Stream of the Day – 3.6.2024

Conspiracy Revelation: 3.6.2024: Stream of the Day – 3.6.2024
Stream des Tages – 3.6.2024

Ingmar Veeck
1. Juni
They know how to make it effective…this is planned incompetence…to perpetuate surveillance corporate capitalism…
Wide Awake Media
1. Juni
Texas, USA: Thousands of wind turbine blades have come to a wind turbine graveyard to die.
They’ve outlived their 20-year lifespan and can’t be recycled.
Do you think the commitment by Western governments to achieve “net zero emissions” by 2050 is going to make this problem better or worse? 🤔”

Ingmar Veeck
Trend: Celeb-Blocking on Tiktok – Extended through my Trend: Regional MSM Blocking. ZERO RESONANCE to MSM BS.

Ingmar Veeck
All involved in CIA Crimes…. and subversion of the Human Genome with synthetic Biology without consent or true public legality…
World Index
Best universities for law degrees 2024:
1.🇺🇸 Harvard University
2.🇺🇸 Stanford University
3.🇬🇧 University of Cambridge
=4.🇺🇸 Columbia University
=4.🇺🇸 New York University
6.🇺🇸 University of California, Berkeley
7.🇬🇧 University of Oxford
8.🇦🇺 University of Melbourne
9.🇺🇸 The University of Chicago
10.🇺🇸 Yale University

(Times Higher Education)”

“Guy Theobald – #TI – “VICTIM OF “CYBER-TORTUR @Guyt_Justice • 7s Antwort an @IngmarVeeck
Thank you – 8 modes of time manipulation?! Wow
I Only need 1
Thank you kindly for your comment.
Mars has been visited by US personnel for more than 50 years. Yet America’s presence on Mars remains shrouded in official secrecy. The next president should appoint a special prosecutor to call Edwin Aldrin, Barack Obama, Regina Dugan, Richard Cheney and other Mars insiders to testify under oath about the CIA’s Mars jump room program, the Mars colony corporation, and related matters. Simultaneously, the President should seek a UN treaty protecting Mars’ fragile ecology and civilization from visitation, exploration, habitation, and colonization by Earthlings.


Ingmar Veeck
3.6.2022: Mit Öffentlich geteilt
1914…Wie ist es möglich, dass Generationen von Menschen nie Krieg gegen die eugenische Völkermord-Wurzel allen Übels geführt haben?
Nur die theosophische Gesellschaft war sich dessen zu 100 % bewusst.
1914…How is it possible that generations of people have never waged war against the eugenic genocidal root of all evil? Only the theosophical society was 100% aware.

“The Order of Pen ·
Vorschläge für dich · ᴄᴏɴꜱᴄɪᴏᴜꜱ ꜱᴏᴜʟꜱ · ·
The strategy of “divide and conquer” has been used for centuries as a powerful tool to control and manipulate societies. This tactic involves creating divisions among people to prevent them from uniting against a common adversary. By fostering discord and fragmentation, those in power can maintain control more easily.
Historically, rulers and leaders have employed this method to maintain their dominance. For instance, Roman emperors used “divide et impera” (divide and rule) to manage their vast empire, ensuring that different groups within the empire did not unite against them. By keeping these groups at odds, the rulers could quell potential rebellions and maintain their authority.
Colonial powers also used this strategy effectively. During the era of colonization, European powers often exacerbated ethnic, religious, or social divisions within colonized regions. By promoting rivalries and conflicts among local groups, they prevented unified resistance movements. This made it easier for relatively small numbers of colonizers to control large populations.
In modern times, the divide and conquer strategy can be seen in various forms. Political leaders might exploit societal divisions—such as race, religion, or economic status—to gain or maintain power. By polarizing public opinion and encouraging infighting, they distract from larger systemic issues and weaken collective action that could challenge their position.
This strategy is not limited to politics. In workplaces or organizations, leaders might pit departments or teams against each other to prevent solidarity among employees, thus ensuring that management remains unchallenged.
Understanding the divide and conquer tactic is crucial for those who wish to resist it. Building awareness and promoting unity across different social groups can counteract this strategy, fostering a more cohesive and empowered society. By focusing on common goals and shared values, people can overcome divisive tactics and work together for the greater good.”

💯% zensurfrei siehst du uns nur noch… Auf FB haben wir nicht mehr die Möglichkeit unzensiert Informationen raus zu geben, seit wir für über einen Monat komplett gesperrt waren, mussten wir reagieren und haben unseren Newsletter aufgesetzt…. Wir stehen für Meinungsfreiheit.”
Ingmar Veeck
· Mit Öffentlich geteilt
They have a viral-delay content-filter activated on this shadow ban Platform. /FakeBUG

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