The Art of Metawar: Hacking & Weaponizing the Metaverse to Redefine Reality – RSA CONFERENCE

“The Art of Metawar: Hacking & Weaponizing the Metaverse to Redefine Reality – RSA CONFERENCE (June 7, 2023)”

“Security in the Metaverse is about understanding, securing, and defending the human brain from its ownn sensory systems.”
“Every one of our senses have a time-based component and it has specifications, the bandwith, our Eyes… Our optical system filters everything else our.”
“We only hear from 20 Hertz (hz) to 20 Kilohertz (khz).”
“Our auditory system filters out: Subsonics, Supersonics, Infrasonics and Ultrasonics.”
“The Body sensory organs are protecting us from a piece of Reality, that can be made, can be manifested, can be created and will be created, in order to mess with us.”
“The Brain is a Time-Machine.”
“There´s 40 different types of cycles. Some electromagnetics, some biochemical that are going on in their brain that are all analog functions and waveforms that can be interfered with.”
“Well-Known Bandwiths, Well-Known Response Times, Well-Known constrains and Limits of Human Performance.”
“Do you think we are going to sit by and not goint to screw, people are going to screw with it, because they can and they are going to make money out of it.”
“If you like to suffocate in Virtual Reality (VR)…you can do it.”
“That is merely a simulation that can be recreated using other sensory triggers…so DARPA, CIA, we can do this.”

“The Art of Metawar: Hacking & Weaponizing the Metaverse to Redefine Reality – RSA CONFERENCE (June 7, 2023)”
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Presenter: Winn Schwartau, Chief Visionary Officer , SchwartauHaus, LLC
This session will welcome attendees into the 6th Domain of Warfare: There metaverse. Learn how tech giants are digitally terraforming the 1st generation of reality-bending immersive multi-user simulations where a few, powerful, incredibly rich organizations can hack reality, decide people’s thoughts and beliefs, and control behavior. The privacy and security threats are in themselves mind-boggling.”

“Talking about Metawar, and it’s a hopefully a little bit of an obvious term. Conflict in the Metaverse and the difference between information warfare, cyber warfare, it’s all gonna get a little bit more murky as we move into the Metaverse, because all the rules are gonna change. All the technologies are gonna be different, the attack surfaces are gonna be different.
So I’m gonna show you a broad scope view of what the elements are of conflict in the Metaverse.”

“The Metaverse will be the most powerful Reality-Distortion-Machine ever created by Man.”

“I refer to the Metaverse, not in its current incarnation, but in the incarnations and evolution that´ll occur over time, that it will be the most powerful reality distortion machine ever created by man and ultimately that is the fundamental thing that immersive technology is about. Changing your mind, changing your perception,
changing your belief system, by using increasingly realistic immersive experiences.
And in some cases I´ll show you, you won´t even be aware it´s happening to you,
because of the nature of you, as a human being, and you now as the attack surface in this new world.”

“Metaverse has a long history. Despite the way people are positioning it now,
Metaverse is about immersion. So let´s go back to Homer. Homer talked the Iliad.
It was oral tradition. Oral tradition, sitting around a campfire, listening to a story. We´ve all done it. And you get absorbed. You listen to audio books, you get absorbed. You read a book and you´re getting a visual representation of it. One dimension is all that is. That´s the visual dimension of the written word.
Gilgamesh done in 1900 BC. That was storytelling and an immersive experience that now has survived for four millennia, because it is such a powerful story. And powerful stories are immersive, regardless of the technology used.
So the telephone came along the first time that we could have a human and a human having a conversation, communication with manmade technology in the middle.
Samuel Morris, Telegraph, was worried about spying on the Telegraph lines and originally wanted everything buried, all the lines buried underneath. Oh, he lost that one. And so spying on the Telegraph and early telephones was as normal as it is today in the world that we live in on the internet. One of the greatest, greatest immersional experiences that really messed people´s mind was Orson Wells on October 31st, 1938. He was doing the War of the Worlds over the radio and people in New Jersey became so immersed in the storytelling experience and methodology that he used that they were running in the streets absolutely convinced the martians
were gonna be killing people in Otters Grove, wherever the town is in New Jersey.
An amazing example, again, one sense, one dimensional, only the ear.
Radio dramas began in the 1920s and still lasts today because we have new forms of it
and podcasts and what have you. But one dimension, you’re listening to the content.
Your brain is translating and imagining a perceived reality,
whatever that reality is, and it´s gonna be slightly different for each one of us.
But we´ve been increasing the technology and immersional capabilities
all the way from back in the 1920s when tech really started getting going. And today with 8K, 16K, 12K, whatever it is. But we don´t have what we call retinal foviated vision. And I´ll explain that in a little while, which means that is our visual reality. This we cannot reproduce yet. Apple says 2025, I go, maybe, maybe. I just don´t believe it´s gonna be that disruptive in two years. But by 2030 we´re gonna have displays of some sort, whether it´s a helmet display, a projection display, a contact lens, something that will give us this visual reality.
That is gonna be a huge disruption for society because then I´ve got at least two dimensions of immersion, sound ´cause we´ve perfected binaural sound pretty well and immersional video.”

“I´ll let the philosophical implications you figure that out for a while
and that´ll be part of our discussions later on. This is the new network attack surface.
Who´s laughing at that? That´s the new attack surface.
The new attack surface is our senses. It´s meant to deceive, it is meant to influence.
It is meant to create a belief system that the content orchestrators of what
we are perceiving want us to see, want us to believe.”

“The vast majority of what we see is our reality right now is in the past, somewhere between 250 and 750 milliseconds in the past because we only see a very small amount of what´s about us…
and we’re in awe of it, but our eyes are only seeing between one and 2% of actually what’s here.
The rest of its memory. The rest of it is memory being high speed threaded together to create
what we believe is a now. And when you look at the science of the brain,
there is no such thing as now. There is only the past.
And the Metawarriors, people that are looking at this like I am, are gonna be able to take advantage of this to create your future realities. So we’ve got five senses roughly.”

“Not the moment dominates the world, but simply and only the past. (Ingmar Veeck)(2013)”

10 Years before you brought it up with your presentation.
It would be easier to just call it old well-known nazi Mk Ultra next level, instead of all these fancy wordings. He is arguing very subjectively and fully capitalistic indoctrinated and human-centric, I prefer to keep it first on the objective level and multi-dimensionally incl. spiritual.
God surely does not bless your attempts to mess with organic beings that can activate Holy Spirit.
Sick to mention god after your sadistic pleasure to find no good argument for defending these criminals maniacs.

“I’m not very good with too many heights. But our five senses are what create reality fundamentally.
And 90% of it is between our eyes and our ears. But everything else, the other senses, do something, they talk to a different portion of the brain, they talk to the amygdala, the emotional fight or flight portion of the brain, of which we have zero awareness, zero conscious awareness.
That’s when you’re walking down the street and suddenly you turn because there was a firecracker,
there was a noise, there was a bird, there was something that attracted your fight or flight response to the amygdala through a sensory input. Right now there´s not much that humans can do about it. Metawarriors are gonna be programming that in you through the Metaverse in the coming years to be able to create and instill based upon specific triggers and stimuli to your senses the specific reactions and behaviors they want you to have.
None of this is science fiction, it´s just very early science.
Same way that when I presented the internet and cyber war and cyber terrorism 34 years ago, ah, I was crazy. I was outta my mind, but I was just looking at the science. And when I look at this science, the answers are even more profound.”

Smell and taste, whether it´s real or simulated, go direct to the lizard brain. They don´t go to your prefrontal cortex, they go to the lizard brain in order to get an emotional response.
And so much of what we as humans are, are emotional creatures
. How can I influence it? How can I control it? How can I make your behavior meet my goals?
Now let´s add some other pieces to this. Thus far, basically we´ve been throwing content at you
and that is called passive Metacontent orchestration. It’s like a movie.
You’re a movie producer and you gotta orchestrate the sound effects and the actors and the visuals and the CGI and all of the bits to go into creating sound and vision. Varying degrees of believability, various degrees of immersion, depending upon the director of the technology,
the viewing experience, all of that. But when we start adding in haptics,
the body feedback, we can through an (indistinct) observe, orient, decide,
and act a very key cybersecurity control mechanism and start building this into an active Metacontent orchestration. The human then becomes part of actually fooling himself when it is all designed correctly by the Metawarriors.”

“Again, we have all the science on the target. We are the target, we are the attack surface.
We know the range of our biological and mental capabilities and susceptibilities.
This is known. Saccadic movement. What if I’m tracking saccadic movement
while I want to introduce content to you that you´re unaware of?
Well, that´s called blindness. The human sensory system has many blind spots.
Optimizing the transmission and introduction of data
or experience to those sensory mechanisms while there is a blind spot
means I don’t want to talk to your this brain, I want to talk to this brain, the animal brain behind me. I’m gonna get better results than I am if I just talk to the front brain. We don’t know how to do all of this yet, but we certainly see the path forward as to what is going to be happening. Then we add in MoCap or full body suits. What’s the first killer app for full haptic body suits in a VR environment? What? What’d you say? – [Audience Member 1] Sex. Why’d you say sex three times, sir?
Sex. Avenue Q, the internet was made for porn. We had bandwidth back in the day, 14.4 and then bam, we started getting bandwidth because of the sex and porn industry. When we get into this level
of highly articulated and granular haptic mechanisms, whether they’re receiving haptics or triggering haptics, the sense of reality is going to be dramatically changed. And that is gonna happen well before smelling and tasting is going on because we’re playing with this stuff right now
and with nano machines, with MEMS, all of that technology exists nd needs to be engineered and scaled into something that’s gonna be a consumer product.
When I add more biosensors in, wouldn’t it be cool if an advertiser knew hat if I saw a commercial and it said Oreo cookies, that they would know that the salivary content
and some chemical composition of my body is oozing out a response.
We’re gonna do it. It’s gonna happen. Why? Because we can. And it’s gonna make somebody a lot of money doing it.
Are we gonna need all of these? I don’t know. We’re gonna certainly be using some of them,
the ones that matter the most. We’re gonna have body area networks as the end points
where our body is only part of the network response.
But we’re gonna tie directly into this.
Am I real? Am I not real? Am I an avatar? Am I a human being? What am I? And the orchestration of all of this
is gonna be just like orchestrating a movie, just like orchestrating any sort of multimedia,
multi-component experience. No difference whatsoever. And the key is gonna be using time delays
and synchronizing events with the blind spots, synchronizing those events with other events
in order to get force amplification where I receive stimulation on two or three different fronts
at the same time in order to amplify what I am, the result that I’m looking for,
and to take the gentleman’s experience with sex, the amplification of sensors using multisensory input is a perfect case where something like this would be done. So here is the way it’s gonna work.
..And I’m not gonna get into all of the details but this is fundamentally what we’re gonna be dealing with, is an architecture for the Metaverse. What we’re gonna require at the end,
Metaverse is evolutionary getting more and more immersive.
The end of it is called the Metapoint. The Metapoint is that period of time
when I can no longer distinguish between our default reality
and my immersive reality. Think the Holodeck on Star Trek,
that is where we are going. In order for us to start building an architecture,
the existing internet cannot be used. That’s why I said we’re gonna be digitally terraforming an entire new architecture and look at the technical requirements. We need to have a latency of under five milliseconds in order to make this work. Why? Because of the biological imperatives and latencies that are built into our sensory systems. Otherwise we get a lag. And it’s like you see the ladies mouth moving and it’s outta sync on TV when you’re watching Netflix.
We hate it. Our brain hates that. And it takes away the reality,
takes away the believability of the situation. And we are gonna need some massive new protocols and new communication mechanisms that are gonna be able to handle this. We’re gonna need, and this is Intel’s number, not mine. They say we gotta go at least a thousand times more GPU and CPU to be able to make any of this work. Our visual field isn´t 4K. Our visual field sits somewhere between 12 and 16K. Massive amounts of data that has to be foviated. And that’s that process of taking this and making it only that one or 2% of what really matters when we’re looking at the world around us.
So you take all of this and today we all seem to care about PII. PII is gonna be dead. It’s gonna be replaced with PIB. What is PIB? Come on sex guy. Personally identifiable behavior. Because what is more important than PII to anybody is to be able to know exactly how you are going to react
to any given situation. And this is part of the design aim that the Metawarriors are gonna be looking at as we evolve down the technology. Well this, we’re gonna have multiple cloud layers.
We’re gonna have multiple issues of data streams that are gonna be both upstream and downstream
and have to be time synchronized in order to give us, humans, an appropriate non latency filled experience.
Now today we use an IFTTT downstairs, I guess we would call it a sore platform of some sort.
And this is sort of how the first level of this is gonna be. We’re gonna design an immersive experience, whether it’s on a ROBLOX or it’s going to the movies or you’re going to, whatever the experience is, doesn’t. That’s where we’re starting. Since November of 2022, this is all gonna go away in a matter of a couple years ’cause we’re gonna put AI in the feedback loop. Do we want AI
building immersive experiences for human beings?
You can answer that later. We’re gonna have three classes of Metawar, just like in information warfare. Going after the individual, companies going against companies, companies going against the individual. And of course, nation state Metawar. Russia declared Metawar on us in the 1960s.
Professor Bezmenov, KGB, ran the disinformation campaigns out of Russia,
basically says we’re not gonna go to war with the United States. And this is 1984. He says, “All we have to do is make you believe everything that’s not true.”
“Sound familiar in this country for the last few years?
Now let’s make it even more believable. Let’s make it more immersive.”
“- [Audience Member 3] Skynet. Terminator. – [Instructor] The Terminator.
We’ll do the Terminator later. Confidentiality and integrity, obviously the confidentiality issue is
on all this data going back and forth isn’t so much the PII, it’s a dynamic suite of information
that will be able to predict behavior. It’s gonna emulate the way the brain works. I got a sensory input, I have a memory bank.
The AI’s gonna do its thing and it’s gonna create a new reality for me.
All I have to do now is grab all this data, up and down and up and down. How are we gonna protect that
when we have in the vision of the Metaverse creators up to millions and millions of people
sharing a hallucination in real time. The amount of power,
the amount of backbone required for that, and communications with zero latency is profound.
But once I grab a hold of it, I’ve won.
Trust. When we look at edge servers, when we look at the main servers, when we look at the full cloud server, the amount of trust that we’re gonna have to have at so many different places
within the Metaverse architecture. When I started really digging down and drawing schematics,
it became incredibly unwieldy, unbelievably complex as to how to even orchestrate
trust relationships between all the pieces. Advertisers.
We’re already under a surveillance capitalist society. Now we’re gonna do Meta.
So I’m walking down the street with my, whatever technology I have,
and I get paged from the drugstore across the street. I get paged from McDonald’s because they know,
they know I’m hungry, they know I’m thirsty. Depending upon the depth of the immersive experience
you’re willing to subject yourself to.
Disinformation. When you’re into disinformation,
the more complex the information delivery system, the more you’re gonna believe it.
I wish I had time to go into some of her stuff, but it is an amazing analysis of disinformation at the nation, state, and NGO level.
When we get into crime. Should we allow Meta murder in the Metaverse?
What about Meta sexual abuse? Meta rape?
What are we gonna do about this? We need to go way beyond saying,
“Oh, well think about it when it gets here,” which is what we did 35 years ago with the internet.
Don’t forget back then. We were warned. We were warned…what can manifest itself
as an existential threat to humanity? Meta crimes, not gonna go through them all.
Everything that we’ve got going on in the internet, amplify it up on steroids fundamentally.
Social engineering, deep fakes, not deep fakes. How do you know that on the phone that your wife,
your spouse. “Hey honey, I really need a thousand bucks now. Can you do this?
“Hey boss, I really need.” How are we going to be able to detect human from non-humans? Not unless we adapt some very, very strong providential. The providence of where the information came from,
a deep fake only works because the source material has been corrupted.
Well, if I had a cryptographic scheme of some sort to put into the meta fields of cameras,
whether they’re static cameras or video cameras, add in the cryptographic signatures into those. And if they get modified, at least you’ll know they’re changed. Something we should have been doing 20 years ago. But now we’re gonna have to play catch-up game for all of these sorts of attacks.
Should we have reality distortion policies? Should reality distortion technology be allowed?
Who should be able to produce the content and deliver reality distortion content?

“The EU handle it the same way? I don’t know yet, but we need to think about that.
Every bit of the Metaverse that is coming is about distorting your reality.
And they’re gonna do it also through addiction. Every time a six year old girl gets a like on Facebook, she gets a few more chemicals of serotonine or dopamine.
Then does it again and does it again. Didn’t we see this by Pavlov in the rat cages
about 50 years ago? Nothing different. Social addiction too, so many elements of
the internet are already showing the catastrophic effects it has on people, because we allow ourselvesto get immersed and believe that people really like me. You’re not Sally Field. No, people really don’t like you. They’re just trying to be nice. What do we do about social addiction policies when it comes to reality distorting technology?”
He creates the illusion of choice, there is no choice, people were forced into this.

Final Remark:
This Presentator was obviously a part of the U.S. Navy, afaik, so he is biased towards the criminal nwo totalitarism that occured and takes it as self-evident, don´´t forget that, if you take this development as self-evident and protect invasive gene-weapon dispersing criminals like DoD, SoC, Arpa, CIA, NSA, Navy, NIST and all other Alphabet Co-Conspirators that forcefully want to transform the HUman species into A.I. controlled Cyborg Slaves, then you are a psychopath in my humble opinion.

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