Gnostic Alchemy – Lunatics running the Show

@gnostic_alchemy Looneys running the show. #cult #christiantiktok #gnostic ♬ original sound – Genevieve Akal 🪬 Maryam

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Looneys running the show. #cult #christiantiktok #gnostic
original sound – Genevieve Akal 🪬 Maryam”
“Gnostic Alchemy – Lunatics running the Show”

@gnostic_alchemy Gnostics Love Our Mother Gaia Sophia 🪬🌳💚 #gnostic #gaia #divinefeminine #goddesssophia #holyspirit ♬ original sound – Genevieve Akal 🪬 Maryam

“Gov Run by People who should be in Asylum for Fundamentalist Cult Indoctrination.”

freedomgott2024: 10.3.2024: Sophia is Here…and Mother Earth is sacred.

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Gnostics Love Our Mother Gaia Sophia 🪬🌳💚 #gnostic #gaia #divinefeminine #goddesssophia #holyspirit
original sound – Genevieve Akal 🪬 Maryam”

“Shamanic indigenous Wisdom of Gnostic Christianity. Let´s not forget that the.. Gnostics were one of the first indigenous groups that were mass murdered by this Yahweh Zionist Empire, by the Fundamentalist Empire.

“This Earth was created by our Mother Sophia. She comes from a Realm of Incorruptibility. She comes from the Pleroma, she becomes the Earth itself.”

“We never ever say that this Earth is fallen, no, on the contrary we say that this Earth is Sophia herself. her Action Body.”

Thoughts on Yahweh also being Enlil?

maya papaya
Is she really called Sophia?
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@gnostic_alchemy Christ is the Winged Serpent #caduceus #hermes #kundalini #alchemy ♬ original sound – Genevieve Akal 🪬 Maryam

Genevieve Akal 🪬 Maryam · 2023-12-30
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Christ is the Winged Serpent #caduceus #hermes #kundalini #alchemy
original sound – Genevieve Akal 🪬 Maryam”

“Yeshua, Horus, Mithras, & Krishna. 33 spinal vertebrae.”

@gnostic_alchemy #tesla #elonmusk #ai #5g ♬ original sound – Genevieve Akal 🪬 Maryam

“The Earth is God.”

@gnostic_alchemy♬ original sound – Genevieve Akal 🪬 Maryam

@gnostic_alchemy #narcissisticparent #narcissist #zionism ♬ original sound – Genevieve Akal 🪬 Maryam

The Zionazi U.N. New World America Banker Empire is the Malicious Narcopath Psychopath Abuser – The Torture Clique. The Hexagram Satellite Terrorist Mafia.

“NARCISSISTS …We Must Leave Our Relationship with the Zionist Global Empire”

Borgward: but your persona is absolutley narcissistic.
Conspiracy Revelation: 22.3.2024: She doesn´t reply much…but her Message is of Importance.

@gnostic_alchemy Come Home to Eden 💚#mothernature #goddess #sophia ♬ original sound – Genevieve Akal 🪬 Maryam

“Let´s monetize this bitch, that´s how they talk about their mother, that´s how they treat our mother, that´s what they are doing to our bodies…Monetarization of our very own bodies… This is the Tree of Life..and it has been an absolute desecration…To desecrate this temple, to keep it sick, dense, ill, low, unable to connect…Total Desecration of the Holy Temple of the Body.”

freedomgott2024: If they knew her really they couldn’t stop to cry for the damage they have done to our holy sacred mother.
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freedomgott2024: Sophia agrees…
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freedomgott2024: Yes…and their silly multi-platform censorship and ghost banning of all who are Sophia and Krist personified.

Come Home to Eden 💚

mytheriouslegend: This was poetic.

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