great SF story in which the elite have a longer life span. A lot of great quotes too. DUNE.
John Titor: 1st immortality, 2nd control of time-space, 3rd return to mortality… of course in the process you will want to know everything.
John Titor: difficult to write more dense in this app, but if it helps, I have a degree in philosophy and computer science.
Achashverosh: Enough said simply.
John Titor: But life is an absurd. An eternal instant.
Iva · Ersteller: I love this so much. An eternal instant. Brilliant.
MELOMANIAC: We are immortal but we are not allowed to be. The matrix is against this idea… all the saints were killed because they get to immortality. 🥺
Scott: Religion wouldn’t exist. That one change alone would make the world much different.
Iva · Ersteller:
That’s a great thought, would humanity become crueler, or would people become more spiritual, individually, with their own definitions of the concept.
vor 9 Std.
Iva · Ersteller:_
Either or, I guess one of the differences would be consumerism.
I’m not sure how you could capitalise on natural born immortality.
Scott: The more I think about this, the less I’m able to make predictions. Too many variables come into the equation.
Scott: Difficult to imagine. If humanity were immortal from the beginning, or a recent technological development?
Sebastian Plugaru:
We would create a simulation where you can die, then others will find a way to make people not immortal …and now we are here…
Norman King: When you shift your focus from the temporal to the eternal you figure out what truly matters and what is a complete waste of time.
Keal Init: Spiritual, they try to steal and enslave your Soul.
Iva · Ersteller: It could be.
Bryan Beckwith: Those industries would wipe our memories and keep bringing us back to this, we oughta just start acting immortal, even if we aren´t, fuck it.
johnnyjohnny885: It’s always been about pschycholocal warfare !
We are immortal, spiritually anyway. …
Uriel of Avalon the 7th:
Oh, but we are, our soul is eternal, where will you spend your eternity, that’s a whole other question, eternal isn´t life nor death but merely existing. 🥰
TheWatchman3: ..we all get to leave this dark delusion eventually and not be trapped in this dark dimensional work camp, war, profiteer, slavery, forever.
Stegmon Weirdt: Life is short, so we want more to accomplish more…
El Vigilante: It would be paradise. A kind of “Utopia”. Everything would be better because we would need less from this planet and a supposed Creator.
Iva · vor 11 Std.
#immortal #mortality #immortality #fear #society #random #metaphysics #mentalhealth #truth #psychology #question #religion #politics #conspiracy #foryou.”

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