Tok – Mix – 27.5.2024

Tok – Mix – 27.5.2024:

Srimad Ramayan 74

@shamfayaSrimad Ramayan 74

♬ origineel geluid – Sham888

“You are a Lion surrounded by Hyenas”

@truthspeakswithin #fyp #real ♬ I Got 5 On It – Tethered Mix from US – Michael Abels & Luniz

Sharef1111: Christ Consciousness vs The Sunken Place of Dark Forces hijacking your body.

@shareff1111 #shareff1111youtube ♬ Creepy and mysterious horror environmental sounds 3(963419) – Makai Symphony

Conspiracy Revelation: 27.5.2024: The painting Elefant shows all that is wrong with idiotic group animals… (including Humans) the mistake in the Universe by idiotic peers to not worship and pay homage to Genius and not acknowledge Uniqueness and extraordinary deeds/behavior…
Best example that all can´t come from one and the same source…Monotheism crusher.
If all came from the same origin, no war could take place, all would be in harmony, fundamental Tenet. I would not need to write nonstop about insanity and inappropriate behavior and demon overloads and censorship and genocide and could just let the world be as it is. In there exists the ideal, you all are longing for, but are unable to manifest due to your deficits and ignorance and your socially crippled behavior against our holy light.

An isolated elephant #foryou #Animalstiktok #tiktok #animals #touching #wholesome #usa_tiktok #elephants

freedomgott2024: Even in the animal kingdom they ostracize divine genius…
Yacine: Same Jealousy we face at work.
Kaykay💙: This made me cry. And yes the other elephants were just jealous they couldn’t do it. Smh feelings really do take over. I love this elephant.
Msdapradica: Haters are in wildlife too smh.

@unique_zoo An isolated elephant #foryou #Animalstiktok #tiktok #animals #touching #wholesome #usa_tiktok #elephants ♬ original sound – Unique_zoo

“Why the U.S. hate Iran?” – Conspiracy Revelation: 27.5.2024: because they stand for autonomy, not slavery, not bullied into imperialism by foreign forces of megalomania, very simple. They hate what they can´t assimilate, similar to all independent super-empowered global individuals.

@micahpolo #iran #usa #china #india #turkey #london #lagos ♬ original sound – Micah Polo

Tony_Ambar: I use to be very popular. Now everyone is gone and I truly believe this. For many different reasons. 💯
Vor 4T.
freedomgott2024: I feel this..same here…..this is what I mean..why the creators made big design mistakes…or allowed evil way too much dominion over holy earth.

Roderick: God will put you in a place to let you know that you don’t need nobody but him , I feel lonely but God be with me.
freedomgott2024: This is all nonsense and false conclusions..society has failed to create a social community worldwide..
Onlymemyselfandi: Chosen for what? I don’t need to be chosen 🙄
freedomgott2024: Sometimes excuses for a failed world society..
amheatulman: I want to be chosen not to incarnate as a human after this lifetime. This human experience is wild; I am tired and need a break😵‍💫😭
freedomgott2024: The human experience is great..but some design errors must be removed like short ostracizing and torturing the most glorious and best…
Sc: Feels like a punishment.
freedomgott2024: …but not from mother earth..she wants the best for us…evil systems isolate humans to depopulate.
48: A chosen one is someone who chooses themselves to do good for humanity. This means that this person is actively involved in integrating new things.
freedomgott2024: Yes, we are.
avatarng9: I know that all along. I have no children and I truly believe that I will not be reincarnated again. 🥰
freedomgott2024: False deduction…your evil rulers want to depop the world…they know how to depopulate by digital collectivism.
MzzzMontana: I don’t mind being chosen but can we get some daysssss off!!!!
freedomgott2024: No..the demons are monitoring you 24 7 365..bci brain implants..another design failure in this world…In I would implement watchers who punish biotech criminals.
freedomgott2024: Another design failure of surveillance capitalism and nwo collectivism..
strangespring25: Can I get paid for being the chosen one?
freedomgott2024: Another design failure of this society that you beg for capital..

@todayin_ai Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of Nvidia, says that designing chips and writing software can no longer be done without AI at Nvidia – #jensenhuang #nvidia #nvidiartx #ai #artificialintelligence #llms #aichips #chips #gpt4o #gpt5 ♬ original sound – Today in AI

“Today in AI · Vor 5T.
Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of Nvidia, says that designing chips and writing software can no longer be done without AI at Nvidia.

#jensenhuang #nvidia #nvidiartx #ai #artificialintelligence #llms #aichips #chips #gpt4o #gpt5”

“The Universe favors your bold acts.”

@wisdomsushibites Your bold acts and radical moves #spirituality #wisdomsushibites #spiritualawakening #shamanism #boldness ♬ original sound – Fu-Ding Cheng

Conspiracy Revelation: 27.5.2024: Birds show us what is gracefully right with Creation…

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